Monday, November 13, 2006

I Discovered I Can Be the Bigger Person

Figuratively speaking that is.

I sucked it up and called the OutLaws and asked if they would like to have Ethan and Emma for Thanksgiving day. My ex-MIL said they would love to but Emma had already told them they would be spending that day with us at Scott's parent's house. I told her that was the plan but if she would like them to spend the day at their house I would drop them off on the way to my in-laws house.

I think I shocked my ex-MIL. She sounded pleased that I had called and even asked if they could spend the night, to which I replied yes, they can.

We even had a nice conversation on how the kids have been lately.

It has been a year since we had such a nice conversation. I didn't know what to do with myself for a few minutes after we hung up. Then I realized that dinner was burning and I needed to finish it up.

Last Thursday was a Girls Night Out with the ladies I work with. We met at Applebees and proceeded to have lots of drinks and desserts. I think we even managed to embarrass the bartender! It was great fun.

We all made it home safely, there was a designated driver. We all decided it should be a monthly thing.

Friday Scott and I took the family out for dinner and then we went out to celebrate the Marine Corp. birthday. Since he's a Marine and all he felt the need to party a little that night.

We met some friends at a Country bar, of all places, and toasted the Marines and then bar hopped. Neither of us have done that for years and years, mainly since before we met each other.

I haven't bar hopped since I lived in California, and Ethan was just a thought in the back of my head. Ahhh, the good times, drinks, dancing, flirting....

Ok, now back to reality. I am still trying to recover, no hangover, just tired.

I'm too old to do that anymore!

My husband was teasing me about it yesterday and wouldn't let up about it until I reminded him that when Harley is 10 he will be 50. I couldn't help pulling out that card. It works every time. We normally end up giggling and wrestling around as the kids come and fling themselves on us and join the fun.

Time to go, I have a soccer meeting Thursday that I need to prepare for and I'm going to dye the gray right out of my hair tonight.

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