Friday, March 31, 2006

Posting Two Days In A Row

I'm so glad Friday has rolled around once again. This week has just been amazingly long. I don't know if it is because we were short handed at work most of the week or if it was Spring Break and the kids were antsy and bouncing off the walls when I got home from work. Or maybe it's because I've developed a sinus infection (lovely green stuff and all that) and haven't felt the greatest and am still making myself hit the gym. Whatever it is I'm glad the weekend is finally here, even though I know it will be over in the blink of an eye and I'll be sitting at my desk at 8am Monday morning.

The kids have gone to the park, played with friends, gone swimming, read, and even practiced spelling. Both of the older kids were so excellent this week and helped my mom with what ever she needed help with. There were no fits, well, at least not until I got home (why is that by the way, they are well behaved until mom walks in the door?) and then truthfully most fits weren't until bedtime. Apparently they thought Spring Break = No Bedtime! So Not True.

While we were eating our oh-so-nutritious meal of pigs in a blanket tongiht, Emma informed me that she feels like we are rich because of our new table. She was so serious when she said this and it was hard for me not to giggle. She also said that it is such an elegant table I should really get my butt in gear and finish painting. Precocious!

I'm off to bed. Scott won't be home for another hour and a half so I can get a little sleep before he wakes me up.

And Sam, if you are reading this you will be proud of me..... I've watched Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1 is almost over! I'm going to turn on Doctor Who to fall asleep to as well!

Everyone have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring Break and a new Kitchen Table

I have slacked off on my posting for absolutely no reason. Well, does laziness count? We haven't been too terribly busy but I'm not sure where the past week has gone.

I've cleaned, worked, chased kids and cooked. Scott and I have searched for new kitchen chairs for a couple months now and we finally found a set that we both loved. The only problem was we both loved the table that matched the chairs and we hadn't planned on buying a new kitchen table. Mom, Scott, and I sat around that table in the furniture store pondering the fate of our old table. We've had it for years and the table is in excellent shape but the chairs need to be re-covered and the legs need to be fixed. The two legs of the table make it hard for the chairs to fit under it when we aren't sitting at the table. The legs have "feet" that kind of splay out and under the table.

During the pondering I noticed that the new table had four legs and they go straight down, leaving plenty of room for the chairs to fit underneath. It's a dark wood and the design is absolutely gorgeous. I sat there and went back and forth in my head, do we need a new table or not, do I want another payment for a few months or not, would just the chairs look ok with our old table, or not. I came up with No, we didn't need a new table, just the chairs, No I didn't want another monthly payment (even if it is just for a few months, we could have paid for the set but I didn't want to empty our bank!), and No the new chairs would Not look good with our old table.

I knew I was taking a while to make the decision but the store wasn't busy and we had nothing else to do that night. The kids have Spring Break this week so I wasn't worried about getting them to bed on time. Apparently Scott was in a hurry because he made the decision and told the sales lady we'd take it.

The very patient sales lady wrote up the order as I filled out the information for the financing, I just wasn't willing to empty the bank for the set and leave us broke for a week, and we waited for the approval to come through. VP sales lady said it would take about 20 minutes for the approval to come through but ours came through in 5 minutes. She was shocked and said she has never seen an approval come in that fast. I'm assuming that's a good thing.

Mom kind of irritated me while we were waiting because she asked if my credit was good enough to get this. I snapped at her of course it was good enough; I've worked my butt off to clean up my credit and keep it clean since divorcing SW and I plan on keeping it clean from now on. She just looked at me and said she just wanted to make sure so I wouldn't be disappointed. I apologized for snapping and said if I thought my credit wasn't ok I wouldn't have said ok to filling out the application.

VP sales lady got everything set up for delivery and I signed a little bit more of my paycheck away for the next few months. And we were doing so well because we had paid off two bills with part of our tax refund. Oh well.

After all that was done I rushed us home so we could rearrange and clean the kitchen so our purty new table would fit in. And when I say clean, I mean CLEAN. We have a kitchen/dining room in one long room. We have two refrigerators and one deep freeze along with the normal appliances in our kitchen/dining room. With 7, sometimes 8, people in the house we need the extra fridge space. One fridge and the deep freeze were in the dining area and the table was in the kitchen area. We pulled everything that would move out of the kitchen/dining room and vacuumed the floors and then I washed the walls. We cleaned every surface in that room and it's just so nice to walk into it right now! I made sure that our purty new table would feel at home by making our same ol' kitchen look almost brand new. I have a feeling the painting will now get done so my purty "new" cabinets will compliment my purty new table and chairs.

We now have both fridges and the deep freeze in the kitchen along with the other appliances. The new table, which was delivered Wednesday afternoon, is in the dining area, next to the fire place. Its so beautimous, I lurve my new table so much! I'm so glad Scott made the decision to get the table. It is definitely worth it.

In other news:

I've made it to the gym three days this week and am going again today. I found that going on my lunch gives me a 45 minute workout and I actually go because I'm already up and out of the house. I've also found that I'm not tired and droopy feeling in the afternoons anymore. I can make it through the afternoon without getting tired or wanting to snack. I'm finally getting back into the groove of the gym.

I'm still allowing myself chocolate every day but it's only one small piece instead of the whole bar now. It now takes a week to eat a regular size candy bar! I'm actually kind of proud of myself and I'm going to try my hardest to keep it up.

In Harley news he's a grouchy two year old right now. Those four teeth that were all coming in at the same time has now become two teeth because the two bottom teeth have pulled a disappearing act and are back under the gums. He's just not a happy camper right now. His latest thing is to grab a kleenex and do a fake sneeze into it. Then he really blows his nose! It is so funny to watch this little boy run around fake sneezing into a kleenex and then really blowing his nose. He makes me giggle. I lurve my babies too!

Oh, and all soccer was cancelled for this week due to Spring Break! I'm so glad! Emma is having withdrawals but she'll live. The OutLaws are taking them swimming so that will keep her active and out of my mom's hair this week.

Chocolatism: Stress would not be so hard to take if it were chocolate covered.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Got this in an email and wanted to share!

Why Women Are Crabby We started to "bud" in our blouses at 9 or 10 years old only to find that anything that came in contact with those tender, blooming buds hurt so bad it brought us to tears. So came the ridiculously uncomfortable training bra contraption that the boys in school would snap until we had calluses on our backs.

Next, we get our periods in our early to mid-teens (or sooner). Along with those budding boobs, we bloated, we cramped, we got the hormone crankies, had to wear little mattresses between our legs or insert tubular, packed cotton rods in places we didn't even know we had.

Our next little rite of passage (premarital or not) was having sex for the first time which was about as much fun as having a ramrod push your uterus through your nostrils (IF he did it right and didn't end up with his little cart before his horse), leaving us to wonder what all the fuss was about.
Then it' was off to Motherhood where we learned to live on dry crackers and water for a few months so we didn't spend the entire day leaning over Brother John. Of course, amazing creatures that we are (and we are), we learned to live with the growing little angels inside us steadily kicking our innards night and day making us wonder if we were preparing to have Rosemary's Baby.
Our once flat bellies looked like we swallowed a watermelon whole and we pee'd our pants every time we sneezed. When the big moment arrived, the dam in our blessed Nether Regions invariably burst right in the middle of the mall and we had to waddle, with our big cartoon feet, moaning in pain all the way to the ER.
Then it was huff and puff and beg to die while the OB says, "Please stop screaming, Mrs. Hearmeroar. Calm down and push. Just one more good push (more like 10)," warranting a strong, well-deserved impulse to punch the %*#!* (and hubby) square in the nose for making us cram a wiggling, mushroom-headed 10lb bowling ball through a keyhole.
After that, it was time to raise those angels only to find that when all that "cute" wears off, the beautiful little darlings morphed into walking, jabbering, wet, gooey, snot-blowing, life-sucking little poop machines. Then come their "Teen Years." Need I say more?
When the kids are almost grown, we women hit our voracious sexual prime in our early 40's - while hubby had his somewhere around his 18th birthday.
So we progress into the grand finale: "The Menopause," the Grandmother of all womanhood. It's either take HRT and chance cancer in those now seasoned "buds" or the aforementioned Nether Regions, or, sweat like a hog in July, wash your sheets and pillowcases daily and bite the head off anything that moves.
Now, you ask WHY women seem to be more spiteful than men, when men get off so easy, INCLUDING the icing on life's cake: Being able to pee in the woods without soaking their socks...

So, while I love being a woman, "Womanhood" would make the Great Gandhi a tad crabby. Women are the "weaker sex"? Yeah right. Bite me.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hump Day

When I got up this morning and went to the other side of the house to shower, our tub is down for the count again**, they sky was cloudy and the ground dry. When I got out of the shower and walked back to my side of the house, I noticed that snow was falling. The ground was covered and the snow flakes were huge.

Snow storms towards the end of March are, well, unexpected. It was beautiful and I hurried to dress so I could go outside in the quiet of the early morning because I adore that quietness that seems to come with the snow. It doesn't matter how busy the street is, when it snows the surroundings seem to become eerily quiet, but I love it.

I ran outside expecting to smell fresh air but was disappointed by the smell of diesel. A neighbor across the street feels the need to warm up his big, diesel truck for at least an hour every morning. Not only does it stink but it's loud. Very annoying.

I gave in and woke up the kids because I was already running late and had an early meeting this morning. I really wanted to let them sleep so I could enjoy that peace and quiet without arguing, screaming children. Ethan is a morning person and is wide awake within 5 minutes of being up but Emma is a night owl, just like her mother. She is a grouch until she is fully awake. Harley is a morning person too, just my luck, and he loves to run around the house squealing and annoying Emma.

Right now I'm ready for bed and it's only 7:30pm. Very unusual! My problem is the gym. Scott and I finally made it back to the gym and spent an hour and a half there last night. Fifteen minutes on the treadmill, fifteen minutes on the eliptical machine, forty minutes in the weight room, and then back up to the eliptical machine for the rest of the time. I'm surprised I could even get out of bed this morning. I wasn't sore until I had to bend over to pick up our newspaper from the driveway. After that my whole body started protesting any movement so I made sure to move around alot today. I probably annoyed my bosses because I stood up quite a bit and stretched. Eh well, they got over it quick if I did annoy them.

Time to go, I need to get the kids ready for bed before we head off to the gym again. I really need to work out some of this soreness! But it does feel really good.

I will try to update more but this past week has been nice and slow. Nothing major happening.

Monday, March 20, 2006

His time on earth is done

Well, here we are again, kinda late at night and I am waiting for Scott to get home from work.

My good friend passed away Friday night. I found out at Emma's soccer game Saturday morning and thankfully a couple of the other moms took care of Harley while I sat in my chair, in the freezing cold, thanking god I was able to feel the freezing cold. It is very sad but he is no longer in pain. There won't be any services here in town. His wife is having him cremated and the services will be held in Carlsbad, NM. I truly wish I could make it down there. Maybe a few of us from work will find a way. I doubt it but we could try.

Since last September I have known 6 people that have passed on from this world. Most of them were too young to die and a couple were old and had lead a long, happy life. I think it is time for the dying to stop for a while. Myself and my friends just can't take it anymore. Six people in six months is too many.

I'm actually listening to PBS right now because they have a Randy Travis concert on, trying to raise more money for their station. I watch PBS maybe twice a year and tonight listening to Randy Travis is soothing.

Oh, Scott and I had a great night Friday. We didn't go out but we still stayed up late ;)

Friday, March 17, 2006

I haven't posted in a few days for a few reasons. Reason number 1 is work. We lost access to a majority of our internet access at work and that is where I do my blog reading and posting. Now I get to get used to doing it at home.
Reason number 2 is soccer. Between soccer practice and soccer meetings my after work time has been busy.
Reason number 3 is my former general manager and good friend is in the hospital and shying away from death's door. His kidney's and liver have shut down, yes from drinking, but his mind, heart, and lungs are in perfect condition. He is only 1 year older than Scott. He doesn't want to die and is fighting it and trying to live for his family and friends. He is fighting up to a point I should say. He barely eats and is malnourished and there is no hope for transplants or dialysis unless he starts eating. It is so hard to know what to pray for. His wife is very upbeat and sure everything will be ok. Or at least that is the facade she is putting on. She let it slip last night that she doesn't know what to wish for either right now. She wants to keep him by her side of course but she also doesn't want him to suffer like he is. It's very sad right now.

In other news mom's shoulder is slowly getting better. She is finally able to drive around, it is very scary to ride with her so I do all the driving when I'm home. She is allowed to do minimal physical therapy at home and might not have to go to the therapist because she has gone through this three times now. That will definitely save her money.

The kids were home from school today because of parent-teacher conference. In this school system you take your child to the conference with you. They are asked to give their input after the teacher has filled us in on how they are doing. Both Emma and Ethan have A's and B's, of course Ethan's is with the help of his aid but HEY, he is trying by himself most of the time so not all of it is due to his aid!!!

Emma's teacher doesn't like her and it has taken me all year to figure out why this out-of-retirement teacher doesn't like her. Mrs. V used to teach with my mom and she didn't approve of the way my mom taught. My mom was too lenient on the kids because she let them have fun every once in a while. Heaven forbid a child have fun at school. I still have people come up and tell me how strict my mom was and some hated her for it and some have said thank you because it made them appreciate school.

But, but, but!! Poor Emma actually has two strikes against her because Scott's dad used to work for Mr. and Mrs. V in their car sales business and he made them so much money that his paychecks were always huge. He worked on commission so of course he worked hard to bring home a good paycheck for his family. Mrs. V hated that dad brought home so much money and could never understand that his good paycheck meant an even better one for her and her husband. She's not very smart for a teacher.
So, since this Mrs. V knows and dislikes both grandparents my daughter is suffering for it. There are only 2 1/2 more months of school and I keep telling Emma we can make it through this and next year will be better. So far she is staying positive.

Harley is great and grouchy all at the same time. His last four teeth are coming in at the same time and I think he's about to grow some more because he is eating more than I am right now. I don't know where he is putting it and I'm starting to believe the whole hollow leg thing! His vocabulary has grown and I'm amazed at what he can say and how he is finally speaking in sentences. But only when he wants to. If he doesn't feel like talking he still wrinkles his nose at you and does his growly hiss. Still wondering where he got that too.

I told Scott this evening that it's my turn to have a weekend away with no kids or spouse. Just me and maybe a friend getting a room in another state, like Nevada, and just relaxing and having fun without husbands or kids asking for every little bit of time. Please, don't get me wrong I love my husband and kids more than anything but I'm feeling overwhelmed still.
I'm still having to do all the housework, laundry, cooking, dishes, and caring for the kids by myself. No big deal at all but when Scott is home he's not really helping right now. He was a little before he went to Vegas with his dad but since he got home he hasn't done anything. I'm trying very hard to not complain or start whining but I'm so exhausted that I'm not sleeping good. I'm sleeping about 3 to 4 hours a night and those hours are filled with really weird dreams and I wake up every hour or so to check to see what time it is.

Right now it is 10:30pm and I'm waiting for Scott to get off work and I have candles lit all over our room and music on. The kids went to sleep mad at me because I put them to bed at 9pm on a Friday night and OH MY GOD. You'd think that is unforgiveable and I should be punished severly for it. They'll get over it.

I will admit I've had a green apple Smirnoff and we are supposed to meet some friends at a place called the Top Deck, a country bar, for a St. Patty's day celebration. I'm not sure if we'll make it because I've already got my pj's on and I won't want to change when Scott does get home.

Time to go and make myself change so we can have a night out. Ok, it will be just a couple hours but it will be worth it!

Chocolatism: I'm not a quitter so I'm refuse to quit chocolate.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What a quiz... BTW I'm really a Cancer

You Should Be A Cancer
What's good about you: you're incredibly kind, caring, and generous
What's bad about you: you can be too moody and impossible to understand
In love: you enjoy wining and dining the object of your affection
In friendship, you're: likely to depend on other friends for emotional support
Your ideal job: historian, marine biologist, or religious figure
Your sense of fashion: you dress to match your mood
You like to pig out on: classic home cooked meals, like mac and cheese
What Sign Should You Be?

I swore I would be a chocolate donut

You Are a Powdered Devil's Food Donut
A total sweetheart on the outside, you love to fool people with your innocent image.On the inside you're a little darker, richer, and more complex.You're a hedonist who demands more than one pleasure at a time.Decadent and daring, you test the limits of human indulgence.
What Donut Are You?

Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm Alive

And I haven't seen any grey hair poking through my new pretty brown color yet so I'm OK.

No, really, I had lots of fun with the girls. It was Emma and two of her friends and then J, my 14 year old niece. One little girl couldn't come because she is a diabetic and her mom doesn't let her out of her sight, other than school, for more than a couple hours. The mom feels no one can take better care of her daughter than she can, which is true. I've explained before to this mom that Scott is also diabetic and we all know how to handle an emergency if she were to have any problems but the mom declined to let her daughter come. I don't argue with this mom I just say ok maybe next time. Poor girl lives a very sheltered life and when she gets older she will probably be wild. Hopefully not, she is such a sweetie. The other little girl that was going to come forgot to give the invitation to her mom until the afternoon of the party and her mom said no and then called me to ask why I gave out invitations to a movie party the day of the party. I told her we had actually dropped off the invitation at their house a week before hand and I had talked to this mom when we knocked on the door. Said mom said oh ok, maybe next time and hung up. I think I'm kind of glad this little girl didn't make it.

They were wild at the restaurant but Scott was egging it on and the other patrons were pretty loud so it seemed ok. All three little girls had root beer floats and the place we ate makes their root beer floats in HUGE glasses. All three devoured their floats and their meals and then all ate popcorn and had a soda at the movie. Sugar High.

One girl had to go home after the movie because she had another party Saturday morning but my niece and the other little girl spent the night. I think they finally crashed about 2am Saturday morning and were up and yelling for food by 8am. Both Emma and the other girl are in soccer and had games that morning but the weather was too bad for games so everything was cancelled. I was so happy for all that snow until about 2pm Saturday when they had pushed one too many buttons. When 3pm rolled around I told Emma to please walk her friend home, it was time for peace. And a NAP!

Aquamarine is a cute movie for little girls. I enjoyed it though and the girls were excellent the whole time. They sat in the very front row and my niece and I sat right behind them. It was actually me acting up in the movie. I kept teasing the girls that we were sitting so close that we would be able to see any boogers in the actor's noses once the movie started. This brought on gales of giggles from all the little girls around us, not just my three. At one point during the movie I even leaned forward and whispered "Look, there's a boogie now!" giggle giggle gigggle...

I got a lot done this weekend even with the girls there. Scott and his dad left for Las Vegas at 6am Saturday morning. Bad weather and all. Scott called when the finally drove out of the snow and they were half way to Vegas, about 5 hours into the trip. Without Scott at home to bug me, say lets go here or there, I actually got most of the laundry and cleaning done Saturday.

Scott sent me a text message this morning about 9am here, so 8am there, letting me know they had slept in later than they wanted but were on their way home. I'm so glad because I haven't slept well at all the past couple nights.

I gave in Saturday night and let Emma sleep with me but she tosses and turns and I ended up with knees in my back and only slept good about 2 hours. Last night she slept in her own bed but I still didn't sleep good. I finally did more than doze about 4:30, only an hour and a half before the alarm goes off.

I'm in dire need of a nap right now. Or maybe just outrageous amounts of caffeine.

Chocolatism: A nutritional information label on a chocolate bar is not a good idea.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Flashback Friday

It's time for a Flashback Friday story. Tell how you broke the news that you were pregnant. Well, three babies, three pregnancies to choose from. I'll mimic Theresa and do a rundown of all three pregnancies.

It was 1995 and my ex and I had tried for about a year to get pregnant and nothing was working. We decided to quit trying because I had just started a new job and his ship was set to leave for 6 months December of that year. We figured that a pregnancy at that time would pretty much guarantee he would be gone when I had the baby.

About a month later I found out I was pregnant and my due date was December 15th. Ex's ship was underway at that time so he found out when he was finally able to call home. He was doing laundry on base when he called and instead of buying everyone a celebratory drink he paid for a load of wash for everyone. I called my mom right after I told my ex and let her in on the good news. She was thrilled and my granny was thrilled and even told me it was about time I produced a great-grandchild for her. The OutLaws said oh, ok. That was it. Nothing else until about a month before I had him.

My ex put in to stay home during the first part of his 6 month cruise. He asked if he could meet the ship in Hong Kong about a month after it left. That month would give plenty of time for me to have the baby, come home, and get settled in before he left. He came home a week before he was set to leave and said his request was denied so he'd have to leave with the ship. I was so thankful my mom had already planned to come out to California to stay with me for awhile.

The ship left on a Wednesday, my mom showed up that Sunday, and I had Ethan on Tuesday, December 13th, 1995. My ex was given the choice to either stay with the ship for the whole 6 months or leave it 3 weeks early when they arrived back in Hawaii near the end of the tour. He chose to come home early and meet his son, who was about 5 months old by then. And the week that followed was spent closed up in our apartment, just the three of us. We had friends drop by but would leave only after a few minutes, not wanting to intrude on us catching up. Ahem, yep, or maybe it was because my ex had no manners and asked them to leave. He never really realized what he was doing was rude. Oh well. We were quite busy the first couple weeks he was home but made sure to use protection. I was still nursing Ethan and hadn't started my monthly friend yet.

A couple of months after he got home I realized I was pregnant again. Very unexpected and unplanned because we were in serious talks about divorcing. We had started sleeping in separate bedrooms about a month after he got home. We were both surprised but decided to try and went to a few marriage counseling sessions on base before he got fed up with it and quit. I tried hard to be the "good little" wife and make him happy and stayed because I was pregnant.

When I called to tell my mom about this pregnancy she asked if I knew what caused that kind of thing. :) I made my ex tell his parents. Was that mean?

A couple of the condoms broke but we thought we had caught it in time, apparently not! Emma's due date was April 9th, 1997 and the impatient little booger couldn't wait that long and made her appearance a month early, March 9th, 1997.

My ex and I divorced November of 1999 and I met Scott in 2002.

We knew that we wanted to have a baby together and made a joint decision for me to quit taking the Pill when we got home from our honeymoon.

We got home from our honeymoon March 8th, 2003 and and I quit taking the pill at the end of the cycle. I really didn't expect to get pregnant right away and we actually forgot about it for a couple months because my uncle died from a massive heart attack and we had to make a quick trip to Phoenix to go to his funeral.

Life got back to normal a couple weeks after we got back and one June weekend I headed out the door to go play softball with my church co-ed league. I felt just fine when I left and in the 5 minutes it took to drive to the field my stomach got queasy. The first inning I was up to bat and there were already 2 outs. I struck out and then ran behind the dugout and threw up. I grabbed my stuff, told the others I was going home because I was ill, and got the kids in the car to head home.

I got home and took a nap and felt better and didn't think anything of it until a couple weeks later at my company picnic. I didn't get sick, in fact I felt great, but the thought quickly ran through my mind that my period was late. Only a few days but I hoped I wouldn't start at the picnic.

Another week went by and no period. I thought it was possible, maybe I was pregnant, so I bought a test and peed on the stick. I found out I was definitely pregnant July 3, 2003. You might be wondering how I remember that exact date. July 3rd is my birthday and it was the best gift I've received for a birthday in years!

My mom received a third call to let her know she will be a grandma for the third time. I could have told her in person considering we lived in the same house but I wanted to keep with tradition and plus I couldn't hold it in anymore.

Scott called his parents to tell them the good news. He was sitting at the computer and I was laying on the bed all giggly and happy. When Scott told them I was having another grandbaby for them to spoil I could hear his mom's scream all the way across the room.

So......... those are my not-so-exciting stories on breaking the news about having babies. I had always wanted to do something cutsie to let my husband and family know I was pregnant but I never did. That's ok because I'm really not a cutsie type of person.

Boring I know but I'm just not in the mood to write today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I'll write up on Emma's birthday after the party tonight. I'm taking four 9 year old girls and a 14 year old girl out to dinner and then to see Aquamarine. I'm a little scared!

Chocolatism: Between all the special interest groups in this country, almost everything has been or will be banned, regulated or heavily taxed. Chocolate could be next!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Today is March 8th, 2006

And it is snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Emma has kept a running count down to her birthday. Every morning when she gets up she'll run back to our bedroom to inform hubby and I exactly how many more days to the wonderous day.

This morning she told us "You do realize that there is only 24 more hours to my birthday? You do know this right? Because it would be very sad for you to forget that." And then she ran out of our room laughing like a hyena.

My girl, she is weird!

My baby girl will be 9 whole years old tomorrow.....


Chocolatism: All the really good holidays are celebrated with chocolate in some kind of festive shape.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rest in Peace

Today is a very sad day.

Two lovely souls have passed from this earth.

The first is KirbyPuckett. He played for the Minnesota Twins and only the Twins. He didn't jump around from team to team during his career. He was just amazing to watch and had so much energy. I love baseball and would prefer to go to a game in person, not watch the game on TV. When he played I would watch every game I could. He retired from baseball because he had glaucoma otherwise I'm sure he would have kept on playing.

The second is Dana Reeve. She announced last August that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer. After doing some reading and hearing news reports, 1 in 5 women that is diagnosed with lung cancer has never smoked at all. Ever. Never. This site that I linked to for Dana Reeve says that 10 to 15 percent of the people diagnosed with lung cancer are nonsmokers. There is just so much crap in our environment besides cigarettes that can cause cancer.

I joke with my mom that she should live in a bubble because of all her allergies but every once in a while I think that's not such a bad idea.

Monday, March 06, 2006

3 More Days

That's it, only THREE more days until my little soccer playing diva will be 9 years old. I can hardly believe it. She should still be that solemn little girl who helped me with everything and wanted nothing more than to be Ethan's older sister because she always took care of him. She is dealing with the dogs being gone the hardest. Pongo always slept on her, yes I did mean to say on her, and he was Emma's security blanket. I felt so bad taking that away from her.

Ethan hasn't said one word about the dogs. He will in his own time. One day soon he'll really realize that the dogs are gone and not coming back and he will cry for a few seconds and then he'll move on to something else. It will be this way for awhile. I just have no idea when it will hit him that they're gone.

Harley searches the house and the yard for Bongo, we are still working on the P sound. He doesn't seem to distraught but he's only 2.

Mom is sad but glad at the same time. Gone are the days of someone knocking on the door because Callie got out and was roaming the street again, gone are the nights of Callie waking mom up to let her out 4 or 5 times. She just wanted to go check the perimeter of our yard. I don't know why she didn't wake up Scott, it was always mom.

I have been very lenient and haven't asked the kids to pick up the dog poo in the backyard yet. Good thing it's still pretty chilly here otherwise it might stink just a little. I do need to get it cleaned up though.

On to more happy subjects. Emma wants Etnies for her birthday. For those who are old and out of the loop, much like myself (at least that is what my daughter told me when she mentioned she wanted them and I asked what they were), Etnies are shoes. But mom there not just any shoes they are these cute little shoes with sideways M's on them and they have this pair that are black with pink striping and pink laces and MOM please you have to get them for me because they are so cool and OH MY I really need them. She said pretty much that, all in one breath. I was out of breath and dizzy by the time she was done.

Now, there is a store in our local mall that carries these sideways M shoes and I just happen to have a gift certificate to the mall so that I can actually get her these shoes and only have to fork out about $10. Without the gift certificate they are $49. EEK. I don't even spend that much on shoes for me!

She also wants some dream life game, I think it is a Bratz thing, not sure, and clothes and a silvery, sparkly bag that we saw a teeny bopper carrying this morning on the way to the bus stop. I'm sure the list is much longer but I've probably forgotten some of it.

The OutLaws are mad because I haven't invited them to her birthday party. They'll get over it but they are never setting foot in my house again. Especially because I've caught them bad mouthing Scott in front of the kids. Emma has figured out what kind of people they are and doesn't want to spend time with them. I'm encouraging to spend time with them because I don't want her to regret anything in the future but I doubt she would. In this state a kid has to be at least 12 to decide what parent they want to live with. Well, in this case OutLaws basically have SW's visitation rights since he lives out of state and he asked me to do this as a favor to him. I'm kind of regretting allowing this but it's kept some peace between SW and myself.

I have a feeling Emma will tell them off in a year or two and tell them she doesn't want to be a part of their lives. And they will think it is my doing or Scott's doing and won't believe that she has her own mind and can see that she makes her own decisions without my input. My daughter, she has her own opinions. On everything!

Ah well, this too shall pass and there will come a time when I won't have to communicate with them. Hopefully.

Chocolatism: An apple a day goes down much easier if it's covered in chocolate, caramel, and nuts!

Friday, March 03, 2006

I am sad. Scott, mom, and I have been agonizing over the decision of finding our dogs a new home for almost 6 months now. Yesterday we actually let the dogs go. I cried, Scott cried and of course the kids cried.

Some people probably think it is horrible of us to give up our dogs after having Pongo for almost 5 years and Callie for almost 4 years. I can't help what others think. We did what we had to do.

Both dogs have become very destructive around the house and yard. We got Pongo before we built onto our house. We got Callie just a few months after the addition and the re-landscaping of our backyard was done.

The past year or so the dogs have started digging holes all over the yard. I was told to bury their own poo in the holes and this would stop the digging. Nope, it didn't phase them. They would still dig where ever they wanted, even the holes I filled with their poo. They have chewed parts of the fence, mainly along the bottom, but it has left holes almost big enough for them to squeeze through into the next yard.

Callie can jump our 6 ft. fence and climb our chain link fence. She will get out of the yard and roam up and down our street and bark at people, chase kids, and she has even cornered a couple of kids on top of our truck. I must say though, that she only chased and cornered the bullies of our street and the only time I had a parent complain to me about it I told her if her sons would quit harassing my son and daughter, quit throwing rocks at them on the way home from school and just be nice in general or at least leave my kids alone, THEN I would get my dog to leave her sons alone. I know this isn't a good reason to corral my dog but it got that mom to corral her kids. Granted I should have said something to her before that incident but it's done and over with.

Pongo has broken through our gate more than once to chase a cat. We have had to find ways to strengthen the gate and put in extra latches because he figured out how to open the top latch with his nose.

Both dogs pee all over the house and this happens even after we let them out before we all go to bed, after we put their water bowl up at 6pm and don't let them have anything to drink after that. We can let them both outside and run around the yard and when we let them back in Callie will head straight into the front room and pee. Doesn't matter if she's been outside for 5 minutes or an hour, she'll pee in the house. We re-carpeted the whole house when we had the addition put in and have to had shampoo the carpet 5 times already and it's only been 3 years. And we have to do it again. The vet said she is fine and no blader infection.

I love my dogs very much but after paying thousands of dollars on carpet and landscaping and new furniture and then have it stained and destroyed and dug up and ripped up, we felt that we needed to find another home for the dogs. A home where they have lots more room for them to run and play, a home where the owners will love them just as much as we do but have more time for them. It seems like the older the kids get the harder it is to find the time to take the dogs out for a walk or a drive. I felt like we were starting to neglect them and I hope that isn't why they did all of this stuff.

I have researched training for dogs and we have tried probably everything to get the dogs to stop what they are doing. Nothing worked.

I'm very sad but they are with a good home, hopefully. I'm sure we found a good home for them. Obviously the kids are sad and want to get a puppy now and I'm standing my ground and have decided no more pets until Harley is at least 13. I know that's a long time but they'll learn to live with that. Three years down the road I might change my mind but as of right now, no more dogs. We have even decided when the guinea pig and hamsters die we won't get new ones.

All I know about the family is that the shelter found them a week ago and they are going up to Denver. The shelter here has an agreement to transfer well-cared for animals up to Denver to find them homes there. We took in the dogs' food, their heart worm medicine, their dog bones, and their current shot records. The rescue workers were so surprised that we provided all of that stuff for the new people but were so grateful for it.

For those that think we copped out, we didn't, but you'll have your opinion no matter what my family says or does. I feel bad enough that they're gone.

I'm going to go wallow in my sadness now. I know I brought it on myself. I'll deal with it too.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Third Anniversary

March 1st, 2003 was a Saturday.

It dawned nice, sunny, and COLD but clouds started building up quick. I got up and took a long leisurely bath and talked to Emma. She was nice enough to come sit on the potty and "do her business" while I was soaking. She was worried about the ceremony and hoped she didn't mess anything up. She was worried her dress wouldn't fit because she had grown since we ordered it. I reminded her that she had tried it on a couple of days ago so the dress would be fine. She worried over Ethan messing up during the ceremony (she was the little mother to him back then), she worried that the flowers had wilted over night, she worried that my dress wouldn't look pretty (but Mommy you are pretty so it would be your dress not you I had to giggle at that), she worried about the pictures, the candles, our hair, and the reception. You name it, she worried about it. I really didn't have to stress about the wedding because my poor baby did it for me. I think most of all she was worried about the honeymoon Scott and I had planned.

She worried so much she gave herself an upset stomach. After I got out the bath I got some medicine in her and a Sprite and she started calming down. While throwing on the under garments that go with a wedding dress and sweats I noticed that Scott was standing in the bedroom in nothing but his underwear. Well, he was holding his socks and staring at the tv, which wasn't on. I asked four times if he was ok before he finally snapped out of it and smiled at me and said he was just fine. I noticed he was a little green around the gills but didn't question it.

I hurried Emma into getting dressed and got Emma, mom, and all of our dresses into the car to rush to my hairdresser.

We arrived at the shop to find that my loverly hairdresser, D, had brought coffee and pastries for all of us. I made myself drink the coffee and eat a little of a pastry so I wouldn't pass out in the middle of the ceremony. I wasn't necessarily nervous, it was more of a mixture of excitement with a little bit of nervousness. Just a little.

My matron of honor, A, showed up when my hair was half done and plunked down in a nearby chair to tell me about the exciting night she'd had before.

Emma's hair was adorable, it fell to her shoulders at that time and D pulled her hair back with flower clips that you had to swirl into the hair and he put ringlets in the back of her hair. He did something similar to mine but with fewer curls. Mom's hair was just poofy.

When Emma's, mom's, and my hair was done we headed over to the church to get ready while D finished up A's hair. A's hair was done in a funky, crazy style but it looked really good on her, it was all side swept and spiked out to the side and looked fabulous with the style of dress we had decided on.

Mom and Emma got dressed while I did my makeup and waited for A to show up. I wandered around to make sure that the flowers were ready and talk to the guests who got there really, really early.

When A showed up I followed her to the nursery where we were going to dress. We were both almost completely naked when the door opened and in walked P, my friend that was going to walk me up the aisle. Apparently mom had told him to just come on in! We both squealed and he yelled WOOOO, and turned around and slammed the door behind him. We could hear mom, my aunt G, and various other female relatives laughing over this. We could hear P ask why didn't you tell me they were naked! A and I fell into each other giggling so hard it took awhile to calm down and get dressed. I then had to fix some makeup, the giggles had me all teared up.

When we were finally ready I opened the door and we walked out to take a few pictures before the ceremony. When it was time for the ceremony to start we lined up, my cousin started the music. Ethan, the ring bearer, and Emma, my flower girl, went first and bumped into each other the whole way. A went next followed by P and I. Now, P is this big burly guy who lives in t-shirts and shorts, even in the winter, and has tattoos covering most of his upper body. To see him in a tux that day was amazing. With his hair spiked back and the tux he was very handsome. A and I teased him about ditching the wedding and the three of us running away.

Then "THE" song came on and P and I headed down the aisle. The ceremony went pretty smooth until it came time to kneel at the alter while our preacher gave a final prayer. Kneeling at an alter in a wedding dress doesn't mix, at all. Scott had to help me up and by then I had the giggles. We made it through the lighting of the unity candle without catching anything on fire, Scott loves to play with fire!

When the preacher said you may now kiss the bride, Scott got this one of a kind, very kooky, outrageous look on his face as he swooped in for the kiss. I heard later on that our preacher had told him to make it a memorable kiss, don't just give me a peck, make a spectacle of us. And he did. I will never forget that look and if for some reason my memory fades we have it recorded. Scott's sister Sherri was recording the ceremony and she had managed to zoom in on Scott and got the perfect shot of the kiss.

After the receiving line the photographer got the pictures finished up. And that is when the tears started. Not mine, Emma's. She was afraid again of the honeymoon, and afraid we didn't love her anymore, and afraid of so many things. In every picture but one Emma is clinging to me, her face red and poufy from crying.

Finally A was able to calm her down and talked Emma into riding with A to the reception. Scott and I cheated and raced home so we could change into more confortable clothes for the reception. The only picture we have of the two of us alone is coming down the stairs to the reception hall that was across town. I had put my veil back on and was holding my bouquet.

It took Scott and I a couple months to find a bakery that would do the cake to our specifications. We wanted a totally egg free cake, decorated in Winnie the Pooh figurines. I was amazed at how many bakeries turned us down, not because of trying the eggless cake but because we wanted Pooh figurines. Everyone of the owners thought that Pooh was not appropriate for a wedding. Closed minded wienie heads!

Our reception lunch was enchiladas, homemade tortillas, chips and salsa, and beans. A favorite of both families. The cake was so pretty with lots of purples, yellows, and a little green. And Yes, we really had the bakery arrange all of the Pooh figurines on the cake. It turned out just like I wanted it.

I was so glad to find this bakery and find that they would work with the eggless cake recipe. Why, you ask, no eggs. Myself, mom, and a few other of my relatives are alergic to eggs. Makes for a fun life sometimes, boring food choices too.

When Scott and I cut the cake and did the whole shove it into each others' faces bit I didn't really get a taste of it. Ok, to be fair, he was very gentle about it and I wasn't. He got it up his nose and was laughing so hard he snorted the cake all the way down, gross I know. Sorry...

I cleaned up my face and started cutting pieces for everyone. When everyone had a piece Scott and I sat down next to P, A, and their guests to eat some cake. And I spit out my first bite because it was a big chunk of lard. I was so disappointed and almost burst into tears when everyone at our table did the same thing. The cake was so horrible. Actually horrible is an understatement. We ended up throwing most of it away and didn't even keep the top half for our first anniversary.

I later found out that the bakery didn't follow my directions and recipe I had provided and decided to experiment. They refused to refund any money. I'm still irritated about that. I'm not uspet about the money, I'm upset because they really didn't follow my wishes and ruined MY cake.

All the guests insisted we open our presents before we headed off into the sunset, namely Vegas. We received some gorgeous China, candle sets, and lots of cash, enough that we paid for our whole honeymoon with that cash, this includes the tickets to the two shows we saw in Vegas, the tickets into Disneyland, Universal Studios, the hotel rooms, the gas and all the food. My MIL and boht SIL's had chipped in to get Scott and I lots of naughty lingere to wear while we were gone!

We spent two nights in Las Vegas and saw The Blue Man Group one night and did the Tournament of Kings dinner at the Exaclibur another night. The third day we headed to Anahiem and Disneyland (my first trip ever to the magical kingdom!) and spent one day at Disneyland and one day at Universal Studios. Then we headed to San Diego and spent one day wandering around little towns along the Pacific Coast highway, and Scott got his first tattoo, and then spent a second day at the beach.

We finally made it home the night before Emma's 6th birthday.

One of the things I loved best about this day three years ago? It snowed off and on all day long and our church has wall to wall windows on one side of it and the soft lighting with the candles lit and the snow falling outside made it so perfect for me.

And, yes, we really had Pooh figurines on our wedding cake. We also sent out Pooh wedding invitations. My uncle, who was an usher, wore a Pooh tie and my Aunt G, an usher as well, wore a purple Pooh shirt. Some might have thought it was tacky but I thought it was perfect.

Scott had made the CD of music that was used in the ceremony and at the reception. He spent hours upon hours finding just the right songs to burn and we ended up with three wedding CD's.

We've had our up's and down's like any marriage does but it has been a wonderful three years. We've created a gorgeous little boy that is full of wonderment and curiousity and is highly amusing. My kids have loved Scott from the day they met and his kids like me. I'm ok with just like, it gets easier to be around the middle son, Ronnie, the more time he spends with us. Scott's oldest is 22 now, just 10 years younger than me and his middle son, 13 years old now, is a boy genius, waiting to hear what his SAT scores are so he can decide which Ivy League college to attend. Still blowing my mind when I think about that!

Is there even a specific gift to get for 3rd anniversaries? I'm not sure.

I'm looking forward to many, many more years Scott.

I love you!