Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stepson with Juni (aka Wanker)

I'm going to try to get both dogs to sit still together long enough to get an updated picture to post.
Vegas is quite big now and quite the energetic furball.
Juni is probably confused because Harley, myself and mom call him Juni, the name Ethan gave him. Scott and stepson call him Wanker. He answers to both for right now.

Update on Stepson

We kept him off the computer for just a week. We do let him on it now but only when myself or hubby is in the room and we insist on reading what is he writing on his blog or what he is talking about with his online friends. Apparently his girlfriend has dumped him because she can't deal with his lies because so many different ones popped up during that fiasco. Can't say as I blame her and I personally think she is a smart girl. Probably not very nice of me but oh well. The night she broke up with him, by phone not computer, he sobbed (literally loud sobbing) in his room and when he was done and came out of his room he wanted sympathy but didn't find any so he got mad at us and went back to his room.

I'm not speaking with my MIL and SIL still, Scott is but I'm not. It's ridiculous that they didn't think that he has feelings. They actually said that to us. Why would a man not have feelings. Yes he jokes around alot but he does know when it is time to be serious. At least he's not giving in this time and apologizing for something he shouldn't have to. Which he has done way too many times since we met. I just can't understand how they fell into that kind of pattern. My SIL messes up and everyone makes Scott apologize to her. Beyond me why that happens.

I've been busy doing nothing!

Well, we did go to Disney. Again.

I love Disneyland but I'm ready to visit somewhere I haven't been before. But my husband is set on going every 6 months or so. We only made it once last year so he wants to make up for it by going again over Thanksgiving weekend with our whole household and most of my family from Mesa. Should prove to be an interesting trip.

This time around at Disney it was just myself, my husband and my 14 year old stepson. Stepson absolutely loved it. He called himself an only child all weekend and had a blast. The two boys talked me into riding California Screaming, a roller coaster. I'm not a big fan of those roller coasters, the big roller coasters that strap you in with something over your shoulders to make sure that when you are hurtling through space and going upside down you won't fall out. I'm normally totally freaked out by those. But I finally let them drag me on it. And I loved it! We rode it 4 times in the 2 days we were there. We also rode the river rafting ride 4 times and the Hollywood Tower of Terror 3 times. We didn't even attempt to get on the new Nemo ride because the line was at least a 2 hour wait the whole stinking time we were there. That's ok, I can wait for another visit to see under the ocean with Nemo.

We did sit through a little kids show that was a visit with Crush, the sea turtle from Nemo. We discovered that turtles don't fart, they Bubble. So now when ever someone in our farts we say excuse my Bubble. Hey, I never said we were normal.

I think it was the first time I rode the roller coaster that hurtled me through space and upside down that I hit my head hard enough on my left ear that it was red all day. My earrings left little indentations in the side of my head thanks to that ride. I've also had vertigo since then. I think my ear drum is now in the process of healing from being busted up by a ride.

Ah well, it was worth it. I still feel like I'm on that roller coaster most of the time. As long as I'm sitting still and concentrating on one spot I don't feel like I'm spinning out of control. If I have to walk around or drive, really shouldn't be driving but I have to get to work somehow, it's really hard to concentrate on one spot so I don't spin away.

It also makes it really hard to read the new Harry Potter book. But I'm already on chapter 3. Spent 2 hours at the mall last night just to say we had the book at 2am! Woo Hoo! While waiting for 12:01am to roll around so the bookstore could start selling the books we spent lost of money at Hot Topic, who was nice enough to stay open to make money off the whole Harry Potter craze. Last night only, if you bought anything HP in Hot Topic then your name was put in their drawing to win a free HP t-shirt. We bought a couple of HP pillow cases, a couple of wand look alike pens, and a HP blanket. I don't know if it was just luck or if they didn't shake the box with all the entries very good but I won the free t-shirt. I get to pick it out Monday! Woo Hoo!

I'm off now to read more HP before I fall asleep. Hubby and I were supposed to go on a date tonight to see the movie 1408 but yet again he had to work past 10pm. Technically he is supposed to be home by 9:45. He was home by 10:30. Again. I'm getting tired of it. I want to go kick all those little cashiers that work with him because they just can't seem to do their job properly so it makes his job harder than it should be.

At least tonight it was earlier than the 11:30pm nights we've had for about a month now. But that was due to inventory and audits but that is over now.

Good night all and good reading to all you HP fans.