Monday, December 11, 2006

I really need to work on my blogging

Thank you for the kind words Walker, Karin, and Laurie. I guess I'm dealing with my dad's death. I guess... I haven't really thought about it.

My mom, of all the people in my life, ordered flowers for his funeral and paid for them and had them delivered. I still have to pay her back for that.

I think I'm holding back on grieving until I receive the stuff my step-mother said she would send me. Apparently he had all sorts of pictures of me. I think when I get those pictures and anything else they think I might want, I'll grieve then.

For now I'm still not sure how to feel.

On to better things. Ethan's 11th birthday is this Wednesday, the 13th! I can't believe I have an 11 year old son. I'm really not that old! Oh, wait, I am that old to have an 11 year old. OMG

He's not doing so well in school right now and I'm in the middle of re-negotiating with the school to get his aid back. Ethan says he doesn't need her, that he's out grown her and she's fired, but he does need her. He's having such a hard time staying focused on the teacher or the task at hand that he needs that extra help at school to stay alert.

Ethan has also gotten into trouble lately for barking at students. I visited the school the other day only to see a kid just run up to Ethan on the playground, get right in Ethan's face, and bark! Ethan just turned around and walked away! I was so proud of him for that. And he didn't see me there so I know my presence didn't affect anything he did. His main stream teacher just doesn't have the patience for him this year and tried to tell me that Ethan is provoking the other students and initiating the barking. When I brought up what I saw on the playground all she could say is she couldn't understand why I was on the playground. Cow

Emma is doing ok. She is talking more and more of going to live with her dad and stepmom. I just breathe deeply and tell her I just want her to be happy and I love her and then I hug her hard. I'm really not that afraid that she'll say ok move me right now, but I have a feeling in a couple years, when she is in middle school, she will. I'll deal with that when it comes.

Harley is as precocious as ever. He now insists on doing everything for himself. Except using the bathroom! He still won't pee in the potty!! He dresses himself, puts his own shoes on, brushes his teeth, runs when we try to comb his hair (only Nana can comb his hair), he loves to clear his own plate and glass from the table at the end of supper, and so many other things.

His newest love is snagging one of my bras and putting it on backwards, so the cups are in the back, and running around the house with his "cape" on. Or, or, or he will try to wrap the bra straps around his chin and calls the damn thing his parachute and will jump off the back of the couch or recliner with his "parachute". I'm waiting for my bra to turn into a sling shot or some other thing to fling rocks and such at his sister and brother.

My job is great right now. I finished my last course with a 90 on the final and I think I'm done for a couple months. We are about to add a new computer system and new phone system so I'm going to give myself a chance to learn all of that before I add another course to my plate. I do know my next course will be Stress Management though. I figured with all the new stuff that would be a good thing to learn about.

My hubbie is wonderful as always and has been at his job for one whole year now. It's his turn to go to Albuqueque for a management training course and will be gone for a few days next month. That week will be nice and slow, I'm sure.

I've decided that when it comes to wish lists for Christmas, my husband is a bigger pain in the ass than the kids are. His list is getting bigger and bigger and the items on it aren't cheap. He wants a 12 gauge shotgun, it has to be all black, he wants a Playstation 3, who knows how many games to go with the Playstation 3, I don't know how many audio books (those aren't very cheap), a new Yukon XL (that is only $45,000) and a few more things.

He adds to his list every day!!!!

I'm done shopping though. For the first Christmas ever we are done shopping before the middle of December!

And I did break down and splurge on one big present for Scott. It's something he has asked for for a couple years now. I hope he loves it. I'm not going to say what it is just in case he decides to actually read this site for once. He might get a general idea but he won't know for sure.

Time for bed I'll talk to ya'll later.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another Loss

This time I'm not sure what to feel or think or do about it.

The person who passed was my biological father. He was 74.

My dad left on my 2nd birthday and I've only met him once since he took off. I was 8 years old and my dad and stepmom came for a visit. They took me out for lunch on a Sunday and then shopping for clothes. At least that is what they said they were going to buy. Instead they bought me an umbrella and a necklace. I guess since it was their money they could spend it on me as they wanted. The umbrella was stolen just a few days after I got it. I had the necklace up until a few years ago and have lost track of it.

After they left I didn't hear from him for 2 years. Then he asked my mom if she would fly me out to California where they lived so they could take me to Disneyland. Mom asked him to pay for the plane ticket, explaining that working on a teachers salary she didn't have any extra money to pay for that right now. He refused to pay for anything and asked to talk to me. He said that the trip would have to wait for a while and then hung up.

After that nothing. My mom called him when I graduated from high school and he said that's nice, what you want money, I don't have any.

The next I heard from him was about 5 years ago. He wanted to say how sorry he was at how he didn't treat me and to see what my life was like. I gave in and talked to him and told him about my children and even sent him a picture with Ethan, Emma, and myself.

I can count the number of times I remember talking to him on one hand.

Friday night I received a call from a stepsister I didn't know I had. She told me about my dad, that he was in the VA hospital in Fresno with severe pneumonia and kidney failure. His mind was gone and she said they had given him 2 days at most to live. She told me that he had diabetes, which I knew, and that he hadn't taken care of himself for over 10 years. He'd had both his legs amputated a few years ago.

Since I learned the term biological, I called him the biological sperm donor. My friends thought it was funny, especially in high school where most of my friends parents were divorced and remarried.

While I was growing up my mom never talked about my dad. She would answer my questions about him with brief answers. She never said a bad word about him.

You know, it really messes a kid up to learn that their dad walked out on you and your mom on your birthday. My granny felt the need to rub that in quite often when I was little, until mom found out what she was doing and forbid granny to talk to me about my dad ever again.

I went to counseling for a few months and refused to talk to the counselors or participate so mom took me out of it.

I was angry for years and never wanted to hear about him or meet him.

When I married my first husband he became obsessed with finding my dad so I could meet him. When he found my dad's address I once again became angry and refused to talk about it. I didn't wany anything to do with that man. If he didn't want me I didn't need him.

My stepmother called last night to let me know that they doctors were keeping him comfortable and it wouldn't be much longer. I said ok thanks for letting me know.

My stepsister called this morning to let me know that he passed last night at 9:30. I got an address to send flowers and a card. I feel as if I should try to go to the funeral but I really don't know how accepted I would be, not like it matters what any of those people think. It's not my fault that he left us. I also feel as if some flowers and a card would be sufficient.

She did ask if there was anything that I might want of his. Apparently I have 2 half brothers and they want nothing from him. I guess they are just as angry as I've been. I asked for some pictures and at the same time couldn't stop the thought that went through my head, some money to make up for everything in my life that he missed out on that he should have helped my mom with. How Fricking Selfish of ME. I'm so glad I didn't say that out loud. None of it was my stepsister's fault as well and she didn't need to feel some of my anger towards him.

So now he is dead and I really don't know how I feel. I got a little teary when my stepsister told me he will die soon but that has been all so far.

Maybe someday I'll visit his grave. I'm sure it would be easy to find the VA cemetery in Fresno, at least that is where I was told he would be buried.

Rest in Peace Ted

Monday, November 13, 2006

I Discovered I Can Be the Bigger Person

Figuratively speaking that is.

I sucked it up and called the OutLaws and asked if they would like to have Ethan and Emma for Thanksgiving day. My ex-MIL said they would love to but Emma had already told them they would be spending that day with us at Scott's parent's house. I told her that was the plan but if she would like them to spend the day at their house I would drop them off on the way to my in-laws house.

I think I shocked my ex-MIL. She sounded pleased that I had called and even asked if they could spend the night, to which I replied yes, they can.

We even had a nice conversation on how the kids have been lately.

It has been a year since we had such a nice conversation. I didn't know what to do with myself for a few minutes after we hung up. Then I realized that dinner was burning and I needed to finish it up.

Last Thursday was a Girls Night Out with the ladies I work with. We met at Applebees and proceeded to have lots of drinks and desserts. I think we even managed to embarrass the bartender! It was great fun.

We all made it home safely, there was a designated driver. We all decided it should be a monthly thing.

Friday Scott and I took the family out for dinner and then we went out to celebrate the Marine Corp. birthday. Since he's a Marine and all he felt the need to party a little that night.

We met some friends at a Country bar, of all places, and toasted the Marines and then bar hopped. Neither of us have done that for years and years, mainly since before we met each other.

I haven't bar hopped since I lived in California, and Ethan was just a thought in the back of my head. Ahhh, the good times, drinks, dancing, flirting....

Ok, now back to reality. I am still trying to recover, no hangover, just tired.

I'm too old to do that anymore!

My husband was teasing me about it yesterday and wouldn't let up about it until I reminded him that when Harley is 10 he will be 50. I couldn't help pulling out that card. It works every time. We normally end up giggling and wrestling around as the kids come and fling themselves on us and join the fun.

Time to go, I have a soccer meeting Thursday that I need to prepare for and I'm going to dye the gray right out of my hair tonight.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I played hooky today!!!

So, I took today off because I'm a bad bad girl. HA HA HA That was funny. I am so not bad. I'm rather boring actually.

I took today off because I have three sick children and a sick mom. Normally when one of the kids is sick mom will tell me to go to work and she'll take care of them. Today there was no way she could have taken care of herself and three sick babies.

I took them all to the doctor this morning and found that the kids have a viral infection so there's nothing we can do but wait it out. Harley was the only one with a fever. The doctor thought Emma might have strep but the test came back negative. Thank God! She's had strep at least 6 times in the past 3 years.

And instead of making good use of my extra day off from work and cleaning the rooms I missed over the weekend I snuggled with babies and wandered in between the different rooms they were in.

Emma was in her bed, huddled around a puke bucket, watching ABC Family. She's the only one with an upset stomach but I think it's from all the drainage of junk from her sinuses.

Harley was in the playroom, covered up on the loveseat, watching the Babar movie on Disney. He was hugging his cup of Cranberry juice. Harley and I are the only ones in this house that like Cranberry juice.

Ethan was in the living room, hugging his pillow and blanket, and watching Sky High. We really do have too many televisions in this house. On days like this I'm glad though so I don't have children bickering about what they should watch.

Ethan is still on the couch in the living room hugging his blanket, Harley is in the recliner, hugging a refreshed glass of juice, and Emma is feeling well enough to beg to get on the computer to check her e-mail. OOOooo a 9 year old checking her email. She's so special.

Come to think of it we have too many computers too. We have the one in the living room, which Emma is still on and absolutely hates to share with anyone. We have the one in our bedroom, which I'm on right now. And we have the handy dandy Notebook, which Scott is on right now. He's laying on the bed, surfing whatever sites he surfs, and watching Doom on TIVO.

Days like this are so rare. We normally have one tv on in the evening and are all together helping with supper or going to soccer practice and then coming home to throw supper together. I figure with most of us sick I'm not going to argue with anyone and be the nice mommy for a night.

Time to go and finish supper, I did the one thing this morning that I could never bring myself to do during soccer practice. I made a crock pot meal.

And I'm so glad soccer is done for the year. It was getting really frickin' cold out there!

Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm being bad

I am at work and most of our system is down. Obviously I can still access the internet and it's wonderful because the security part is down because I can access my blog and actually keep myself busy this way.

Everyone here at work has decided that my family is the model for the Family Guy. We have the evil baby who is trying to take over the world (Harley), the tragic daughter who never has anything go right for her (Emma), the strange, off older son (Ethan, I can say this because I'm his mom and he is off but I love him dearly), the crazy, freaky, disturbed husband (Scott), and then the mostly normal, sometimes wack wife (myself).

I totally agree with all of this. If a total stranger were to spend a week with us they would run away screaming what freaks we are and we shouldn't be allowed to have children.

Ah well. We love our life and I wouldn't change anything. When I do try to change something the whole house rebels and threatens a coup. They'll take me down in a heartbeat and make me aware that change will Not be tolerated.

For instance, I mentioned to mom that Scott and I had found a nice house that we could afford and mom asked if it had plenty of bedrooms because wherever we go, she'll follow. She'll never go away, she'll follow us wherever we go! I don't tell people we live with my mom anymore, I tell people she lives with us. And then sometimes I say we live with each other. I think the rolls changed before my granny died. I am now taking care of her more and more every day. That's ok, that's what I'm here for. To take care of my mom.

Harley is being a little demon. He's taken to locking people out of their houses. He locks the babysitter out of her house, and then he'll giggle and run away, making her crawl through a window or trying to cajole him to unlock the door for her. He locked my MIL out of her house the other day and then giggled and said I lock you out Nanni, hehehhhehe (MIL said his laugh was just evil). He also locked MIL into the chicken coop just an hour or so before locking her out of her house!

My son, the practical joker at the ripe old age of 2 1/2. If he can do all these jokes why can't he pee in the frickin' potty? He can, he just chooses not to.


I better go before everything starts working right and all that I've just typed disappears.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

The last soccer game is this weekend! WooHoo happy dance!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Almost Halloween

We went to a Halloween party at my SIL's house last night. I didn't know what to expect because Scott told me that it was just a family party. The next thing I know there are 10 families invited and the only thing we are asked to do is bring Margaritas. All but 1 family showed up. It was pretty fun. The food was good. And it wore out the kids.

Ok, that was pretty boring.

Let's see, what has happened in our lives lately. Ethan is still having problems bringing his homework home. He just doesn't want to do it. He's withdrawing more and more into movies. I've had so many people tell me to just take away all movies from him. Guess what, that doesn't do any good. He remembers lines and scenes from movies that he saw 5 years ago. He's happy to live in those movies and recite lines from previews he might catch on tv. The child psychologist we see in Durango is helping a little but he's only seen Ethan 3 times so far.

Another thing Ethan has started is pulling his hair out with tweezers. We have to hide the tweezers in the house or else he'll sit on his bed and pull out his hair, a couple of strands at a time. He won't use his fingers, just tweezers. It is so strange. I have no idea what started it either. Hopefully as long as there are no tweezers to be found than he'll leave his hair alone.

Emma is doing great in school and is glad soccer is almost over. There is one week left of practice and only one more game. Next up, basketball. It starts in January at the boys and girls club. Her grades are great and she still loves school this year. I still believe it's because she loves her teacher this year. She's already acting like a teenager and I really don't like it. If she was a teen I'd deal with it but she's not so I'm not going to deal with it. Every time I say something about her attitude and tone towards us she becomes sullen and brings up going to live with her dad. I tell her if she wants to live with her dad all she has to do is ask him. She hasn't asked him yet. I'm sure it's just something she is using against me to get back at me for punishing her when she is bad.

Harley is our little man and absolutely adorable. He's always telling me to watch him and then he'll say Kow Chow, from Cars the movie, or say something else equally as cute and adorable. He can count to 15 and knows so many different colors and will say the alphabet only if you copy him. Such a ham. He loves his Halloween costume, which is a pirate, and will walk around telling us all to call him pirate. During bathtime he loves to hold onto the edge of the tub and then put his feet on the wall opposite the edge and see how far up the wall he can get his feet. Sheesh, no wonder I have so many gray hairs right now. Oh, he also loves to stand at the end of the tub and "dive" into the water. The diving is always happening with him diving towards the faucets. I'm betting we'll have at least one ER visit with a broken bone before he is 5 years old.

We still help Harley get dressed but he puts his own shoes on. If we try to help him he gets so angry and the scowl on his little face warns you to back off or else! Or else what you ask? Or else he'll growl at you. I know, scary. He's still not potty trained but now he tells us when he has to go potty, or at least that he has just pottied. I've gotten him to the toilet a couple of times when he had to poo. It won't be long before he is potty trained. He wants to do everything for himself though so I think I need to get a potty chair so we won't have to help him get up on the toilet.

Mom is thrilled because Scott and I thoroughly cleaned her room and then we painted it blue. We got a new light switch plate cover that I still need to install but other than that it's done. She loves it and I think is just now starting to feel better about changing the house since Granny died. She's finally realizing it's ok to change the house and update things as we need to.

We had another death in the household a few days ago. It was Seigfreid, our blond long-haired hamster. I knew the poor thing wasn't doing good lately. It quit eating a couple of weeks ago and didn't run around the cage or explore the house when we put them on the floor to clean their cage. The othe hamster, Roy, seems to be doing ok so far. He' s still eating and playing. The night Seigfreid died Scott woke me up to tell me he heard a noise, and then he saw a hamster ghost float across the room. I smacked him and went back to sleep. He found it quite amusing and thought since he couldn't sleep I should be awake too.

When I realized the hamster was dead I had mom come in the room with me because the cage is in Ethan's room. I didn't want him to know the hamster was dead because he would break down in tears and not be able to go to sleep and he had school Friday morning. I figured it would be ok to wait to tell him Saturday. Mom blocked his view while I gently took the little body out of the cage and wrapped it in a washcloth. I wanted to keep it to bury it but mom and Scott said no, just put it in the trashcan. I felt horrible about it and started crying when I took it outside. Scott just hugged me when I came back inside.

Ethan had a major meltdown when we told him the hamster was gone. I'm so glad I waited until the weekend to tell him. Telling him on a school night would not have done him any good.

And I just realized it's 11:42 and I have to work tomorrow. Emma keeps bringing up 2 day work weeks and 5 day weekends. You know, if I could get paid for a 40 hour week and only work 2 days, that would be wonderful. Five whole days home with my family every week? GREAT!

Everyone have a great week and a safe Halloween.

My plan for Halloween, lots and lots of chocolate after the kids have collapsed in bed!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Sunday Quiz

The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is probably
Quality Time
with a secondary love language being
Acts of Service.

Complete set of results

Quality Time: 11
Acts of Service: 8
Physical Touch: 7
Words of Affirmation: 4
Receiving Gifts: 0


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz

Monday, October 09, 2006

No Excuses

Life has been nothing but work, soccer, and ummmm stuff. I am working hard on the management course that is due November 16th. I have something like 5 more chapters to get through before I can take the final exam.

Other than lots of studying, life is pretty boring right now. I haven't updated because there isn't anything to talk about.

Ethan is conveniently forgetting his homework every other day. His punishment is everything was taken out of his room, he just has his bed, clothes, and books left. He did have a TV and DVD player (his dad thought he needed those things in his bedroom) and now they are put up in the guest bedroom. Other than the whole homework issue he is doing pretty good in the 4th grade. He loves the freedom he has of going from B level to his main stream class every day. I've been told there are days when he doesn't want to go to his B level class and would rather stay with the regular class.

Emma is as sassy as ever. The boys are already flocking to her and she is only 9, or almost 10 if you ask her. She won't be 10 until March. I'm afraid of her teenage years already. She is doing wonderfully with her 4th grade teacher and is bringing home nothing but A's so far. She adores her teacher this year, which really helps. She is tired of soccer but we have another month to go so she's going to have to deal with it.

Harley is talking so very well for a 2 1/2 year old. We were cleaning our front porch and putting Spring and Summer flower bed things away so we could decorate with the Halloween things and Scott accidentally hit Harley with the broom handle and Harley threw himself on the ground and spread his arms wide, looked at me out of the corner of his eyes and said OOOHHHHH I'm dead meat. I couldn't help but laugh and then asked everyone who's been saying that and threatened lives to make them quit saying it. Harley has said that quite a few more times since then though. He still isn't potty trained and has no desire to use the potty. He'll sit on the potty, he'll make sure his toys use the potty and he HAS to sit on my feet when I am sitting on the toilet but he's having none of it. I can get him to sit on the potty for up to 20 minutes and once I take him off and put a pull up on him, he'll poop. Big Turd.
I played the whole I got your nose thing and Harley looked at me and said, No you don't, my nose is right here!! as he pointed at his nose. He's just too funny and I really don't remember Ethan and Emma being this amusing at this age. I am so very sure they were and I have a feeling I am paying more attention to Harley right now because I am older and know that time flies and before I know it Harley will be 10 and Ethan and Emma will be 18 and 17. I am so not ready for that!

Scott is as obnoxious as ever! He thinks his job in life is to make sure eveyone laughs. If he comes across a person that just won't laugh or even smile at one of his jokes he'll tell that person they're no fun and walk away. He was accepted into an assistant manager position at work, which means a raise! When he did his interview for the position he was asked if he would be willing to relocate to eventually get his own store. Kind of exciting. I don't know if that will every happen but the option is there.

My cheesy family is ready for Halloween. We are all dressing as pirates and all of our costumes are here. And they even match. All the costumes are black, red, and white. Emma and I are slutty pirates. Great fun, dressing as sluts with your daughter.

Now I must go, Harley just crawled up on the bed with me and poked my breast and told me that he is poking my boobie. Time for bed before he finds out how to turn off my handy dandy notebook.

Have a great week.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Still a Bad Blogger

I need 50 lashes with a wet noodle, or something of the sort. Any takers?

Going once...

Going twice...


Didn't think so....

I chose to come back and post today because it is 9-11. And not because of what happened 5 years ago. I've chosen to finally remember to come back to my blog today because of what happened one year ago today. It was one year ago today, in the hour of 3 in the morning, that my Granny passed away. Scott had to work the stock truck last night and he was leaving his store about 3:45 this morning and said he shivered, not from being cold either, when he realized it was pretty much exactly one year ago at that time that she had passed.

What happened 5 years ago was beyond sad and I'm sure many have mourned today and will continue on every 9-11 or every day for years to come but my grief today is for someone that was in my own household.

I truly never thought I would grieve like this for the woman that was so harsh. I have thought of her every day since she passed and have had tears spring to my eyes at the most surprising of moments over the smallest things. And it always happens when I'm thinking of granny.

My household isn't less stressful since she has gone, it's not more subdued, in fact, it's noisier. And at times more joyful.

None of us are glad she is gone. We just now feel the freedom to have fun and laugh and play in our own house without the fear of being told we are too loud and hurting her ears.

But I do miss her. I miss her gardening, sewing, crocheting, crossword puzzles that lay all over the house, and so many other things that I never took to as she hoped I would. I don't feel bad about those things, that's just the way life is.

I also miss her stories of her childhood. I loved hearing about her school days and the jobs she held. The one thing she never shared with me was how she met Grandpa. She very rarely talked about him. I caught her talking to him though, as her days grew numbered.

I'm awful at crocheting, I could do without crossword puzzles (they are just ok), I don't like to sew or knit, and if a garden or a plant depended on me, surely it would die. She would make homemade soups that I just don't have the desire to boil.

The only thing I wished I'd learned from her was her canning of jams and jellies. She would make the best jams and jellies and those homemade treats are always better than store bought. I tried to make my own jam and jelly one year and they were horrible. I have no idea what I did wrong to those poor fruits that I had to throw away.

And just after this little bit I feel better about this day.

It truly wasn't a bad day. It was like most Mondays. I got up and got ready for work, got the kids out the door to catch the bus, I went to work and was able to eat lunch with my hubby and the Pudge. I came home from work and took Emma to soccer practice, her first game is Saturday. All ready. Then Emma and I came home, ate some wonderful chili that my lovable hubby made, bathed Pudge, did some soccer board stuff, and now I'm doing this.

Scott just came to the front room and asked why I wasn't doing this on our handy dandy Notebook. Truthfully? Because I forget about it!

I'm off now, I have a Mickey Mouse latch hook project to finish for my mom and I'm almost done.

I'll try not to be so anti social in the future.

Everyone have a great week

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I've Been a Bad Blogger

So, where to begin........

I got home from Albuquerque about 5:45 on August 18th. I picked up my car from the Dodge dealership, where they never found anything wrong with it. But it hasn't acted up since then either. Scott is thinking that they camsensor part they just replaced came unplugged somehow and they just had to plug it back in and didn't want to admit it. I don't care as long as it doesn't die on me again in the middle of the road. They didn't even charge us for them having it for 2 weeks. I would really hope they wouldn't though. Two weeks was a little outrageous.

The house was a disaster from dad and boy (that is what Harley calls himself, Boy) playing monkey. They had fun though, that is what matters. I ignored the mess and went straight to bed.

Scott and I left at midnight that same night to head to Twin Falls Idaho to pick up Ethan and Emma. We drove straight through and we were both so loopy after being up from 6am Friday morning to 10pm Saturday night.

When we got the kids we turned around and drove back to Salt Lake City to our room, which was only a 10 minute drive from the Mayan. We absolutely love that restaurant!

We got home Sunday evening and the kids had one day to rest before school started. So far I really like Emma's teacher and both of Ethan's teachers. Emma must really like her too because homework is done before I'm home from work and she got a 99 on her first spelling test. Happy Happy Joy Joy

Since then it's been work, school, laundry, cleaning, and well, truthfully, lots of being lazy with my kids.

My mom got home from Winston-Salem tonight but I haven't heard much because she is busy unpacking and doing laundry so she can leave Thursday to visit her sister in Mesa for a week.

And I'm sure there is so much more rambling around in my head to write about but I just saw my little monkey boy running around with one of my bras on his head.

Time to get both of us to bed!

Everyone have a great week and hopefully I'll come back with some witty stuff. Or just some more crap about my kids and husband.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Here I am in the big city of Abq. and all I've done is gone to the class or vegged out in my hotel room. How fun am I?

The class has been about 8 hours every day but sitting in the tiny room with very low air conditioning and 8 other people besides myself, that room gets pretty stuffy. I'm enjoying it though and am kind of sad that my week is now half over. Only two more days to go.

I do miss my husband and my Pudge. Scott called last night to tell me they were playing monkey and I could hear Pudge in the background making monkey noises. I guess they were hopping all over the house and jumping on furniture. I can just imagine what kind of mess I'll come home to Friday.

Other than that I really don't have much more to say. I will add that in the class I'm the only female. There are times when the testosterone is so thick I could cut it with a knife. The class requires constant group partipitation. We aren't supposed to just sit there while the trainer talks, we have to give input. This class is teaching me to raise my voice to be heard above all those Mens! Of course once they actually hear me they will shut up and let me talk.

It's also funny because they'll start cussing and immediately apologize for it. If they only knew the real me...... Actually they caught a glimpse of it today when we were discussing a topic that I'm having issues with at work right now. They definitely heard my potty mouth and I stunned them all. It was a good day. After they all recovered I told them my work here was done and I was leaving. Which got them laughing again.

Since I've had a good day, got some stuff off my shoulders, I'm considering walking across the street and wandering around the mall. Better than sitting in the hotel for the third night in a row and doing nothing.

I probably won't post anything for a few days. Class is done Friday at noon or so and then my co-worker and I will drive the 2 1/2 hours home and then I get to sleep because we have to leave by 11pm to make it to Twin Falls to pick up the other two demons. I do miss them oh so much and that is the only reason I have agreed to leave at such an ungodly hour to meet to do the kid swap.

I'm off to find some grub and maybe do some shopping!

Have a great rest of the week

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Connie Mack Is Over!

I love going to the Connie Mack games every year. But I'm so glad when they are over. Working all day and then going to the games at night make a very long day. The last game was Friday night and the Arizona team won.

I was bad and barely even looked at the computer at night while Connie Mack was going on. By the time I got home most nights it was almost 11pm. And I had to get up to be at work by 8am.

I spent this weekend reuperating from all the excitement and have had lots of fun trying to keep Harley calm so he could rest up too. He's been so grouchy because of the upset in his schedule.

I've only heard from Emma once so far. I told her she could only call me twice while they were gone and so far she has minded and only called once. And then she talked to me for only a couple minutes before she handed the phone to Ethan. She was too busy for me! I was thrilled that she wasn't spending her time worrying about me and crying to come home. I bet this trip with SW and her stepmom has been so nice.

I've had lots of people ask me how I am doing and if I miss them. In some way I do but most of the time I don't. I sort of feel bad about that. But not really. Don't get me wrong, I love those two so very much but the drama of this past summer has drained me and this little break was just what we all needed. It's good for the kids to see their dad and at the same time I just have one little one to worry about right now.

Come tomorrow morning I have no one to worry about! Yea, right. Whatever. I'll worry about everyone just like always while I'm in Albuquerque for the week. I'll just do it from the privacy of a hotel room where I can watch what I want and go to bed when I want! The co-worker I'm going with doesn't want to leave until tomorrow morning at 5am or so, so I'll get one more night with my Pudge before leaving him for the week.

I've already packed my clothes and have the suitcase sitting by the front door and Pudge has already unpacked it for me twice. He finally gave in and crashed on his bed for a nap so hopefully he won't think of it after he wakes up.

Nothing exciting at all to report.

I'm going to catch up on blog reading now.

Have a great week

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm spoiled

Well, I took mrhaney's suggestion and renamed my handy dandy notebook. I'm not going to tell anyone what the name is this time! Not even Scott! HA HA teach him to order a handy dandy notebook when I'm sleeping.

The kids are safely up in Washington with their stepmom. I haven't heard from them yet but I did tell Emma she could only call twice while they were up there. This may sound mean but I'm doing it for my own sanity. The last time Emma went to Washington for a couple weeks she was so miserable and cried most of the time and my ex caved in and let her call me every night and she would cry and scream for me to come get her early. I know she missed me but it would drive me crazy and I would sit there and cry when I could finally get her off the phone. This would happen every time she went to Washington. SW just couldn't grasp the idea that he was their dad and he needed to find a way to comfort his daughter and help her feel better about being there. Thank goodness Ethan has never had a problem with going.

The trip to meet their stepmom was uneventful. We left here Saturday morning about 4:30am and reached Twin Falls ID about 3:45 that afternoon. Pretty good time if I do say so myself. I didn't stop as much as I should have but we had to turn around and drive back to Salt Lake that night to check into our hotel room. Harley did so good and was ok provided I kept the portable dvd player running. It rained on us in Idaho and around Moab, UT but other than that the weather was nice.

The house was very peaceful today what with being 2 kids short right now. It wasn't until Harley decided that nap time wasn't for him. It's almost 1am and no matter what Scott and I have tried, he just doesn't want to sleep. Poor kid is used to sleeping with Ethan in the room too.

I'm off to bed now, I'll be bad and just put Harley in bed with me so I can crash. I have to drag myself back to work tomorrow.

And to answer your question Poet. It probably was the same Connie Mack that signed your brother. Check out this website and see what you find.

Oh, I still love my handy dandy notebook! I paid bills on it while Scott did his thing on the desktop!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's Here

I'm typing this on my new Notebook. I feel like I should be a guest on Blues Clues. I have my handy dandy notebook, and it's even blue!

I'm waiting for my free skin to show up. Scott just happened to place the order for this while there was an offer for free skins. I chose the Asian skin and it should be here in a couple more days.

When I first turned on my handy dandy Notebook it asked me to name it. So, being the oh so brilliant person I am, chose the name Traveler. Was the Notebook lonely, is that why it needed a name? I guess it just wants to feel love and welcomed in the new home.

Sorry, I'm a little tired and in a fiesty mood right now. Has to do with the whole frozen business. I just love feeling like I'm peeing every time I move. Apparently the stuff sloughing off of my cervix is going to be water and bad cells. It's rather gross and I'm ready for the next 3 weeks or so to be over now!

I don't know what I think of this handy dandy Notebook so far. Well, I do love it but the keyboard is so frickin' small compared to what I am used to that I've made tons of mistakes and I keep having to use the backspace button to correct my millions of typos so far. I'll get used to it.

The set up was so easy! It picked up our wireless connection right away and I was up and surfing, even though I should be sleeping.

Damn handy dandy Notebook.....

I'm off to bed with this short note. I'm so glad there is only 1 day left in my work week.

Monday brought different managers not knowing where I was because none of the managers wouold communicate with each other or me. I would ask what I needed to do and where I should be and know one had the answer. We had a person quit and I'm filling in where I can until my company hires a replacement.

I guess Monday one manager wanted me at my desk, another wanted me subbing, and yet another just wanted to know exactly what I should be doing and all of them have jumped down my throat at least once this week because they can't communicate with each other. Makes getting up and getting ready for work pretty hard.

So, I've been yelled at at work for reasons beyond my control, had my coochie frozen and now I'm melting, my 2 1/2 year old car broke down this morning on my way to work and come to find out it was a part that is no longer covered by warranty, we paid $200 to get the car fixed because I lurve my car, and then after getting my car to the Dodge dealership to get looked at, on the way to work, with Scott driving, I spilled half of my milk on my lap. Really big, horrible run on sentence. Sam, don't throw anything at me. Please.

I think I need to find the warranty papers for my car and see what exactly is covered.

Oh, only 1 more day til we leave for Idaho to do a kid exchange. I exchange the kids for peace and quiet for 2 weeks. HA Who am I kidding. I'll hate it while they are gone. At least I'll have my little Monkey Butt and Scott. Before those two came along, the time that the kids spent with their dad was horrendous.



I got myself so worked up about having the cryo done that my blood pressure was high. I was also sweating and shaking so bad that I had to concentrate and take deep breaths during the drive to the doctors office.

I don't know why I was so nervous. The procedure needed to be done and I figured it couldn't be any worse than having the stuff snipped out of me.

I think my problem was listening to others that have had it done that had a bad experience with the cryo.

The part that hurt the most? The Duckbill! Only because doc positioned it wrong the first time and pinched me. OUCH! But she fixed it right away and got it right the second time.

Before she even started the freezing she showed me what all she would be using and explained everything. Just seeing the tube she would stick up there made my pulse race even more and I felt sweat trickling down my back. ummm gross

But when the time came for the tube to go up in my coochie and start the freezing I calmed down. I realized I felt the cold but no pain.

Doc froze for 3 minutes in one spot and then scrape the "block of ice"* off and then froze in another spot for 3 minutes and scraped that block of ice off.

The whole thing took maybe 8 minutes and doc's nurse and I talked the whole time.

This cryo business was literally no big deal. Granted, once she was done and went over the do's and don'ts for the next 3-4 weeks** and then left the room, I stood up off the table to the start of the first cramps. Even the cramping wasn't bad. For about 2 hours they were worse than the worst period cramps I've ever had but now I don't feel a thing.

And I don't know if it's my imagination or what but I've been chilly all afternoon since I had it done.

Even peeing for the first time after was an experience. I never really thought about how warm pee was until today.

A friend from work sent me a text message telling me to open up and say ahhh and he sent it right about the time doc was starting the procedure! Silly Gay Man! When I could get to my phone I sent back that I was frozen and then a while later let him know about the whole warm peeing thing. I think I grossed him out for the day! My work here is done. Thank You!

Now I get to have pap smears every 3 months for the next year. Yippeee

On to funnier things. Harley! He is our little barrel of monkey laughs.


He decided to strip off his clothes and his diaper last night and started running around the house. Normally when he does that he yells I'm Naked over and over until I chase him down to put jammies on him. Last night was different.

He ran around the house making monkey noises, climbing up on everything, and giving daddy a hard time because he kept climbing up on daddy's step stool where daddy was standing, working on some shelves we got 3 years ago. That he just put up yesterday....

At one point my lovely little 2 1/2 year old precious little boy ran up to me, climbed up my leg and called himself a Monkey Butt. He then proceeded to jump off me, grab his butt and run off again. I'm assuming in search of other people to climb on.

Emma did shriek not long after he ran away from me.

I finally corralled him long enough to get a diaper and jammies on him and get him in bed. No wonder I was tired last night. A person would think that as much as I chase my 3 demons around that I'd loose a little weight somewhere. Ah, well

Ethan lost another tooth after, once again, me not knowing he had a loose tooth. My little freak!

I'm off to bed. Again. I'm tired but have tried to go to sleep 4 or 5 times tonight and ended up laying there staring at the ceiling. Maybe now that it's almost 1am I can go to sleep.


*A block of ice? It was a small block of ice she pulled off my cervix. I didn't see it but I heard it plop into a cup of water !

**No douching, no tampons, no hot tubs, swimming, baths until the lovely discharge stops, in about 3-4 weeks! Oh, and no insertion of anything in the coochie so no sex either. For about 3-4 weeks! UGGG We will just have to think of other ways to have some fun ;)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

This will be short

I've decided to keep the Notebook. I knew I would right from the start but I felt like wallowing in irritation and being all stupid about it.

We received an email that our order has been shipped so we should receive it by the middle of next week or so. Just in time for me to take it to Albuquerque.

The closer that trip gets the more anxious I get. I was really looking forward to it but now I'm not so sure.

And now there's only 5 days until I take my two oldest kids and drive them up to Idaho to meet their stepmom so they can spend a couple weeks up in Washington. I really don't like doing it so close to the start of school but their dad's ship pulls in to port August 7th or 8th after being on a 6 month WestPac. Six months is a long time to be out at sea.

Their stepmom wants to surprise SW by having the kids there on the pier when the ship arrives. I think the kids will enjoy it. So far they are both excited about that.

I'll get them back the weekend right before school starts. At least they'll get to see their dad.

I'm off to bed now. Scott is working late tonight, his first night to do the stock truck in a while so I can't complain.

I won't be alone though. I have a devilish little blond that keeps asking for chocolate and grinning at me as I type this.

Time to go, apparently he found our chocolate stash and has it all over his clean self and jammies!
You Have a Melancholic Temperament
Introspective and reflective, you think about everything and anything.You are a soft-hearted daydreamer. You long for your ideal life.You love silence and solitude. Everyday life is usually too chaotic for you.
Given enough time alone, it's easy for you to find inner peace.You tend to be spiritual, having found your own meaning of life.Wise and patient, you can help people through difficult times.
At your worst, you brood and sulk. Your negative thoughts can trap you.You are reserved and withdrawn. This makes it hard to connect to others.You tend to over think small things, making decisions difficult.
What Temperment Are You?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


We are in debt up to our eyeballs. Well, almost, it's getting close and I'm not liking it. I was starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel and had mapped out a very nice budget that had our monthly bills paid, our extra bills paid plus quite a bit more than what was actually due, and a little left over for us to have some fun each month.

Last night, while eating dinner I commented how nice it would be to have a Notebook so I could work on my business course while I'm in Albuquerque in August. Or I could also use it to chat online with Scott while I'm there. Scott said, OK, I'll order one from Dell tonight!

WHOA Buddy!
I said I would like one but I definitely don't want the extra payment added on to our Dell bill right now. Scott looked puzzled and told me that I just said I wanted one. Yes, I did but wanting one and needing one are two different things. For a grown man he can be a little slow sometimes. That is extremely mean to say and I know it and it will also come around to bite me in the ass later on but I'm tired, I'm grouchy, I've had a headache for three days now and nothing I've taken is even touching it.

After supper I lay down on our bed and drifted off to sleep while he surfed around the computer. I woke up at one point to hear him hollering at Harley to bring his money back. I giggled and went back to sleep.

I slept for about an hour and a half before I woke up and decided to get on the computer and catch up on some blogs. I was only half way through my email, hadn't even reached the blogs yet, when Scott's cell phone rang. It was a guy from work who was closing and he had accidentally locked his keys in an oil shed they have out back. Scott, being the nice co-worker that he is, told the guy he would be there in a few minutes to unlock the oil shed so the guy could have his keys back.

Harley was still up and going strong so I decided we would go with him. I assumed the car ride would put him to sleep, which it did. After Scott got the oil shed unlocked we were bad and stopped at Sonic and got some ice cream before heading home. We didn't care that it was 10:30pm, it was Hot still. Ok, not as hot as Phoenix or Mesa or St. Louis or who knows how many other places but still hot. Plus we are gluttons for ice cream!

After getting home I put Harley to bed. He woke up long enough to tell me good night and insist on a kiss and a hug. And then another hug and kiss. Then he went back to sleep.

I got ready for bed, told Scott good night, and was out I think before my head hit the pillow.

This was when Scott chose to visit Dell and check up on prices for Notebooks. And he went ahead and ordered one and charged it to our Dell account.

I could have sworn I was dreaming that Scott was asking me questions like, what kind of memory I wanted, what kind of case did we need to carry it around, what kind of gaming should we get, what color did I want, and what was my social security number.

Apparently I wasn't dreaming and he did ask me all those questions and I answered every single one of them, including my social. I didn't realize I could talk in my sleep like that. No one has ever told me that!

So now we have Notebook on the way in some blue color with I don't know what kind of memory or gaming. Oh, it does have a case as well. And the price starts at $639 but our ending price was $909. But it comes with a $200 rebate right off the bat. But still...

We just added another $25 to our Dell payment each month. I'm a little ticked because this was one of the bills that was getting down there and the light at the end of that tunnel was nice and bright.

Its not being shipped until August 2nd and I'm seriously considering calling and canceling it.

But it would be nice to have while I'm in Abq.

I really don't know what to do.....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Niagara Falls and Way Too Much Information (just warning)

My doc called Monday afternoon to let me know she already my test results back from the biopsy. I have dysplasia (sp?), or precancerous cells, that need to be frozen out of me. That lovely appointment is August 2nd. A friend of mine has had that done and said it was about 45 minutes of hell. I guess I find out in 2 weeks or so.

Reading up on dysplasia shows that most women have HPV. I don't. Other things that can cause this is multiple sexual partners, smoking, and other STD's. I don't smoke. I don't have any form of STD. I am 33 and not exactly a saint when I was a teenager, or in between marriages. As a precaution both Scott and I were tested for anything and everything before we got married and we are both clean. I have blood work done every year with my yearly check up and I've always come back clean. Of course, the article I read said 80% to 90% of women have HPV so not every woman has HPV and dysplasia.

My biopsy was last Wednesday and my lovely monthly visiting friend that I hate with a passion came Saturday morning. A normal period for me is 3 1/2 to 4 days. I'm going on 5 days and it's the heaviest flow I've had in a while. I have my own personal Niagra Falls!

It was bad enough today that I broke down and called my doc just to make sure it was due to the biopsy. And it is. But the call made my husband and co-workers feel better. They were all worried about me.

Probably because I've lost 3 pounds on this period. That is a definite first for me. Normally I eat enough chocolate to feed the entire state of California during my period. This month it's all I can do to make myself eat two meals a day. I'm not complaining though.

So, when I told Scott what the doc told me he said Ok, welcome to the cancer club. Except when he said it I imagined CANCER CLUB. The words in all caps. It didn't offend me because he's beaten Thyroid cancer. He had his Thyroid removed and went through radiation back in 1994. Twelve years in remission. Of course with no Thyroid it would make it hard for that form of cancer to come back. He has had two spots of skin cancer removed though, and that was just a couple years ago.

I asked Scott if I got a welcoming cake to the Cancer Club. He said sure, any kind I wanted. I asked for a Black Forest Cake with lots of cherries. I'm still waiting for it.

I told my co-workers what he said and for some reason it offended one guy in particular. I'm not sure why but he it felt like he went around glaring at me the rest of the day. I don't know why it would offend him, it has nothing to do with him. I see him at work and no where else. My family and his family aren't friends.

If what I have does turn into cancer than it won't affect him in any way shape or form. I'm so very tempted to tell him to bite my ass and get over it but all that would just get me in trouble for trying to start a fight.

My family jokes about just about anything, and that includes ourselves and whatever illnesses we may have. That is the way we deal with life, through laughter.

This co-worker will never understand that and that's his fault.

Onto other things. My oldest Stepson was in town over the weekend and we were priviledged enough to eat supper with him at a local Mexican restaurant. He is 22 and I guess we are just not cool enough yet to spend more time with. Scott seemed to be ok with it so I left it alone. Stepson is moving to Albuquerque soon so we might see him more in the near future.

We found out that 13 year old Stepson has been nominated for the National Honor Society and he goes to an award ceremony and something else (not sure what else, we can't get his mom to spill the beans on what is happening) in January. We are so very proud of that punk!
Oh, we also found out he was busted kissing on my nieces best friend while he was here. When my niece told Scott about it she said they "were like using tongues and everything and it was gross".

We might have to watch out for this one. He's too smart for his own good but he's also a cute kid and has been caught making out with a few girls at home.

Scott's done the whole father-son macho thing and has bragged about it. I'm just waiting to see what happens if this honor society kid gets some girl pregnant when they are both only 15 or 16. I'm pretty sure this won't happen but if he's already enjoying kissing all the girls then who knows how soon before other things start happening.

My kids go to see their dad in 2 1/2 weeks. We leave August 5th for Twin Falls Idaho. OOOOO road trip right after having my coochie frozen. This should be fun!

They'll be up in Washington for two weeks. In those two weeks I plan on doing absolutely nothing! Nothing but going to ball games, Connie Mack is here the first week they are gone, and the second week they are gone I'll be in Albuquerque. About 2 months ago my company opened up classes that were originally just for managers. For a non-manager to take the class you had to have certain requirements within the company and then write a short essay on how the class would benefit you and your office.

I just happened to meet all the requirements and must have written a good essay because I was accepted! Three other co-workers were as well and two of us go that first full week of August and the other two of us go the second week of August. I go the second week. I'm so looking forward to a week away, no kids, no house to clean, no cooking, no whining (unless it's from people in the class with me and that's ok, I won't have to fix them!). Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, my house, my husband, but I'm ready for some me time. Even some me time that means I have to study and participate in group discussions and probably giving speeches. Who knows what I'll do in this class. I'll find out in a month.

I'm thinking I need to buy a Notebook to use while I'm gone.....

That is all for now. Have a great rest of the week.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I Have Been Well & Truly Violated! there is cussing in this post

The lovely Gyno office never called to reschedule so I showed up for my 3pm appointment at 2:55pm. I had to do the whole pee in a cup thing and I really think they only have you do that for these kind of appointments just to make sure you don't accidentally pee on the doctor when she is second knuckle deep in coochie. Lovely image? Isn't it?

Scott came with me I think to make up for all those OB appointments he couldn't make it to when I was pregnant with Harley. He did his usual entertaining of the nurses and staff and grouchy front counter receptionist actually smiled at us. I thank Scott, he seems to be able to bring smiles to even the grouchiest amongst us.

After I pee in the cup, we waited about 15 minutes for Doc's nurse to call us back and do the whole blood pressure thing. She doesn't make me weigh myself, we had a long conversation about weight at my last regular check up and we agreed to only weigh myself if I wanted to. She's awesome like that.

Then Scott and I were escorted back to the room where the procedure would happen. It was in the middle of the building and the room was pretty big. Nurse had the little bitty wrap thing waiting, along with a pad because of you know, the lovely leakage that would happen when the procedure was done. Nurse left the room and I took my shoes off and then grinned at Scott. I then proceeded to a little dance for him while I stripped off my shorts and undies. He complained to Doc when she came in (and busted me doing a silly dance with the little bitty wrap thing. I was sufficiently embarrassed! Scott did ask for stripper music to be piped into the rooms for the enjoyment of their male customers. I am SO glad my doctor and nurse have a great sense of humor.

I did notice the Duckbill wasn't my friendly plastic one, it was the evil metal one! But it was nice and warm so I didn't get a shock. Doc, as always, explained what she was going to do before she did anything.

So, in went the Duckbill, in went the stuff that turns any abnormal cells white (that shit burned!), in went the thing that pinches off the abnormal cells, in went the scraper to scrape out up inside my cervix (OUCH enough to make my toes wiggle), in went the ointment or whatever the hell it was to help with bleeding. Doc said that stuff is the color of dark brown mustard and then warned me that I would see some spotting with blood and that dark brown mustard color. Let me tell ya, it's such a pretty color. ha

It felt like the whole procedure took an hour. I think it only took about 15 minutes. My legs were shaking by the time she was done, mainly from the effort of keeping certain parts of my body relaxed enough so the damn Duckbill wouldn't hurt.

Doc only had to take one biopsy, mainly because all the abnormal cells were in one area. The biopsy was a pretty big snip for that small area. Nurse did show me what they snipped out. Can I just say OUCH, SHIT OUCH. Oh wait, I did say that. Out loud!

I go back in two weeks after I've had time to heal to do a cryo. Today was a culpo? Not sure if that is exactly the word but that is what I heard. Doc said she saw sufficient evidence to do the cryo to remove everything else. She should have test results back next week so if anything else needs to be done we'll determine what way to go after the cryo. Whooppee

During the whole procedure Scott kept a running commentary of anything that happened to cross his mind. At one point Doc did have to quit what she was doing for a minute because she was laughing so hard at something he said. I don't remember exactly what it was, something about not clenching my coochie so I didn't suck anything up inside me while Doc was still up in there. She finally asked him if he needed to leave the room so she could finish without hurting me more than she had to. I said yes, Nurse said no, and Scott said he would be good.

I'm feeling ok, I'm just leaning to one side when I sit because its pretty uncomfortable to sit right. I'm not in any pain. I've heard some women say they hurt for a few days after and others have said that they were fine an hour later. Scott's ex had this done and put herself on bed rest for 3 weeks. She was a severe hypochondriac (spelling?) though.

I'm off to bed. It's already been a long week. I worked 10 hours Monday, 10 1/2 hours Tuesday, only 6 hours today but I spent some of today tensed up in the upper half of my body and relaxed in the lower half of my body (not an easy thing to do all at once), I work 9 hours tomorrow, and then 10 hours again on Friday. Or maybe its 9 hours Friday. I don't know, either way. I've had a long week what with the biopsy and Stepson leaving.

Poor Emma cried tonight because she misses Stepson. Poor thing.

ok, now I'm off to bed.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Not Much

Other than the massive amount of rain our area has had the past week, not much else has happened. Ok, for some places it's not a massive amount but our rainy season normally consists of a few spits out of the clouds and the wind proceeds to blow the clouds away.

We have had thunder and lightening and the beautiful smell of rain for the week. Scott and I have slept with our window open and our window fan blowing just so we can have that smell envelope our room. Granted, one of us has to get up in the middle of the night to shut the fan off because it does get a tad chilly with the blades rotating all night but the smell is worth it.

Scott has me so close to convinced to get a hot tub. Apparently he already has it worked out in his head where the tub will go in our backyard and how he is going to do the foundation. I asked him about our plans for the kitchen floor and the rest of the backyard. He said we'll get to those but the hot tub is at the top of his list for now. I think one of the reasons I'm so close to agreeing to the tub is that there is a possibility it might be covered by insurance. For theraputical reasons. If ours won't than my mom's insurance surely would and we would pay the co-pay. I'm still thinking on that.

We saw Pirates II. We all loved it and are having to wait on pins and needles for the third one to come out next spring. Ah. Well.

My cryo, biopsy, whatever that lovely Gyno office wants to call it, is tomorrow. They managed to move me up a week so I'm going to meet the dreaded Duckbill early. We'll see if this appointment goes through without some other poor woman needing an emergency c-section. I do plan on asking to make sure the last woman is ok. My doc probably won't tell me but I just don't like to hear about other women having complications during a c-section.

And that is all for tonight.

Oh. Wait. Stepson left this evening.

I truly don't know how I feel this time. I'm truly going to miss him. He was so much fun to have visit this year. Just one year has made such a difference in his attitude. Sure, we had our moments but he is a teenage boy, so of course we are going to have some drama. He is coming back for Christmas. I think I'll make his plane reservation now so I know when he'll be here. HA, I know his mom won't tell us when he can come until a week before. She always does that when he comes for a winter holiday. I don't understand what her problem is. She calls and yells at Scott constantly and treats him horribly. I know they are divorced but she's the one who cheated on Scott with at least one guy. Scott caught them in his bed. Lovely. She should have the decency to be nice to Scott. He pays child support and we send him clothes, shoes, and fun stuff during the year. I think she is afraid that now that Stepson is old enough he might choose to come live with us. I don't think she needs to worry. Our school system is no where near as good as what he is in and if the boy is going to Harvard one day than he needs to stay in the honors program he is in now.

Ok, this turned out longer than I expected.

I'll let ya'll know how I feel after my violation appointment. I'm thinking of smuggling a lighter in to the room at the doc's office so I can melt the Duckbill. I know, I know, they would just find another Duckbill to use up the coochie.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

I share my birthdate with Tom Cruise Whoopty Doo emphasis on the DOO

I posted at the end of my long Day 3 Disney post that July 3rd was my birthday. What a day it turned out to be.

This is how I had my day planned out.

~Get up to see Scott off to work
~Pamper myself and soak in some homemade bath salts that my lovely Emma made for me
~Take the kids to the mall and wander around until it was time for my massage
~Take the kids home and go to my massage
~Eat lunch with my hubbie
~Go home and nap with my Pudge
~Go to church when hubbie got off work to enjoy some fun, food, and city fireworks
~Hunt down a fireworks stand that was open late and buy some to shoot off at our house after the city fireworks show was over
~Go to bed so we could get up early to head to Silverton for the 4th

This is how my day actually went.

~Slept through Scott leaving for work and didn't get up until 9:30am
~Pampered myself and soaked in a bath with homemade bath sales that my lovely Emma made for me
~Took the kids to the mall and told them since it was my birthday I was going to spend money how I wanted and I chose to spend it on them. I told them all they could pick out a couple things and I would waste some money for a change. Emma chose a $12 necklace from Hot Topic to match her $6 bracelet her cousin had already purchased for her the day before. Stepson and Ethan both chose absolutely nothing. The only thing they wanted was Chinese food from the food court. So I made them go to Walden Books with me and I bought another Laurell K. Hamilton book and ordered one they didn't have in stock. Got the kids lunch and then took them home.
~Cancelled my massage because my mom chose that day to do her quarterly blood donation, even after I had asked if she didn't mind watching the kids so I could get a massage. She told me Go Ahead, I'll watch the kids. I normally wouldn't mind leaving the kids home alone, Stepson is 13 and I totally trust him, but, BUT, Stepson and Emma were at each others throats all morning and I wasn't going to leave them alone because they tend to get a bit wild and I didn't want Harley run over in their rampaging through the house.
~Met hubbie for lunch.
~Missed my nap with Pudge because lunch with hubbie was so late. But I did spend 45 minutes sitting on the toilet because the sandwich I ate at Wendy's apparently has eggs in the bread and I am allergic to eggs. I didn't know their new Frescata sandwiches would have eggs in their bread otherwise I would have had my normal salad. Oh well, lesson learned.
~Listened to the three oldest kids gripe and complain that we were going to watch the city fireworks show when they wanted to go bowling. Made the kid angry when I put my foot down and told them it was my birthday and I was going to do what I wanted to do this one day, not what they wanted to do.
~Went to church to watch the city fireworks. Kids ate nachos and hot dogs. Scott and mom ate Navajo tacos. I nibbled on nachos in fear of the wrath of my tummy. Nothing happened though so it was OK! Listened to the old biddie complain about the horrible, evil, nasty, devil worshiping people that had tattoos. Called her on it because she knows very well that I have 4, count em, FOUR tattoos. And plan on getting more. I have no idea what having tattoos has to do with my belief in God. I did call her a mean, hypocritical cow to her face. I'm waiting for a call from our new preacher asking why I did what I did. Oh, don't worry, he'll hear why I did it.
~Didn't buy any fireworks because we didn't get out of the church parking lot until 10:15pm.
~Went home, put kids to bed and ourselves to bed so we could get up early to go to Silverton.

Ok, reading up on those sandwiches from Wendy's, there aren't any eggs in the bread and I did ask for no Mayo on my sandwich. Scott did have to take the sandwich back up to the counter after I looked at it because they still put Mayo on it. I could tell the staff got annoyed and when Scott explained why I asked for no Mayo they calmed down a little. Some people just don't understand allergies because they don't have any. Lucky Them and hope they never get any!

My mom gave me money and a cute pair of capris. My MIL and FIL gave me money. The kids gave me lots of hugs and homemade cards. My MIL made an eggless cheese cake for me. I still haven't eaten any but I'm going to cut into it tomorrow night.

My loving husband sang the Harry Potter Happy Birthday song to me. And then he really gave me no cards and no presents. I'm not sure if he did that on purpose or what. Being human this kind of hurt my feelings. I was going to say being a woman but I know some men that this would have hurt as well. One of those men is my husband. I don't know why it bothers me that I didn't at least get a birthday card. It's just a folded piece of paper with words on it that normally gets thrown away, if you're not a packrat like me. I've searched for the words to Harry Potter's birthday song but couldn't find them and I don't remember them like Scott does. If I do find them I'll post them here. I know it says something about no cards, no presents, or something like that.

Well, I'm off to bed before it hits Friday and I have to get up for work.

Sweet dreams all and dream of Pooh Tattoos!!! hehe Ok, So I can be evil when I want to be. But only because I am tired of that grouchy old lady judging me.
Your Dosha is Vata
Creative and restless, you take in all of life's pleasures (maybe a little too much!).You're quick witted and very talkative, but you also tend to have a spotty memory.You tend to get very into ideas, people, and lifestyles... but only for a short time.It's difficult to hold your attention, and you sometimes feel with what life has to offer.
With friends: You are very uncomfortable in new situations or with new people
In love: You fall in and out of love very easily
To achieve more balance: Live in a warm climate and spend some quiet time in nature

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Day 3 Disney

Here we are, DisneyLand again. We have managed to visit the land where all dreams come true three times in less than a year. Could this possibly be a record for a family that lives so far away from Disney? Not sure. We purchased our tickets and SIL and family actually waited for us to do this so we could all go through the checkpoint and have our tickets swiped together. Scott and SIL wanted a family picture of us in front of their flower display proclaiming the 50th Anniversary. We were done with one picture and about to have another picture snapped when Eeyore jumped into the picture. We have quite a few pictures with him and we all got a hug from him. BIL grumped away and Eeyore followed him and squeezed him anyways. I bet we were quite a sight. Ten people of all sizes, all wearing a bright turquoise shirt, each with some Pooh character stitched on the upper left or right chest area. There were other families that wore the same shirt but I think we were definitely the most noticeable. Another family did rival us, they all had on bright red Spiderman shirts but there were only five or six of them. We passed each other quite often and got a big kick out of it every time. Yep, we are all a bunch of dorks but we have fun doing it! We let the kids head off on their own as soon as we walked through the little tunnel to Main Street Disney. The adults and Ethan (poor Ethan was upset for a while because I made him stay with me but I didn't want to burden the other kids with him and his fear of crowds and being touched) got on the train that circles Disney so my mom could get a general idea of the layout and then we got off and hit the Haunted House. We loved the updates they've done, more ghosts and ghouls, a slightly different theme, and still lots of fun. Our second ride was Splash Mountain. This was so much fun. We hit it early enough that we waited maybe 2 minutes to get in our own little canoe. And all six adults got in the same canoe. And let me tell you, none of us are light weights. We floated through the little maze just fine and went down the first fall just fine, no biggie. Then we hit the big fall. Here was the line up in the canoe; SIL, BIL, Ethan, mom, myself, and Scott.

We hit the top of the fall and SIL started screaming, Ethan ducked behind BIL, I don’t know what mom did, I held onto my handles with a death grip (I still have that silly fear of flying out of the canoe and, ya know, dying or something stupid like that), and Scott just whooped it up and yelled.

Like I said, none of us are heavy weights and when we hit bottom the splash was HUGE. As in huge enough that we were all soaked from head to toe. Well, Ethan wasn’t because he was hiding and I think BIL managed to get splash meant for Ethan. Much Fun.
We squished around Pooh Corner for a while, rode the Winnie the Pooh ride, bought some more Pooh earrings, and had our pictures taken with Pooh. My most favoritest picture of the day was of Ethan hugging Tigger. Or maybe Tigger was squishing Ethan. Either way Ethan was thrilled because he is my big Tigger. I can’t call him my little Tigger because the kid is almost as tall as me.

After more rides and locating the kids we ate lunch in the New Orleans district and made the kids go with us on a few rides.
I could tell SIL and BIL were wearing down by about 3pm. BIL had commented earlier that he wanted to leave by 1pm and his kids threw a fit. They managed to stay until 5pm. By that time my mom was ready to go because her feet, ankles, and shoulder were done for the day. I’m truly surprised she made it that long. BIL took mom back to the hotel and they all ate dinner together from what I understand.

Scott, our three kids, and I stayed until the park shut down at midnight. Of course we were exhausted but that’s what we do. We love to wear ourselves out running back and forth to the different rides all day long. We rode the Haunted House, Splash Mountain, the Matterhorn, Space Mountain, and who knows how many other rides more than once.
It was fun and I’m glad we got to spend the weekend with my SIL and her family but Scott and I have decided never again. We love them and enjoy a night of dinner and a movie every now and then but the whole weekend with a high maintenance, grouchy ass BIL was way too much. I’d be totally willing to do a weekend trip like that again with just my SIL and her kids but BIL can keep his grouchy ass home!
I was stupid and made the comment we should make Disney a semi-annual event for our family.
Scott is already planning our December trip and wondering if we should bring the kids or leave them home.
I haven’t decided what my vote is yet. I’ll let you all know when school is back in session and grades are doing ok.

This was obviously a condensed version of the day considering we were there from 8:30am to Midnight.

Looking back we had so much fun but nothing really outstanding. Scott and I did get into an argument, he says we don’t argue we, we debate, and I don’t remember exactly why. I had mentioned riding the Teacups and he turned and glared at me, said something rude about my Precious Teacups and walked away. The rest of us realized he wasn’t coming back and had to run to catch up to him, only to find him standing by the Teacups and him yelling at me to get in the damn line so we could get on with the day. Ok, so my husband wasn’t all smiley with roses but we all had our moments of grouchiness. Ok, BIL’s was most of the day.
So, I rode my damn Precious Teacups and Scott was fine again. I really don’t understand what he has against them. He’ll ride roller coasters that will flip you upside down, twist and turn you, and make you want to hurl but he won’t sit in a teacup with me and let me spin us to my hearts desire. Wait, maybe it’s because the last time I did I made him sick and he almost puked. Nah, that couldn’t be the reason.

Anyways, I’m off to bed. We had a long Fourth of July and that is yet another post.
I’m going to eat some of my birthday cheesecake that my wonderful MIL made for me! No my birthday wasn’t today, it was Monday. I’m a third of July baby. If my mom had held her legs together for 6 more measly hours I would have been a Fourth of July baby! Ok, my mom tends to smack me upside the head when I say that so I’m going to go now and chow down on cheesecake before she reads what I have typed and then go to bed.

Hope you all had a great and safe Fourth!

Friday, June 30, 2006

Day 2

Real Quick: My duckbill appointment was rescheduled. My doctor was called to the hospital to do an emergency c-section with complications. So, my next appointment in July 19. Another 3 weeks to sit and wonder if there is anything wrong or if it is just a thing.

Day 2 started out nice and early. We arrived at Knottsberry Farm to meet some family for breakfast. Scott decided to start off the day by seeing just how far he could push my button before I got angry. He drove around in circles, around the main street Knotts parking and then on to a side street and back again. This happened a few times before the kids started yelling for him to quit. HA he angered the kids before me! They weren't really angry, they were just ready to eat and ride some roller coasters.

We had a wonderful breakfast at the Knotts restaurant and chatted with Scott's cousin and wife for a while and when the kids got antsy because the park was about to open, Scott's cousins told us to get in there and have a fun day.

There were so many people standing in the entrance that it was hard to maneuver around. It was almost a joke. We finally got our tickets and got through the checkpoint where your bags are checked for any weapons and who knows what else.

The first ride we hit was Ghost Rider. A huge, wooden roller coaster whose ride lasts 2 1/2 minutes. It took all I had to get on that thing. My mom was ready to go and I figured if she could do it so could I. I expected her to say no to most of the rides because of her shoulder but she wanted to get on them.
My legs were shaking so bad when we got off that coaster that I had to lean on Scott to walk down the stairs off the ride.

We wandered around, searching for another roller coaster that would pass the bill of breathlessness. The ride they did find was similar to the Hollywood Tower of Terror in California Adventure. You sat on a seat and got strapped down. You were then lifted 250 feet in the air and they left you hanging up there for about 30 seconds, just long enough for the anticipation to shoot your adrenaline up more. You then dropped down at an extremely high speed and then you stopped on a dime, went back up a few feet and dropped down again. You were bounced like that a couple of times before you touched down and could unstrap and walk away. Um, No I didn't get on the ride. I know I'm a chicken. Emma did ride it along with Scott, SIL, BIL, and my niece. My little daredevil.

In fact, besides Ghost Rider, I only rode 2 other rides. And both of those were two of their water rides. The canoe ride was great fun and we all got soaked. That was the second ride I went on. Near the end of the ride, going over a particularly bone jarring dip in the water, I landed just right to know that a certain visitor made its appearance a few days early. With no warning too! The nerve!

After the canoe ride I grabbed mom because I had utilized her fanny pack she loves to wear, still, and headed to the bathroom. I brought pads along just in case, you never know what might happen early. It was almost pointless to use one though because of getting drenched in the canoe ride. I made it through the day without any leaks though, TMI I know. Sorry.

I told Scott what happened and he laughed at me. I punched him in the arm and we searched for another ride. About 30 minutes later the cramps hit and those were the worst cramps I've had in a very long time. Most of the afternoon at Knotts wasn't very fun for me.

We ended up leaving Knotts about 6pm, earlier than we had planned but everyone had ridden the rides they wanted to and no one had mentioned going on something a second time.

My BIL was in a much better mood and doesn't like roller coasters so mom and I sat and talked to him for most of the day.

One interesting tidbit. We were sitting under the coaster where your feet just dangle in the air as you are whipped around and up and down and upside down. We had a nice view of the few front riders as the came screaming towards us only to be whipped around a corner and taken away from us. On one set the first car had just one lady in it. We saw her cover her mouth and then right as she was over us she took her hand away from her mouth and blew chunks. Normally I'm not squeamish but this made my stomach turn. We managed not to get hit, but not by much. We moved to another spot after that.

After my daring daughter and the rest that had ridden the dangling coaster had their turn on it we rode the river rafting ride, it's just a nice little jaunt down a river. You might get wet, you might not. We did. The kids were in one raft and the adults in another raft. All of us fat ass adults. Which means we sat lower in the water than some of the other rides and more water was swept into our raft. We had fun though.

I told Scott if there were no objections I was ready to go because wet clothes (I never really dried off thanks to the humidity) and monthly protection don't go well together.

SIL brought up tampons. After much discussing of tampons with my husband, my SIL, and my BIL they had me convinced to try one. The first time I used one it hurt so bad I swore never again. I was told I had it in wrong and to please try again because the next day would be so much nicer if I did try a plug instead of a pad.

So I tried one and it was much nicer. Ok, done with that topic.

After walking out of the main gates for the park we walked down main street of Knotts to shop around. I could have spent most of the day in their shops and been happy. All we bought though was a couple of big jars of jams. There was a lot more that I wanted but knowing my luck it would have broken on the way home.

Saturday was SIL's birthday and when we got back to the hotel we all got cleaned up and headed to the nice restaurant across the parking lot. Scott had to do the brotherly thing and embarrass her and told our waiter it was SIL's birthday. Of course the waiters sang to her and apparently in this restaurant the waitstaff gets the other patrons involved in singing Happy Birthday. My blond SIL was a pretty shade of red that made her hair look almost white. She got a free piece of birthday cake. Huge piece of chocolate cake. Big enough that all 10 of us shared it and didn't need to order any more dessert.

After dinner the kids swam, I sat by the pool and just relaxed.
Listening to the kids scream and play.
Hearing Ethan and Emma yell Watch Me Momma Watch Me.
Soaking up the cool night air after the humid, hot day we'd had.
Wishing that noisy, yet peaceful, moment would never end.

But it did come to an end when SIL decided we should all go to bed so we would be rested for Disneyland.

We all crashed before 10pm.

Knotts just didn't impress me much. I don't know if it's because it has so many coasters and I'm not a coaster person or what it was. I know that Scott, SIL, BIL and all 5 kids enjoyed themselves.

Another interesting tidbit. This one is quite embarrassing. We had stopped to buy Emma a flower wreath with streamers on it to put in her hair and I had Ethan pick out a toy. While I was paying for the items I had told Ethan to quit touching because he was touching everything and getting in the way of other people. As I was signing the credit card slip an arm reached in front of me, bumped me and made me mess up my signature. It looked just like Ethan's chubby, tanned arm so I grabbed it and told him to quit reaching in front of me and quit touching everything like he'd been told. The arm was yanked away from me so fast I knew right away that it wasn't Ethan's arm. I felt bad for maybe 10 seconds and then got over it. The kid didn't need to reach in front of strangers like that, especially when a money transaction is going on. If the kids mom saw she didn't say anything to me. Yes, I did apologize to the little boy.

Day 3 - Disneyland coming soon. I really need to get more sleep so I can keep up with my blog and the ones I read. I'm too old to live on 4 hours a night. Now, if I could get Scott to realize this we would be good.

Off to bed, Scott just got home from work and he's being all gropy and stuff. Is gropy a word?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Quick Update

My lovely visit with the damn duck bill a couple months ago came back as abnormal so I get to visit with the lovely duck bills again tomorrow for a something or other. They didn't call it a biopsy but it sure sounds like it to me.

They're going to spray vinegar up in there, not a good place for foreign substances of that kind as far as I'm concerned, and scrape off anything that looks off.

HMMM, blech

The appointment is at 3pm so I took off all afternoon. No need to go back to work after something like that. Something like that might require a wonderful Starbucks Frappucino or some loverly drink from them when all is said and done.

When I hear on that, I'll post it here. Whether it's good or bad. It's probably nothing. But let me just add that this is how it started for my mom, my aunt, and my granny when they had abnormal paps and then biopsies and then they all had full hysterectomy. I don't think I spelled that right. Oh well.


Day 1

We will consider Friday Day 1 of the trip.

We left Flagstaff before 7am so we could hit the beach about sunset. We HAD planned to get to our room, check in, go to downtown Disney to shop and get our tickets for Sunday, and then hit the beach to watch the sunset over the beach.

Instead we checked in to our room, which took 45 minutes because the guy checking us in spoke maybe 10 words of English. It took all I had to be nice and smile politely. After finally getting the keys to our rooms (yep, we needed 2 rooms since there were 6 of us, Mom and Emma shared one room and I was stuck in the other room with Ethan, Stepson, and Scott) we unloaded luggage into the rooms only to discover that the a/c in my room didn't work. We waited another half hour for the maintenance man to show up to fix it. He spoke maybe 11 words of English. I was already wishing I was in Emma's room. Ya know, boys in one room, girls in the other.

While MM worked on the a/c I unpacked the bathroom bag and plugged in my curling iron to do my hair because I had washed it that morning and then just let it dry, I looked kind of scary. Maybe those guys could speak perfect English but I scared it right out of them. I turned on the iron and nothing. So I tried the other plug and nothing. I thought maybe it was iron and plugged in the complimentary hair dryer that was bolted to the wall. Nothing. Same for the coffee pot that will give you one cup at a time. Nothing. I went to Emma's room and it worked just fine. eeeeee

After our a/c was fixed we relaxed for a few minutes while conferring with SIL and her family about what they wanted to do. Each family had their own plan and neither wanted to give in and do what the other wanted. It was so much fun for a while. BIL was grouchy all day Friday and I was fed up with him. I was to the point of telling Scott he needed to tell SIL and family we would see them tomorrow because we were heading to Disney.

We ended up at the beach. And let me just say that when you park at Hungtington Beach and walk the few feet to the beach, it's about another quarter of a mile to the water. Ok Maybe not that far but when you have a bunch of fat ass people hiking down to the beach, it seems a really long ways a way.

And about 4 hours earlier than we wanted to be at the beach. But we had fun and even BIL laughed at our antics. None of us wore our suits but we got in the ocean anyways. Emma was knocked over by I don't know how many waves. She would get up sputtering and giggling, waiting for the next wave. Ethan stood so that most of the waves just lapped at his feet. He finally got in the water after Scott hefted up Ethan and chunked him into a big wave. Well, it was more like they both fell into the wave because Ethan is such a big kid that it was hard for Scott to throw him. Stepson, my niece and nephew swore they weren't going to get wet. They were too cool for that ya know. It wasn't long though, with all of us laughing and running around in the waves that they gave in and were the wettest of us all. I think we might have scared the natives too. Most of the people just kind of stared at us like we were a bunch of freaks! What'd you expect from obvious tourists. Besides Scott and I have fun no matter what we are doing. We make sure we do!

Huntington Beach people? Lighten up and smile, us strangers from another state won't hurt anyone. I promise, we'll just smile and say HI to you.

Even my mom walked in the water. I had to hold on to her but hey, she got wet. Until some seaweed came flying out of the water and wrapped itself around her arms and chest. It was like some sea creature knew she was afraid of the ocean and it was gonna get her. She waddled back up to dry sand very quickly after that! My poor mom, with her shoulder surgery and having broken her feet I don't know how many times, she has issues. I know she has broken them enough times that her feet don't bend. Her toes will bend but that is it. Oh, she has no arches and her ankles barely move too. Her arches fell years ago. She likes to joke that her arches fell way before gravity hit the rest of her body and her boobs fell.

There was one particular wave that was HUGE. Taller than me. We tried to yell at Emma to hurry and come up on shore a little but she didn't hear us. It took her off guard and down she went. Scott was the first to her and he literally dragged her up the beach with her hacking and coughing, sounding like she was coughing up a furball. We couldn't help but laugh at her because it went kind of like this: HACK HACK GAG MAMA GAG DAD HACK HACK over and over. I know, not so funny but it was if you were standing there. After she caught her breath she was laughing harder than the rest of us and wanted to wait around for another HUGE wave and do it all over again.

But NOPE. BIL was done and he wanted to leave after only 45 minutes at the beach. So we hiked our fat butts back the half mile, yes I know I said quarter of a mile earlier but after playing the in the water we were tired, to the parking lot and got in the cars. Soaking wet! It was worth it though. I believe we still have some of Huntington Beach in the van. hehe

Scott and I decided to drive down the Pacific Coast highway for a while and just enjoy the beautiful weather. We told BIL and SIL what we planned on doing and if they wanted to go back to the room we would see them there. They decided to follow us and about 2 minutes into the drive they called to let us know that they needed gas NOW. And they would only get gas at a Shell station. This really irritated Scott so he took the long way back to the hotel, there was a Shell station right across the street from our hotel. Ok, now when we left the hotel it took us about 25 minutes to get to the beach. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to get back to the room. :) We figured out they didn't remember the way back to the room and that is why they followed us.

By this time BIL was nice and overly grouchy and too angry with us to do anything else with us, including speak to us. We swam in the pool for a while and cooled off from the beach and then we all got ready and headed to downtown Disney. We found out that BIL and family ate at the restaurant next to the hotel and SIL got angry with her husband when she found out we waited and ate dinner at the Rainforest restaurant at Disney. It was very good and I hope to eat there again some day.

We shopped in the main Disney store and I splurged and bought 5 Pooh cabinet handles and 5 Tigger cabinet handles. They will go in my bathroom and Scott now plans on painting the bathroom yellow to match the yellow on the handles. If he can put up with all the Pooh and Anne Geddes pictures in the bathroom then I can put up with a bright ass yellow in my bathroom!

So, after listening to BIL bitch and complain most of the morning, through text messageing on the way to Anahiem, then annoying him to the point where he quit talking to us in the afternoon, playing at the beach, in the pool, wandering around downtown Disney and buying stuff and eating a wonderfull dinner, our Friday was full and quite fun.

Especially the part where we pissed of my BIL on purpose. The Ass.

Coming soon, Day 2.

Day 2 is Knottsberry Farm fun.

Oh what a day it was.