Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ups and Downs

Saturday morning I got my nails done. I used to get them done all the time and when Scott quit working I stopped because I figured it was a lavish extravagance for me that I could do without. I decided to never get my nails done again because I was working so hard to get my nails strong and healthy and natural.
Then winter came and I remembered how dry my skin gets and how nasty my hang nails look. My fingers end up looking like bloody stumps even though I don't chew on my nails.
Then I remember how nice my cuticles and hands always looked while I had my nails done and decided to just bite the bullet and get them done again. After only 4 days my hands look so much better. Thank goodness Scott loves his job. I may keep it up for a couple more months before I let them fall off.
Scott loves it when I get them done, mainly for the nice back scratches he gets. They also look more professional. Bloody stumps? not so professional.

After my nail appointment Scott and I took a huge step and joined our local gym and spa. Again, thank goodness Scott loves his job. We do have to pay a fee each month but it offers raquetball, a full cardio room, a weight room, day care, a pool, sauna, and hot tubs. They offer personal trainers, massages, and you can have birthday parties there, that they plan and provide the food and entertainment. For $150 a couple can have a personal trainer three days a week for 4 weeks. We didn't sign up for that but we are thinking about it, just to give us a jump start. We also didn't sign up as a family, just as a couple because that will be our time to get away from the kids. Besides, I like to work out early in the morning and who wants to drag their three kids to the gym at 4:30 in the morning.

We have yet to make it to the gym! Sunday was a fun and sad day and I didn't have the emotional energy to drag myself to the gym after saying goodbye to my most favorite preacher. I was going to go last night but Emma had a melt down and I stayed home to make sure she didn't follow through on her promise to run away. Long story and I'll tell it tomorrow.

I was going to get up and go this morning but when my alarm went off at 4am I couldn't bring myself to do it. My head was pounding and my eyes were still swollen from the crying from the night before, with Emma. April 11th is quite a ways away and hopefully we can wait until then for her appointment with the therapist.

On a little bit better note I found out that my insurance covers her first 5 visits with this therapist. They pay for everything and I don't even have a co-pay! Small miracles.
I am taking one day at a time with Emma and trying to get her to do the same.

I have realized with her issues that 8 year olds are more mean now than 14 year old were when I was 14! They are down right viscous! If you don't have the right clothes on or your hair styled just so or if you're still not wearing makeup or shaving your legs then the others girls are cattier than some adult women I know. I'm so sad for her and all I can do right now is cry with her.

Enough for now, almost time to go home and see how the kids are doing. I haven't received a phone call yet and that is a good thing.

Chocolatism: Chocolate, like love, covers a multitude of sins.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sad Day at Church

Yesterday was the last Sunday for our preacher, T, and his family. They were transferred to another church at the other end of our state. T has done so much for my family that it is sad to see him go.

They have a daughter who is 7 months older than Harley and they love each other. Whenever they saw each other they would run and hug each other and then chase each other around the room.

T saw Scott and I through marriage counseling, he married us, he was at the hospital when I had Harley, a few surgeries for the family, he was there for the last few months of my granny's life, and there the day she died. He has seen us through a full circle of life.

I know he will help his new church and hopefully one family will reap all the benefits we received from him. Hopefully his new church will see what a blessing he is and come to love him as we did.

I'm a little excited to meet the new preacher. I'm sure he is just as friendly. Scott is very excited to meet him because he is a Marine.

Sunday will be here before we know it and we'll meet the new preacher soon enough. This week will be spent remembering T and all the fun times, sad times, and scary times he shared with my family.

Everyone have a great week and tomorrow's post will be a little lighter!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Flashback Friday Is Back!

And today's Flashback Friday theme is pet stories.

I have had 11 dogs, one cat, 15 (I think) hamsters, hundreds of gold fish, 2 beta's, and one guinea pig.

The fish are boring at times but can be soothing after a long stressful day. I would just sit there and watch the fish swim and listen to the water go through the filter. That would be the goldfish. The beta's are a totally different story. I had them at two different times so they didn't share a bowl. I would clean their bowls at least once a week, most of the time more, and fed them once a day and followed all the directions they came with. Both of them committed suicide by jumping out of their bowls. Instead of drowning themselves they aired themselves. Bad joke, sorry.

I inherited 2 hamsters from my boyfriend when he left for boot camp, I was a senior in high school at the time. He didn't tell me they were a boy and a girl and I didn't know enough to ask. I thought it would be cool to buy a tunnel and link their cages so they could 'visit' each other. I don't remember how long I'd had them before I noticed one getting very fat. And not long after that there were babies. I thought that was so cute and still had no idea how to care for hamsters. The babies were alive one morning when I left for school and by the time I got home that night, after doing homework at the library, going to a Theta Rho meeting, and eating dinner the poor babies were chewed into hundreds of pieces and scattered over both cages. It was, of course, very disgusting and so hard to clean up. I learned my lesson and kept them separated from then on. Then the poor things died when I went on a weekend camping trip and my mom forgot about them and left them in our spare bedroom with the door shut. They had plenty of food and water but the room was freezing cold and I'm pretty sure that's how they died. Mom felt horrible!

We have 2 hamsters right now and so far no babies. My SIL didn't know if they were both boys or girls or one of each sex. We've had them long enough that we would have seen babies by now if we had one of each. They are horny little devils though. Scott and I have caught them in many positions and try to think of creative things to tell the kids when they ask what Siegfried and Roy (lovely names don't you think? one is blond and one is brunette) and doing. So far we haven't been too successful and just tell the kids the hamsters are playing.
Harley keeps trying to offer the hamsters his oreos. But, he only offers the cookie after he has taken apart the cookie and eaten all the cream out of the middle. My baby isn't stupid! No I don't let the hamsters actually eat the cookies. The cookies sit on the dresser right in front of the cage, probably beckoning the poor things; Eat Me little hamster, Eat Me. They can see them but they can't touch them.

Kirby is the first guinea pig I've ever owned. He runs around and kicks and bucks and looks like a mini bull. He does bite and he squeals so very loud if he doesn't get his daily treat on time.

My one and only cat was multi-colored and I named her Caramel. She was a pyscho kitty and loved to climb up into the Christmas tree every year and wait until one of us or one of the dogs walked by and then she would jump out on our heads. She would hide behind doors, under couches and beds to attack your feet, and sleep on my pillow every night. It really bugged my ex-husband. The day she had kittens is the day I found out I was pregnant with Ethan. I ended up finding a good home for her and the kittens when I was told I should be on bed rest and not taking care of anything, let alone chaning a litter box every day.

My first dog was a poodle and I named her Doffi. I got her for my 4th birthday so please don't ask me where I got that name because I don't know what my 4 year old brain was thinking. She died right before my 7th birthday from leukemia. She was sick for about a year before she left us. My mom took her to the vet for a round of medication and made me stay home this time. I don't remember why now but I'm glad she did. While the vet was out of the room getting the meds ready mom said that she just keeled over in her arms and was gone. I cried for days and still miss her.

The 2nd and 3rd dogs were Chihuahuas and my grandma named them Chaco and Chiquito. Chaco loved to climb up on me when I was lying down and bite my nose. I'm surprised I don't have scars from the stupid dog. They were definitely my grandmas dogs and really didn't like me.

The fourth dog was Shaman, my pure-bred Chow-Chow. I loved him so much and only had him 3 years. I got Shaman when he was 7 weeks old and he was doggie door trained within a week. He was smart and loved to goof off. He was a pretty champagne color and every time I took him to the vet's office my vet would offer to buy him from me. He wanted to breed him and the day I took Shaman in to be fixed he got so upset he almost refused to perform the surgery.

My fifth dog was Muffin, our poodle that we had for 14 1 /2 years before she passed away a few days before granny died. She loved to race through the doggie door and race around the house. Especially in the winter, she would hit the door running and speed through each room I'm guessing until she was warm. Or she just loved to amuse us.

Then there was Sunny. He was a black Lab mixed with some other really big dog because he came up to my waist standing on all four feet. When he stood on his hind legs he was taller than me. Poor guy thought he was a lap dog but he was so hyper and he would bound up on you and sit for a few seconds and then leap down to chase something only seen by his eyes. I gave him to a family that was moving across the country because their little boy just adored him and they were brave enough to take this huge lug of a dog on the trip from Novato California to Maine. I wonder about him every once in a while...

Pongo is our Black Lab mix and just a loveable guy who loves to lay on your feet. He loves Harley and follows him around the house and will just lay there and let Harley lay on him, pull his ears, give him kisses, and lean against him while he watches the Backyardigans.

The last dog is Callie, our beautiful brindle Australian shepherd mix. She can jump a 6ft fence from a stand still. She will climb a chain link fence like a human. She barely tolerates Harley but if the older kids play too rough around him she will growl and put herself in between Harley and the others. She was afraid of men when we rescued her and it took her about 2 months to get used to Scott and Ethan. Now she won't leave Scott's side. She sleeps on the floor on his side of the bed and for the longest time I swore she was plotting to kill me in my sleep and eat me so she could have Scott all to herself.

There were three dogs that I rescued from the two different humane society's in the Bay Area but all three were very ill and I ended up taking them back after a couple days and found out that they were put down. I felt horrible but two of them threw up all over my apartment and one had the runs and tried to make it outside in time but just couldn't. I'm not sure what they had but I knew that I couldn't have cared for them properly. Plus the vomit and poo was Not good for my roaming baby.

So that is my pet history more than pet story. I had too many stories all rushing through my brain at one time to reach in and pick one to tell everyone about.

Pimpin' It

Here is something I have always dreamed of, having my own Pimp Name!! Go here and you can find out what yours is!

Mine is Magic Tickle Shannon Large. hehe

Scott's is Fine Ass Scott Slither. Rather appropriate considering how he loves Harry Potter and has been on some website where he was "sorted" and put in the Slytherin house. He can slither his fine tushie around Slytherin. But we have been over this before and the poor guy has a back with a crack but I love him no matter what!

Emma's is Delicious Diffey Love

Ethan's is Crazy Eyes Ethan Shizzle

Harley's is Master Fly Lyman Wicked

Go check it out and giggle at your 'new' name.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Issues Issues and more Issues

Yesterday I said I might write a story from my past. Obviously I never made it back here to do that. Right before I was about to write about some of the time I spent in Novato California I got a call from my mom asking me to calm my daughter down.

I have not written about Emma that much because I have pushed her problems to the back of my mind, almost neglected her issues, not her but her issues. I have pushed her problems to the back of my mind because I don't want to face the fact that I have two children with issues, Ethan's being neurological and Emma's being emotional. Ethan and Emma's dad has severe anger issues and the Navy, at one time, required him to take anger management classes. SW has also suffered from depression severe enough to try to commit suicide three times, once in high school and twice while he was married to me. One of those attempts was actually in front of me. I don't know how he has managed to stay in the Navy.

I have mentioned a little bit about Emma's clinginess and mood swings. I don't know if I have mentioned the extent of these mood swings or the clinginess.

She is constantly afraid that I am going to leave her, not love her anymore, not be proud of her, hate her, send her to live in an orphanage, and I can't remember right now what else she is afraid of. I have never once told her any one of those things. I tell her every day, so many times a day, how much I love her and how proud of her I am for her grades and how she has done so well in soccer. I have talked to her about how good self-esteem is a must for girls, I have told her to never be afraid to come talk to me about anything, I answer every question she has (no matter if they are age appropriate or not, meaning sex questions, I have probably gone into too much detail for a girl her age), and I try to do everything to make her feel loved, wanted, needed.

I remind her she is my only girl and will always have a very special place in my heart because she is the only girl. I tell her that all three kids have special places in my heart and I will always love them but since she is my only girl, well, that is extra special.

When I met Scott she was 4 1/2 years old. She absolutely adored Scott and the only time she got upset if I went out without her was when we went to the bowling alley. When he ate dinner with us she insisted on sitting by him, if we all went to a movie together she was right next to him or sitting on his lap. Both kids absolutely adored Scott. Ok, they still love him but, you know how it goes, he has become an authority figure and doles out the punishment and is no longer just the nice man who mommy sees. He is now the Step-Father.

When Scott asked me to marry him she was thrilled. I made sure to include her in all the planning, Scott never minded. She went with me to pick out my wedding dress and she begged for her dress to look like mine. It took some searching but we found a dress almost identical but it wasn't floor length and she was fine with that. When I got my nails done the day before the wedding she was with me and had her nails polished. My hair stylist, D, did her hair as close to mine as he could get it, our shoes were even similar.

The day of the wedding started ok. I got up and took a nice long bath and Emma came in and sat on the toilet and talked about the morning. When I was dressed and ready to head out to get our hair done she was still ok. She had a blast at the salon because every one was fawning over her and telling her how pretty she was and how gorgeous she would be when she got her dress on.

The tears started during the wedding and didn't end until my matron of honor finally got her to calm down. She was so afraid that Scott and I weren't coming back from the honey moon and that I would replace her with new babies and she would have to go away. It took myself, Scott, our preacher, and my matron of honor to get her to calm down. She seemed ok after that but seems to have gone down hill since.

I don't know how to calm her fears and help her understand I love her no matter what.

Mom wanted me to calm Emma down yesterday because she got mad at something and became hysterical and kicked my mom 3 times. I feel horrible that Emma would treat mom this way and Emma feels horrible for doing it. She apologized over and over last night to both me and mom.

At times she looks like she is so confused and drowning and no matter how many hugs, snuggles, and kisses won't bring her back. I've even neglected Ethan and Harley lately to make sure she receives plenty of attention. It's so hard to do that though with Harley being sick.

A friend of mine has custody of her grandson who bi-polar. He has weekly appointments with a therapist and is doing wonderfully and has learned how to control himself and handle his emotions, with the help of meds. I've called this same therapist, Mrs. T, and made an appointment and their first available was April 11th. I know that is quite a ways a way but I want Emma to see her and I will just do lots of talking and holding and hugging until then.

I feel just awful for pushing this to the back of my mind for so long, and for my own selfish reasons, but I'm no longer going to do that. I am getting her help and hopefully it's not too late to help her in some way.

I don't want two children with problems but if that is what I have then I will deal with it. I have learned how to deal with, love, and cherish my Autistic son and I will learn how to deal with Emma and whatever she has going through her mind. I just hope she will forgive me for waiting so long to help her.

Chocolatism: Sugar free chocolate is like 'near' beer and diet ice cream. WHY BOTHER?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'ts snowing again! Yea. I'm so happy for this.

Ok, my glee is short lived because I'm a grouch today. Harley woke up at 5am and came into our room fussing and crying. He didn't want to be held or touched. He didn't want to get up on our bed. He wanted to lay on the floor at the foot of our bed. So I turned around and had my head hanging over the edge. Every time I looked at him he fussed. So I didn't look at him.

When I got up to shower I was finally able to put him on our bed, where he promptly snuggled up to Scott. At least he quit fussing.

If I could have a few nights of sleeping straight through the night without a sick Pudge waking me up I would be ok. I'm going on 5 nights now of little sleep. I know I did it when he was a newborn, I did it when I was pregnant, and with the other two kids and I'll do it again. I'm just venting.

My co-workers keep doing things to make me giggle so I'll get out of my grouchy mood. It's slowly working. And the snow is definitely helping.

Maybe later today I'll tell a story of my past. Just something different because the only thing taking up my life right now is grouchiness and grouchy children!

Chocolatism: Candy bars are better than doughnuts for a hole lot of reasons!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pudge and Pablo the penguin

Poor Pudge.

This cold and teething is just kicking his little back with a crack. Ok, I say that because he is built just like his dad and has a back with a crack, no butt. Diapers fall off him! When he was a baby every poopy diaper was a blowout because none of them fit good because of his lack of behind!

According to Scott and his mom it comes from the Cherokee side of the family.

Monday, January 23, 2006

ONLY 6 hours sleep since Friday

And no, it is not because I partied like a rock star. Although that would be so much more preferable to why I am so tired.

I have a sick baby in the house. Poor Harley has a bad cold and mixing that with teething, he is just one unhappy little man.

He is draining from every orifice in his body and it's just so much fun. His eyes are all gunky, his nose is running pretty fluids (at least it's not the fluorescent green junk), he has diarrhea, but he's not peeing much, and his ears are draining too. At least he likes Pedialyte, he's not drinking or eating anything else. Oh wait, I take that back he is eating cookies. Or whatever I am eating. Nothing else though.

And he keeps wanting to give me kisses, on the mouth. And when I avoid these kisses he gets mad and cries and throws a fit. He will cover his mouth when he coughs and he is trying to blow his nose and it is so cute to watch him try this. He refuses to let a Kleenex touch his nose but is opting for wipees to wipe his nose. It's better than the having the snot wiped on me.

My poor mom didn't do anything Friday because Harley sat on her most of the day.

Saturday was much of the same because my day, which started at 4am because of the sick boy, consisted of getting the dogs off to the groomers by 9am, running to the bank, taking Harley to Immediate Care because Scott was insisting that he had an ear infection (which he didn't and I knew this but Scott wouldn't drop it), cleaning the house because mom was sitting there holding baby I (a friend's baby, her daycare provider crapped out on her so mom volunteered to watch him until she can find another permanent daycare provider), and then getting the dogs from the groomers and paying a hefty amount because Callie was so matted because everytime we tried to bathe and brush her she would run and hide, and then I had to work for 2 1/2 hours because of some big event that was really a waste of time because the phones were just DEAD, and then I ended the day by going grocery shopping with Scott**. I think I finally fell into my bed at 1am only to be awakened by Harley at about 2am. I just plopped him in bed with us and he slept with his head on my stomach and his feet on Scott's chest.

Scott said those pj's with the feet on them have to go because the rubber part stuck to him and every time Harley moved a little bit of his skin would peel off with the footies. Hopefully Harley will feel better soon and sleep in his own bed again. We have a California King waterbed so it's definitely big enough for all three of us but with Harley roving around the whole thing and me not sleeping to make sure he doesn't fall off the bottom of the bed, I'm T I R E D.

Or as Sam says it I'm so T I R E D tired I could F A R T faint. Ok, it sounds funnier when you say it.

Sunday was spent holding Harley until it was time for me to leave for the soccer office. Practices start in a month so we had to get the rostering done and add all of the new players into the system and update all the teams. It's not hard work, just tedious. You have to pay attention to so many little details that it is time consuming. It's so hard to make every parent happy but we try to. Because, BECAUSE so many of these psycho soccer parents want little billy to be on the same team as little mike or they want a different team for little pete because they don't like the coach from last season or a number of other reasons. And if we don't' try to accommodate every child then some parents lose it and become so hostile. It's ridiculous.

This is why I didn't want Emma to play soccer because of the parents, not the other kids. Most of those parents push their kids so hard and are just down right mean to coaches and refs. Yes I am different! Scott and I cheer on the kids on both teams, which I feel at this age is what every parent should do, and then we heckle the parents that are screaming at their kids.

Last year there was one mom who sat there and insulted her child the first half of the game and the poor girl couldn't play because she was in tears. Scott finally went over and stood by that mom and every time she yelled at her daughter Scott would yell at her. He gave her twice as much as she was giving her daughter. The mom got so mad that she asked for Scott to be kicked out of the soccer complex but the ref, being the smart guy he is, told her she needed to keep her mouth shut or she would be asked to leave. The mom didn't say anything but you could tell she was so mad, her face was red and she kept glaring at Scott. When the game started again she started yelling again. Scott finally went over and whispered something to her, I still have no idea what he said, and whatever he said pushed her over the edge and she left. She got in her car and drove away. The poor man that was with her, I'm assuming was her husband, just sat there with his head down and his face beet red. Coward, Stick Up for Your Child!

Ok, now that I have rambled on for too long I will leave you all on this thought:

Any day now the magnetic poles could reverse, causing total chaos and complete anarchy. Then you'll wish you had some chocolate.

**While we were shopping there were these two girls, maybe 20 years old, following us around just laughing and flirting with Scott. Scott was enjoying it and as we filled our basket they only picked up 3 items between the two of them. When we started to check out, with our over flowing basket, they got in the line behind us and as soon as Scott went to find another cart to load with the items the cashier rang up, one of the girls started flirting with Me. I was a little shocked at this. She was cute and had pretty eyes but, oh my. It's been a while since I had another girl flirt with me like she did. If I hadn't been so tired I could have given it right back!
And the whole another girl flirting with me would be another post for another day....

Friday, January 20, 2006


I haven't posted much because it's been a relatively quiet week after the long weekend. I've done nothing but go to work (reading blogs at work), gone home and cooked dinner, did dishes and go to bed. It's been fun and exciting and boring.

You would think with Scott working the late shift that I would get to bed earlier and get more sleep. Wouldn't you? Nope doesn't work, at least not for me. Even if I go to bed my brain keeps me awake until he walks into the bedroom and then I'm out cold. I'm so very romantic lately, let me tell ya!

Ethan, Emma, and mom were all in bed before 8:30 last night so I thought I'd do some stretches and catch up on Desparate Housewives. I know, you're thinking what a horrible show, but I'm addicted to it. I haven't figured out why.

Harley was in his pj's and the dogs were sent outside in the snow, it didn't hurt them I promise, and I started my show and started with leg exercises. I have discovered that it is extremely hard to work out while your toddler is trying to climb on you, over you, under your uplifted leg, trying to sit on your uplifted leg, getting mad when said uplifted leg is coming down...... It's just difficult. He finally quit trying to sit on me or climb on me and started squatting right by my face and saying What?!?! What?!?! He was so inquisitive about what I was doing laying on the floor but not playing with him.

When I got ready to do arm exercises I tried to get Harley to come back over to me so I could use him as my weight. Would he?! NO! He ran from me. He ran all the way to the other end of the house yelling for Emma and giggling the whole way. Turkey butt!

I finally managed to get him in bed and finished my exercises and the show and was getting ready for bed when Scott walked in and scared me half to death. Normally the dogs run to the door and whine and announce that he is home. Not this time, apparently they were too cold to move after being outside for a half hour. Baby's.

He said hey, I yelled and jumped and hit my head on the dresser because I was bending over picking up his dirty socks that never manage to make it into the hamper. He giggled and ran. What a night, two men in my life running from me and giggling.

And all of it was boring, boring, boring.

Tonight's schedule? More of the same. Scott works late again and if I don't keep the kids on a strict bedtime schedule they are so grouchy so even on the weekends they are in bed by 8:30.

Hopefully all of you have a great weekend and no one runs away from you giggling their heads off.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


It's finally snowing here! I'm so happy! I love it when it snows!

I need more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Diagnosis & yet another LONG post

This weekend went pretty good.
Saturday was spent cleaning and rearranging the front rooms and doing laundry. I cleaned the guinea pig and hamster cages and let the animals roam around the living room for a while. I have an open cage that you can set up anywhere and it gives the animals room to roam but Harley kept trying to climb in it with them. I was afraid that the piggy would bite him, that piggy, he is a biter, and that Harley might accidentally hurt the hamsters. We kept the cage up and let them run in and out of it while I cleaned everything. Emma kept dragging the hamsters out from under the rocking chairs and couches but she was having fun. Harley would try and help her but kept getting so excited about touching them that all he could do was stand still and say OOOHHH and AAHH.

Scott finally took our outside Christmas lights down, it only took him 2 years! We felt like white trash for a while; kept the Christmas lights up, had a messy front porch, a front yard that needed to be mowed, and who knows what else that Jeff Foxworthy would deem redneck like. We got the lawn mowed in the middle of October, cleaned off the front porch right after Halloween, and finally took the lights down. We do have a car sitting in our front yard but it's not up on blocks and Scott drives it every day. So why is it in the front yard you ask and not on the street or the driveway? Because we've had a rash of vandalism and punks are going around town at night breaking in windows of vehicles that are parked on the street. We are planning on reducing our front yard to add a second driveway and hopefully we can do that this Spring. We'll still have a pretty big front yard for the kids to play in.

Our preacher only has 2 more Sunday's left before he leaves and church was kind of sad Sunday. He's a wonderful preacher and we are sad to see him go. But, he has had another calling and is going back into the Army as a Chaplin. He was in the Army and proudly served during Desert Storm before becoming a preacher. Our new preacher will be here the first Sunday of February and this will be his last church before retirement. Hopefully he will be here a few years!

Monday came too early when my alarm went off at 4am. EEK!! The school wanted Ethan tested again by a pediatric neuropsychologist so they can have a "label" in his educational file and they know what kind of services to continue with. It is a pain in the butt and it seems like we are having two appointments a year for this kind of testing. I'm going to tell the school enough is enough, this is the final testing for at least 5 years because Ethan is getting tired of it, I'm tired of it, the whole family is tired of it.
The testing actually started December 21st but the doctors knew they wouldn't be finished in one day so it was finished up yesterday.
The closest pediatric neuropsychologist is in Albuquerque, which is a 2 1/2 hour drive, which isn't very far away but when the appointment is at 8:30am and you have to get a boy and husband up and going to get there in time, you have to get up that early!

The doctors finished the testing in the morning and gave us a two hour lunch so they could score the morning's tests and then we went back to get preliminary results.

We got there on time and Ethan went right back to start testing. Scott brought our portable DVD player and once they let us know Ethan was settled and he'd be done in about 3 hours we started up the movie. We're lovely parents aren't we? Watch a movie while our son is put through lots of testing that he despises, how dare we!
Hey, what were we supposed to do, sit there and stare at the white, boring walls for 3 hours? Yea, ok. But we didn't. Instead we watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was a pretty good movie and Scott wants to buy it now. I'm still not sure about buying it though.
We don't have Olive Garden in our little town so we splurged and ate lunch at Olive Garden while we were in Albuquerque. It was so good and I wish we would get one here. I could make a whole meal on just their salad and breadsticks! But why eat just salad and bread at a restaurant you rarely get to visit? I did eat salad and breadsticks and also Chicken Marsala. Oh My God. It was so yummy. I was good though and refrained from ordering dessert, like their special of the day, the Black Tie Mousse Cake. I really wanted to get dessert but after all the other food I didn't have room for it. Oh well, some other time.

After the testing and lunch we finally got some feed back. Not all of it of though, we'll get a final report detailing everything they discovered and what their final diagnosis is.

In some areas he scored as mildly mentally retarded, in some areas he scored as average and right where a majority of other kids his age are, in some areas he scored as a little below average, and in some areas it was above average.

They don't want to call him mentally retarded because he has already proven that he can learn and is almost caught up with his grade level. The doctor told me a mentally retarded person wouldn't be able to learn at the rate he is. They are taking away the diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome though, mainly because a person with Aspergers would have good cognitive and communicative skills, that they just wouldn't want to use them. His math skills are excellent and his word knowledge is a little above average.

So, no mental retardation and no Aspergers. The doctor said as it stands now, before they finish up with all of the scoring, he is in the Autism spectrum and actually touches on all of three of the main "labels", Autistic, Aspergers, and PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder - not otherwise specified), and so they will "label" him as A-typical Autistic.

This really won't change the way the school places him but it will make sure that he will have his aide with him through the rest of elementary school. I know things will change once he reaches middle school but I'll deal with that when the time comes. It will help him get on the DD Waiver with the state though. I really don't know what the DD Waiver is because I haven't researched it but I know it will help him with things like speech therapy, occupational therapy, job training when he is older, helping him to live on his own (I think) and I don't know what else. Guess I need to look into that. He's been on the waiting list for the DD Waiver for two years now and this might get the help sooner. If it doesn't that is ok because he gets some of that help at school already.

I'm tired after a long weekend where I didn't really relax and cleaned instead and then was up for 20 hours yesterday. I'm in need of either a nap or lots of caffeine to get me through the work day.

Does chocolate have enough caffeine to do that?

Friday, January 13, 2006


I was going to delete the post that just has the title of "IT" but I decided to leave it here. For a couple reasons, the first is Laurie had already posted a comment and the second is just because!

I had typed in the title and instead of clicking on the part to start typing the actual post I hit the enter button and my "IT" automatically got posted.

SOoooo, there you have it. I could have just said I was trying to be mysterious but I decided not to because I don't feel mysterious right now.
When I do I'll let ya'll know!

The OutLaws Strike Again

This is hopefully an ending to this post.

Emma came home from the OutLaws yesterday afternoon in a foul mood. Ethan was fine. My mom finally got Emma to open up and tell her what was upsetting her. This is what Emma said, in a condensed version.

She said that grampy had asked her about the train set that SW and his wife had sent for Christmas for Ethan. Grampy asked if we had it set up yet and when Emma said no he asked what Scott was doing and why didn't he have it set up yet. Emma said that Scott has been working a lot and that is why. Emma then said that Grampy turned away from her and (this is in Emma's words) said under his breath Yea right, Dumbass.
Emma took it to mean that grampy was calling Scott a dumbass, not her thank goodness. That is how I am taking it too.

When I heard about it I got upset. I let it go for last night because I had a soccer meeting and didn't want to be upset and useless for that meeting. I pushed it to the back of my mind and made a mental note to call the OutLaws today.
Which I did.

Today, when I called ex-FIL to ask him about it of course he denied everything and said he tries his hardest to never even cuss in front of the kids. His word, cuss, ehhh. It's a perfectly good word for it but I just have a problem with the person using it right now. I've heard him swear many, many times in front of the kids. Considering how much I swear (I prefer this word to cuss) I can't preach about that. I told him my problem was how she took it not that he said the word. I told him that Emma thought he was being mean to her step-dad. She didn't like that and it greatly upset her. We got into this big discussion about what I would like him not to do or that he could do or talk about in front of or to the kids. I told him talk about whatever you want but please leave myself, my husband, or my mom out of any conversations with Ethan and Emma in the future. He kept trying to interrupt me but I just kept talking.

I told him I didn't appreciate the lies, that I knew he was lying, I was tired of dealing with his wife who can't bring herself to be nice without being fake about it, that I would never keep the kids from them provided they quit the lying and quit trying to manipulate me. I told him that after speaking with SW (of course I don't call him SW in front of the OutLaws) we had both discovered some lying going on and neither of us appreciated that, kind of like they were trying to play us against each other.
Ex-FIL finally got quiet when I told him that SW and I had spoken about all of this. I now know exactly what kind of people my exes are.

I also told him something that I know hurt his feelings. And I do not care.
I told him that I no longer care what he thinks of me, my husband, or my mother. I repeated again that I would never keep their grandchildren from them but my opinion has totally changed of them and it will take a very long time to change my opinion back to what it was.

When I finally shut up he said that he still has the greatest respect for my mom and me but he doesn't like Scott anymore. He said he will not ask Emma anything like that again and if he does have a question he will call me. I told him I would appreciate it and that now that I have gotten all of this stuff of my chest I will drop it and never bring it up again. He said ok, he will leave it alone too.
I guess we came to some sort of compromise, I'm not sure though.

That is the 35 minute conversation in a nutshell. There is more to it but writing about it would just make this post a lot longer.

I do feel better after confronting ex-FIL. I hate confrontations and will usually do anything to avoid them. But, don't badmouth my husband to my kids or I will be forced to confront you on it!

I hope this is the end of issues with the children but I know not to hold my breath. They actually followed the instructions on the visitation rights notice they got and gave me two weeks notice on a time that they couldn't get the kids and asked for an alternate time. I do appreciate that little bit.

I know we will never have the kind of relationship as before. I'll probably never feel like I can joke around with my ex-FIL anymore and I dread the times when I know I have to speak with them.

I'm sure it will all get easier to deal with as time passes but for now I really wish I didn't have to share my babies. But I will because that is the right thing to do.

So, on this lovely post I will wish everyone a lovely weekend. I plan on doing nothing this weekend, ok maybe cleaning but that's about it.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

I've been pushed aside

Harley's teeth just don't want to make an appearance. They'll poke through the gums and then withdraw leaving his poor gums red and irritated. The whole time they are probably saying neiner neiner!

The messy diapers have continued, which really bites, because he is still loving the fact that he has the power to strip off his own clothes and streak through the house. I'm waiting to hear from my MIL what she thinks of this. It's only a matter of time before he does it at her house.

Considering how grumpy he's been, he could possibly do it today. It seems like the grouchier he is the more he wants his clothes off.

He was in the process of stripping last night when I got home from work. The boots and pants were off and his diaper was half off. I scooped him up to get the diaper back on and he giggled at this so we flew him around the house for a few minutes to help him forget about stripping. It worked for a while.

The night was relatively quiet and the older kids were in bed by 8:30. I got Harley asleep around 9:30 and read for a while before I went to bed. Both Scott and I were asleep by 11pm.

Harley woke up at 11:45 screaming as if he were being attacked. I jumped up and rushed in to his room calm him down. I picked him up and we sat in the chair in our bedroom but the crying didn't stop. Even when the hiccups started, that is how hard he was crying. He would hug me and snuggle and then he would push away and slap at my arm. I had no idea what was wrong but Scott finally got out of bed and as soon as Harley saw Scott he shoved himself out of my arms and onto the floor to run to Scott.

Scott picked him up and had Harley calmed down and back in bed sound asleep in under 10 minutes. For some reason mommy just wasn't good enough for whatever was wrong. I was tired and grouchy too so I took it personally that he didn't want me and huffed back to bed. Scott tried to make me feel better when he came back to bed but I just told him goodnight and rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.
Silly, stupid, selfish? I know. I'm not very proud but when you are tired you do really stupid things.

This morning though, he was the same way. My mom got him dressed because he didn't want me to even hug him or touch his hair or anything! When Scott dropped me off at work I tried again to get a goodbye kiss or hug but he pushed me away and slapped my nose.

So, I have upset and angered the Pudge and I have no idea what I did other than not let him run around without a diaper.

We'll see what tonight brings, probably more pushing away, especially when I leave for the soccer meeting I have to go to.

Bad Mommie

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Emma has had quite the week already. Poor thing, I almost feel sorry for her. Key word is Almost. She is sore from a weekend of skating and playing and barely any sleep from a sleepover with her cousin.
She was pooed on by Harley and I embarrassed her in front of her whole school bus!

Last night I had just gotten home from work and had walked into the house to my usual squealing tackle at the door. I noticed a particularly ripe smell coming from our resident knee hugger. I picked him up to change his diaper and was greeted with a lovely, green, smelly mess that went from the top of the back of his diaper all the way to the top of the front of his diaper. It was very slimy and oh so disgusting. I'm pretty sure it's this whole teething thing. I wish they would just hurry up and come in.

After that I washed my hands and started dinner. During dinner and while I was putting food away after dinner Emma bugged me to go buy her new shoes. I kept telling her when I was ready to go we would leave. Harley was grouchy so I asked her to entertain him while I finished dinner dishes. A few minutes went by with Emma laying on the kitchen floor and Harley sitting on her stomach, just pounding on her and Emma giggling hard enough to keep him happy and hitting. I kept telling Emma if he hurts you I don't want to hear it. A few minutes later Emma squealed and got up and ran out of the room.
I should actually mention that while I was cooking dinner Harley had stripped. I found his pants under the kitchen table, one sock in the play room and the other in the back living room, and his shirt was still hanging around his neck with his arms out of it.

Well, apparently Harley was struck with a bout of diarrhea and some of it had leaked out of his diaper and gotten on Emma's pants. Her precious pink with white striped pants MOM! I had to giggle. Not nice of me I know but I have been pooped on, peed on, puked on, and snot blown or wiped on me so many times by all three kids that I find it amusing when it happens to someone else.
I told Emma to change her pants and she would be fine and spray-n-wash would make sure her pants would be fine too. I was finally ready to head out the door and we headed to Target where she picked out these shoes in under 2 minutes. That's a record that I really need to write down in her baby book, cause ya know those things have room to record every single detail from birth to 10 years old.
Normally she has to try on every pair she sees that she might like. But last night was heaven, she saw what she liked and had it in the cart before I could get irritated!
Then we wandered around for maybe another 3 minutes, picked out a snack to share on the short ride home and paid for our treasures and left.
When we got home she asked to sit in the van for a few minutes and listen to her favorite radio station. It plays rap, hip hop, R&B, and some rock music. We sat there singing along to some of the songs and dancing in our seats. We finally went in the house and Emma went to bed.

This morning starts out with me running late, again, and we missed the bus by a few seconds. So we followed the bus to school. The radio was on the same station and just as loud. We were at a stoplight and Emma was in the front seat of the van, waving at the kids in the back of the bus. She wasn't in nearly as good a mood as she was the night before while we were dancing in our seats. I glanced over at her and she had quit waving and was just staring at the kids still waving at her and I heard her mumble under her breath "quit waving idiots, I'm done!" I couldn't help but giggle and when she looked over at me I started dancing in my seat. I let go of the steering wheel and waved my arms in the air, bobbing my head and singing along.
The kids in the bus quit waving and started laughing and pointing. About this time the light changed and we turned onto Main street.
Emma sat by me, staring at me as if I had sprouted another head with 3 eyes and 3 ears all on my forehead. I smiled sweetly at her and asked what was wrong. This was her response "OH MY GOD MOM, HOW COULD YOU, NOW EVERYONE IS GOING TO TEASE ME!" I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes and was having problems seeing the road. Ethan was in the middle seat, just grinning and singing along with the radio, totally oblivious to what had just happened.

When we got to school, Ethan told me goodbye, gave me a lean and a kiss and got out of the van. Emma got out of the van and when I asked for a hug she just HA'd at me and slammed the door and ran off. hehe

I was still giggling when I pulled in to work! Victory dance for the embarrassing Mama

No I am not ashamed, just thought you should all know this.

Harley's new words: Elmo, rocks, brush, ok and there are a few others but I can't remember them right now. Oh he says Hola thanks to Dora the Explorer. Which is actually really cute. He charmed the waiter at the Mexican restaurant we ate supper at Friday night.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Never take a movie recommendation from your extremely flaming gay hairdresser!

The guy who cuts my hair, D, is extremely gay. Ok I should say used to cut my hair. I haven't been able to get a hold of him so I've used my friend's mom and she did a great job.

D is flaming, flamboyant, stereotypical, lispy, wild, and loud. That may seem mean to some but that is the way he is, and I love him for it. I wouldn't change him for anything. His hair color ranges from a normal black, brown, or blond to a wild pink, purple, or outrageous red. His style goes from very short to long with wild curls to mohawks that stick up so high he has to drive with the top down on his convertible.

He did my hair, Emma's hair, my mom's hair, and my maid of honor's hair for my wedding. He does great hair and is always so funny. The hair might be wild but I've always managed to fix it in a similar style but much calmer after I've left his shop. He loves to put outrageous reds and blonds in my hair at the same time but it always comes out gorgeous.

D is mortified that I have decided to quit dyeing my hair and let it be my natural color, a mousy brown. Now it is streaked with lots of grey and I actually like it that way. I'm still carded when I order a drink at a restaurant so it's ok.

The last time D cut my hair he informed me he had just watched the most amazing movie. He said it was fabulous and I should watch it as soon as I could because it was wonderful. He gushed over it from the time he started washing my hair until he was done styling it. And this was during one of the colorings. So it's been about a year since he has touched my hair.

What was the movie you ask? It was Dancing at the Blue Iguana.

I'm sure some people loved it but OMG.

I noticed it was on Saturday night and sat down to watch it after finally getting Ethan and Harley in bed*. I watched about 20 minutes of it before I turned it off. My opinion of it: It was horrible. Like I said I'm sure some people loved it but I thought the part I saw was horrible.

Now I know not take D's word on movies. Note to self: remember that he is a great stylist but we have totally different taste in EVERYTHING else!

* You might be wondering where Emma was. She left at 10am Saturday morning to go to a birthday party at the skating rink and then called after the party to ask if she could spend the night with her cousin, and of course I said yes (against my better judgment) and saw her for 5 minutes when she came home to get clothes and then didn't see her again until 3pm Sunday afternoon. Her cousin is a spoiled brat who has no discipline, no set bedtime, isn't made to do her homework so she might be held back in the 3rd grade, and is just mean in general to everyone around her. Oh and she already calls other little girls fat and ugly and she is all of 8 years old.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Nothing of Interest

Nothing happened last night. I got home, made dinner, played with the kids, tucked them in bed and then I went to bed. There were no farting contests at the dinner table, no punching contests, no giggly midnight, nothing.
So here are a couple pictures:
Ethan's mohawk from this summer. This was taken right after Scott shaved his head. Poor kid has some taxi cab doors for ears. I love him dearly though. He does have a normal hair cut now, if anyone was worried about the poor baby.

Harley and Scott, Harley watching the Disneyland Parade and Scott watching me behind the camera.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

House of Giggly Flatulence

Scott worked late last night and didn't get home until 10pm. By that time all three kids were in bed, asleep. Or so I thought.

The evening started out with me being tackled at the door when I got home from work. This is a natural occurrence every night and at least two kids come running at me when I walk in the front door. Said kids will be screaming and knocking each other out of the way to reach me first. Ethan and Emma are tall enough now, when they tackle me, I'm hit on the side of my breast. It always seems to be the same breast too. I had a nice bruise and was sore for a while because of this. Scott started calling me bruised boob for a while. But it is gone and all is well.

After being tackled and hiding the bathroom for a while to have some peace and quiet and hear no voices. HAAAA that was funny, peace and quiet in the bathroom. I may not have anyone in the bathroom with me but I have banging on the door and little voices yelling MAMA. They almost act as if I have abandoned them for some reason!

I started dinner and tripped over Harley countless times, poor clingy baby is having problems with these last few teeth. They just don't want to come in. While dinner was cooking Ethan and Emma started play fighting, which turned into real fighting because Emma hits pretty hard and punched Ethan too hard in the arm. He got mad and screamed as he punched her in the back. Harley is in the middle of them waving his arms in the air and yelling SHUSH. I don't think he was trying to stop the fight, I think he just wanted to be as noisy as they were.

I jump into the mix and get them calmed down and giggling again and as soon as I walk out of the room the punching starts, again. So I sent them to opposite corners to sit quietly until dinner was ready. They actually minded this with Ethan holding his arm where Emma had left a couple red welts and Emma holding her lower back, Ethan loves to give Kidney Shots. They were fine by dinner though and all tears had stopped. Harley used this time to run back and forth between the two older kids yelling and telling them off in his language, Harley-eese. At least there was no BuShit talked about this time.

As we all sit down to eat Emma lets out a little squeaky fart, I do like the word toot much better than fart. All three kids giggle and mom and I just shake our heads. As the meal progresses the toots become louder and longer and of course each time one is heard the the kids break down in giggles. Ethan joins in and the giggling becomes louder.
Because, you know, Ethan has the power to toot on command.

The noise goes on through dinner and obviously during their showers because I could hear giggles over the water during each of their nightly showers. Mom, Emma, and I sat down to watch the Biggest Loser Special and Ethan retired to his room to shoot webs on his new Spider Man game. Before long Emma started tooting again and Harley, who was sitting on my lap, just wrinkled his nose and kept saying EWWWW. Before long it was bad enough that she drove the dogs out of the room and Mom had shoved her off the couch and made her sit on the floor. Every time she let one fly we would hear Ethan giggle.

When the special was over I made Emma go to bed and sat there and rubbed her back, on the condition of no tooting, and let her ramble about her day. At least she had the decency to warn me that she couldn't hold her gas any more. I told her goodnight and as I headed out the door let one rip that would make any man proud. This toot, of course, drove Pongo out of her room. She was giggling so hard she had trouble calling him back. She loves the comfort of him sleeping on her, not on her bed but on her.

Ethan was in bed and singing something from Madagascar and Harley was sitting on the spare bed waiting for his pj's. We got his pj's on and I kissed Ethan goodnight and then Harley and I sat in the living room and snuggled until he fell asleep.

I put him in bed and got ready for bed. I had to tell Ethan to be quiet repeatedly. He would talk and sing to himself, as he does every night, but for some reason didn't want to go to sleep last night. I started threatening him, great mom that I am, and instead of having the right affect it made him giggle. I finally gave up and was sitting in my room reading a book when Scott got home. Ethan was quiet for about 15 minutes before that and I assumed he was asleep.

I was wrong.

Scott was quiet when he came in and we talked quietly about our days as he got ready for bed and ate a snack.

He went back out to the kitchen for a glass of iced tea and when he came back he erupted in OH MY GOD, WHAT STINKS, and so on and so forth. Ethan was giggling just as loud as he could and yelling I farted I farted. I told them both, in a not so quiet whisper, to hush and not wake up Harley.

Scott continued to walk back and forth between our room, Ethan's room, and the kitchen just to make comments about the noise, the smell, the aromas, and what ever else happened to cross his mind. It would be quiet for a while and Scott would walk through again. And the giggles would just erupt from Ethan.

I have no idea what time Ethan finally calmed down enough to go to sleep. Harley never woke up though and I finally got to sleep around midnight.

Harley did wake up at 4am and came into our room and scared me awake by whispering SHUSH as he poked my eye over and over. When I calmed down from my shakiness* and followed him back to his room it stunk to high heaven. Apparently Ethan was tooting in his sleep and it reeked. I'm thinking this is what woke up Harley. I made Harley get back in bed and covered him up and he stayed there until I got out of the shower a little after 6am.

It was a short, smelly night!

I really have no idea what I fed them to give them that horrible gas. We did eat broccoli but that was after the toot fights started at the dinner table.

* I really don't like being scared awake and the shakes and the disorientation that comes with it!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The fastest way to get this mom to clean the bathtub?

Have this little sleeping angel poop in the tub during a bath.

And it's not just regular ol' poo.

It's smushy poo because he is teething.

He was just squatting in the tub last night, playing with his toys when he bolts upright and starts saying Oooo Oooo. I asked him if he was monkey baby and all of a sudden poo shoots out of his bottom. At least he didn't fling the poo.

I'm trying to get my photo site on my sideboard but for some reason it won't stay there. I'll keep working on it.

A wonderful post by Theresa

Go over and visit Theresa and read her wonderful post about balancing motherhood with marriage and being herself and well, there are just so many ways to take her post but I thought it beautifully written.

Theresa definitely keeps readers entertained and enthralled with her writing.