Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Not Much

Other than the massive amount of rain our area has had the past week, not much else has happened. Ok, for some places it's not a massive amount but our rainy season normally consists of a few spits out of the clouds and the wind proceeds to blow the clouds away.

We have had thunder and lightening and the beautiful smell of rain for the week. Scott and I have slept with our window open and our window fan blowing just so we can have that smell envelope our room. Granted, one of us has to get up in the middle of the night to shut the fan off because it does get a tad chilly with the blades rotating all night but the smell is worth it.

Scott has me so close to convinced to get a hot tub. Apparently he already has it worked out in his head where the tub will go in our backyard and how he is going to do the foundation. I asked him about our plans for the kitchen floor and the rest of the backyard. He said we'll get to those but the hot tub is at the top of his list for now. I think one of the reasons I'm so close to agreeing to the tub is that there is a possibility it might be covered by insurance. For theraputical reasons. If ours won't than my mom's insurance surely would and we would pay the co-pay. I'm still thinking on that.

We saw Pirates II. We all loved it and are having to wait on pins and needles for the third one to come out next spring. Ah. Well.

My cryo, biopsy, whatever that lovely Gyno office wants to call it, is tomorrow. They managed to move me up a week so I'm going to meet the dreaded Duckbill early. We'll see if this appointment goes through without some other poor woman needing an emergency c-section. I do plan on asking to make sure the last woman is ok. My doc probably won't tell me but I just don't like to hear about other women having complications during a c-section.

And that is all for tonight.

Oh. Wait. Stepson left this evening.

I truly don't know how I feel this time. I'm truly going to miss him. He was so much fun to have visit this year. Just one year has made such a difference in his attitude. Sure, we had our moments but he is a teenage boy, so of course we are going to have some drama. He is coming back for Christmas. I think I'll make his plane reservation now so I know when he'll be here. HA, I know his mom won't tell us when he can come until a week before. She always does that when he comes for a winter holiday. I don't understand what her problem is. She calls and yells at Scott constantly and treats him horribly. I know they are divorced but she's the one who cheated on Scott with at least one guy. Scott caught them in his bed. Lovely. She should have the decency to be nice to Scott. He pays child support and we send him clothes, shoes, and fun stuff during the year. I think she is afraid that now that Stepson is old enough he might choose to come live with us. I don't think she needs to worry. Our school system is no where near as good as what he is in and if the boy is going to Harvard one day than he needs to stay in the honors program he is in now.

Ok, this turned out longer than I expected.

I'll let ya'll know how I feel after my violation appointment. I'm thinking of smuggling a lighter in to the room at the doc's office so I can melt the Duckbill. I know, I know, they would just find another Duckbill to use up the coochie.


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mrhaney said...

well i am wishing you all the luck in the world with your appointment and also raising a teenger. i do know how hard that can be. have a great day and i will talk to you soon.