Sunday, July 30, 2006

This will be short

I've decided to keep the Notebook. I knew I would right from the start but I felt like wallowing in irritation and being all stupid about it.

We received an email that our order has been shipped so we should receive it by the middle of next week or so. Just in time for me to take it to Albuquerque.

The closer that trip gets the more anxious I get. I was really looking forward to it but now I'm not so sure.

And now there's only 5 days until I take my two oldest kids and drive them up to Idaho to meet their stepmom so they can spend a couple weeks up in Washington. I really don't like doing it so close to the start of school but their dad's ship pulls in to port August 7th or 8th after being on a 6 month WestPac. Six months is a long time to be out at sea.

Their stepmom wants to surprise SW by having the kids there on the pier when the ship arrives. I think the kids will enjoy it. So far they are both excited about that.

I'll get them back the weekend right before school starts. At least they'll get to see their dad.

I'm off to bed now. Scott is working late tonight, his first night to do the stock truck in a while so I can't complain.

I won't be alone though. I have a devilish little blond that keeps asking for chocolate and grinning at me as I type this.

Time to go, apparently he found our chocolate stash and has it all over his clean self and jammies!

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