Monday, November 06, 2006

I played hooky today!!!

So, I took today off because I'm a bad bad girl. HA HA HA That was funny. I am so not bad. I'm rather boring actually.

I took today off because I have three sick children and a sick mom. Normally when one of the kids is sick mom will tell me to go to work and she'll take care of them. Today there was no way she could have taken care of herself and three sick babies.

I took them all to the doctor this morning and found that the kids have a viral infection so there's nothing we can do but wait it out. Harley was the only one with a fever. The doctor thought Emma might have strep but the test came back negative. Thank God! She's had strep at least 6 times in the past 3 years.

And instead of making good use of my extra day off from work and cleaning the rooms I missed over the weekend I snuggled with babies and wandered in between the different rooms they were in.

Emma was in her bed, huddled around a puke bucket, watching ABC Family. She's the only one with an upset stomach but I think it's from all the drainage of junk from her sinuses.

Harley was in the playroom, covered up on the loveseat, watching the Babar movie on Disney. He was hugging his cup of Cranberry juice. Harley and I are the only ones in this house that like Cranberry juice.

Ethan was in the living room, hugging his pillow and blanket, and watching Sky High. We really do have too many televisions in this house. On days like this I'm glad though so I don't have children bickering about what they should watch.

Ethan is still on the couch in the living room hugging his blanket, Harley is in the recliner, hugging a refreshed glass of juice, and Emma is feeling well enough to beg to get on the computer to check her e-mail. OOOooo a 9 year old checking her email. She's so special.

Come to think of it we have too many computers too. We have the one in the living room, which Emma is still on and absolutely hates to share with anyone. We have the one in our bedroom, which I'm on right now. And we have the handy dandy Notebook, which Scott is on right now. He's laying on the bed, surfing whatever sites he surfs, and watching Doom on TIVO.

Days like this are so rare. We normally have one tv on in the evening and are all together helping with supper or going to soccer practice and then coming home to throw supper together. I figure with most of us sick I'm not going to argue with anyone and be the nice mommy for a night.

Time to go and finish supper, I did the one thing this morning that I could never bring myself to do during soccer practice. I made a crock pot meal.

And I'm so glad soccer is done for the year. It was getting really frickin' cold out there!

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