Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Well, it's a week after Thanksgiving and I'm back at work. Yippee. Can you feel the excitement in me? I loved staying home and being here when the kids got home from school and helping them with their homework. I actually cleaned the house and kept it straightened up every day I was home. But there is just no way right now I can quit and be that stay at home mom. Ah well, there is always retirement. I'll still have Ethan to take care of.

We were not stupid and we did not join the masses at OH MY GOD early on Friday after Thanksgiving. We finally made it out of the house about 11am. We slept in until 9:30 or so. My SIL sent us a text at 5am asking where we were and when were we going to get to the mall. We didn't reply. We turned the damn phone OFF!!!!

Our Christmas shopping is done. Almost, we have a gift certificate or something to buy for the 23 year old stepson but that is it! OH, and stocking stuffers. But those are easy.

Scott got his present a month early. A 52 inch (spoiled) flat screen (really spoiled) LCD tv. Really frickin' spoiled. He is thrilled with it. It is really very sad that it took a damn big tv to get him to come out into the living room and spend time with us at night. He would hole up in our bedroom every night he was home. Now he is out with us. Spoiled rotten.

I'm being selfish here now. All I'm saying is my present better be nice. I mean nice. He has given me one Christmas present in 5 years. Last year he got that damn shot gun that blew up in his face. Remington better be damn glad they weren't sued. This year he got the big damn tv. Spoiled. At least get me a fucking card this year dear. I told him that and he just looked at me like I was crazy. I'll show that spoiled ass crazy if not even a card with his signature isn't plopped in my lap this year.

So, this past weekend went by way too fast. I worked 5 hours Saturday to get caught up on paperwork from that week I was on vacation. Emma spent half a night with her cousin that she always fights with. I say half a night because at 2:30 Sunday morning we get a call that she doesn't feel good and can I come get her. Thank God this cousin only lives 3 blocks away. I bundle up because it was a whole 20 degrees outside and drive over to cousins house. I pull up and Emma walks out and proceeds to puke all over their driveway. We get home and I get her settled after about an hour of moaning and another round of puking. I get to bed about 3:45 or so and then Harley comes in just a few minutes after that complaining that his tummy hurt and then he proceeds to puke all over the floor by my side of the bed. Scott had to be to work at 7:30 so he covered his head with a pillow and tried to sleep through the crying and puking of the 3 year old. I get Harley cleaned up and in bed with a bucket and gave in and turned his tv on so I could scrub my carpet before it dried. I discovered that he actually got most of it in my beloved Pooh slipper. That was easy. I just plopped it in the washer with everything else that was puked on that night. I think I slept from 6am to about 6:45. Scott was just out of the shower when Harley came back in to our room crying about his tummy again. I was so tired I didn't even stop to think about what kid I was dealing with and was climbing out of bed and yelling for him to run to the bathroom to puke in the toilet. And he actually did. I've discovered that out of all THREE kids, the youngest is the only one that can make it to the toilet to puke.

I spent Sunday sitting in the chair with Harley laying on me and about once an hour puking in a bucket. That is just gross I know but I was so tired and didn't feel like running to the bathroom every time. Emma spent that time laying on the couch next to us. We watched Transformers on the big screen. I don't know how many movies we watched that day. Every time I dozed off Harley would fuss. About 3pm they were both doing better and had kept some Ginger Ale and crackers down so I went grocery shopping.

Fun weekend.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'm not working. I'm going to dig out Christmas decorations finally and get the kids to decorating. And it's my company Christmas Party! YEAH! I love those nights. The laughing and the drinking and the dancing.

I need to mention that Ethan will be 12 in 9 days. Why the need to mention this? Because they should stay babies forever not grow older. But it doesn't work that way. It's never my birthday that bothers me. It's my children's birthdays that bother me. This also means in 2 months Emma will be 11 and 3 months Harley will be 4. Too much for me right now.

Need to go, Harley is crashed on the couch and I need to carry him to bed before Scott gets home from work and wakes him up. Spoiled ass.

Did I mention Scott was spoiled?