Thursday, August 03, 2006


I got myself so worked up about having the cryo done that my blood pressure was high. I was also sweating and shaking so bad that I had to concentrate and take deep breaths during the drive to the doctors office.

I don't know why I was so nervous. The procedure needed to be done and I figured it couldn't be any worse than having the stuff snipped out of me.

I think my problem was listening to others that have had it done that had a bad experience with the cryo.

The part that hurt the most? The Duckbill! Only because doc positioned it wrong the first time and pinched me. OUCH! But she fixed it right away and got it right the second time.

Before she even started the freezing she showed me what all she would be using and explained everything. Just seeing the tube she would stick up there made my pulse race even more and I felt sweat trickling down my back. ummm gross

But when the time came for the tube to go up in my coochie and start the freezing I calmed down. I realized I felt the cold but no pain.

Doc froze for 3 minutes in one spot and then scrape the "block of ice"* off and then froze in another spot for 3 minutes and scraped that block of ice off.

The whole thing took maybe 8 minutes and doc's nurse and I talked the whole time.

This cryo business was literally no big deal. Granted, once she was done and went over the do's and don'ts for the next 3-4 weeks** and then left the room, I stood up off the table to the start of the first cramps. Even the cramping wasn't bad. For about 2 hours they were worse than the worst period cramps I've ever had but now I don't feel a thing.

And I don't know if it's my imagination or what but I've been chilly all afternoon since I had it done.

Even peeing for the first time after was an experience. I never really thought about how warm pee was until today.

A friend from work sent me a text message telling me to open up and say ahhh and he sent it right about the time doc was starting the procedure! Silly Gay Man! When I could get to my phone I sent back that I was frozen and then a while later let him know about the whole warm peeing thing. I think I grossed him out for the day! My work here is done. Thank You!

Now I get to have pap smears every 3 months for the next year. Yippeee

On to funnier things. Harley! He is our little barrel of monkey laughs.


He decided to strip off his clothes and his diaper last night and started running around the house. Normally when he does that he yells I'm Naked over and over until I chase him down to put jammies on him. Last night was different.

He ran around the house making monkey noises, climbing up on everything, and giving daddy a hard time because he kept climbing up on daddy's step stool where daddy was standing, working on some shelves we got 3 years ago. That he just put up yesterday....

At one point my lovely little 2 1/2 year old precious little boy ran up to me, climbed up my leg and called himself a Monkey Butt. He then proceeded to jump off me, grab his butt and run off again. I'm assuming in search of other people to climb on.

Emma did shriek not long after he ran away from me.

I finally corralled him long enough to get a diaper and jammies on him and get him in bed. No wonder I was tired last night. A person would think that as much as I chase my 3 demons around that I'd loose a little weight somewhere. Ah, well

Ethan lost another tooth after, once again, me not knowing he had a loose tooth. My little freak!

I'm off to bed. Again. I'm tired but have tried to go to sleep 4 or 5 times tonight and ended up laying there staring at the ceiling. Maybe now that it's almost 1am I can go to sleep.


*A block of ice? It was a small block of ice she pulled off my cervix. I didn't see it but I heard it plop into a cup of water !

**No douching, no tampons, no hot tubs, swimming, baths until the lovely discharge stops, in about 3-4 weeks! Oh, and no insertion of anything in the coochie so no sex either. For about 3-4 weeks! UGGG We will just have to think of other ways to have some fun ;)

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Karin said...

Glad it wasn't too bad for you. I hate the duckbill. Hate. It. (And yes, pee is!)