Wednesday, May 31, 2006

15 days and counting

To Disneyland that is!

And I have survived yet another school year. Both kids are going on to the 4th grade and Emma no longer has the wicked witch of the west as her teacher. Well, she does for 3 more hours but that's all. Tomorrow is nothing but a big ice cream social for all three 3rd grade classes.

Emma's class had an awards ceremony yesterday and she received 2 honor roll certificates, a citizenship of the year award, and a spelling achievement award. I am so very proud.

Ethan's class awards were today and he received a citizenship award, a cheerful award, and an achievement award for testing out at a 10th grade level in comprehension. HA! I cried when I heard that. His teacher and aid didn't tell me on purpose because they wanted to make sure I heard it in front of his class and all the parents for some reason. His teacher was bragging! Go ahead, let her brag, she deserves it! Once again, BITE ME Mr. Diagnostician who told me Ethan would never learn. What do you think of that, 10th grade level! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEk

The weekend with my aunt and uncle here was so nice. Well, maybe because we really didn't do much because Ethan and I were sick. Just sitting around and watching movies and talking was very nice, relaxing, much needed down time.

Emma stayed home from school last Thursday, she had spent the night before puking. Ethan waited until Friday night to start throwing up. At least he didn't miss any school. We were watching Chicken Little when I hear Ethan moaning. He had his puke bucket with him already. I looked over just in time to see him throw up in the bucket. Yippee. I got him cleaned up and in bed and once the movie was over got the other kids in bed. I had to change his bed one time before I got to sleep. I woke up about 4am with my stomach in knots. I took some tums and hoped it was just exhaustion but had a feeling it was my turn for the stomach bug. I spent all day Saturday in bed, sleeping. By Saturday night I was feeling a bit better but slept all night too.

Both kids were over their stomach thing within 24 hours but mine lasted from Saturday morning to last night. Not Fair! I lost 3lbs in 4 days though! I know, bad way to do it but they're gone.

Time for bed and I'll try to update more often.

Stepson will be here in 2 days and 13 hours.

We get him in Albuquerque Saturday and then are taking all the kids to see Over the Hedge.

More Later


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A little less Whining

Tonight was a good night. I snuggled in our big, comfy chair with Harley and watched American Idol.

Emma sat on the floor wiggling around to the music.

Ethan lay on the couch, SNOOZING through the whole thing. The end of the school year must be wearing him out.

Mom sat here, at the computer, playing Solitaire and listening to the show.

I sang along with the songs I know, trying to get Harley to go to sleep. It finally worked right before the big announcement.

It was so hard not to cheer because I was thrilled that Taylor won!

Anyways, I'm doing a little better. I've made it to the gym twice this week and have every intention of going tomorrow and Friday.

I tried again, to talk to Scott about my feelings and once again his response was to just deal with it. SO, I'm dealing with it. One day at a time.

My aunt and uncle will be visiting us this weekend. I'm sure they are looking forward to the cooler weather, they live in Mesa AZ.

My office is actually closed for Memorial Day so I get a 3 day weekend. Looking forward to it!!!

My SIL and her family will be here sometime Sunday. They moved to Texas last year because my BIL was transferred. Emma is soooooo excited to see her cousins and can hardly wait for the BBQ Monday night. We are all supposed to go to the lake Monday morning and spend the day fishing and boating. We'll see about that. I'd rather be lazy around my own house that day.

Harley is becoming more and more verbal. His latest is telling Ethan and Emma to go to bed, shoving them into their bedrooms and shutting their doors. He then runs around the house yelling his own name HARLEY ALLEN L****. It can be quite funny at times, that is until Ethan gets mad and has a meltdown.

Emma is thrilled because she finally learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. I've tried for 2 years now to take those extra wheels off and she was just too scared I guess. Now that she knows what she's doing she wants to go riding all the time. But it wears her out and she goes to sleep so good lately. That is a definite plus.

I'm off to bed now to see if I can get a whole 8 hours sleep.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Venting, Whining, Complaining, and Crying

I am about done.

I need a break.

I need a vacation from my office, my family. From Me.

I hate feeling this way too.

I love my family to pieces. I enjoy my job and the people I work with.

I am just so tired, stiff, and sore. I sleep 6 1/2 to 7 hours a night. Sometimes it is more and sometimes it is less, just depending on what is going on.

I am trying to eat much healthier than I used to because of the way my body feels. I even try very hard to make it to the gym at least 3 times a week.

I am worn out from having so many issues. We have so many projects here at my house that need to get done within the next couple weeks or by the end of the summer and it feels like the list is getting longer and longer.

I am stressing about my stepson coming because he always pushes me past my limits and Scott never sees it. Scott just thinks I have no patience with my stepson. I try really hard but when he disobeys on purpose just to see how I’m going to punish him, well, I do lose my patience FAST.

With all of Ethan's problems and Emma's emerging problems I feel like I've failed as a mother. Now, I know this isn't true but I'm at the end of my leash.

I've been ok with Ethan because I've come to terms with his disabilities and know he will have them forever. I know he won't just wake up one day and **POOF** be normal. It took quite a few years for me to be ok. After lots of tears and laughter I have more laughter and very few tears.

Emma is another story all together. The lovely therapist we have seen for the past month wants Emma to see a child psychiatrist. She thinks Emma might be bipolar. hmmm..... This is why I feel like a failure. I have two children with issues.

Emma's first appointment with the CP is 6-6-06. I don't like that date at all! If we find that she is bipolar I will deal with it and I will have lots of tears and some laughter and I will learn to deal with it and then I’m sure there will be lots of laughter and little tears or just lots of tears and laughter.

That's what moms do. We deal and cope.

I guess the time has come for me to get into therapy. It doesn't help to talk to my mom about it. She's in her own little world since granny died.

I can't really talk to Scott about it. The last time I tried to he didn't really blow me off but he didn't really listen. He said that's a part of the life I was dealt and I need to deal.

Scott is the type of person that can maneuver around problems and obstacles in life without any worries. He never worries. When we first met I thought he was just being a stubborn man who didn't want to show any emotions. Now that we've been together for 4 years I can see that he doesn't worry. And if he does worry he hides it oh-so-well and no know one can tell. Even his mother comments on his "ability" to not worry.

I feel like since I am their mother, I should be able to fix anything and everything that is wrong with them.

I’m going to keep on doing what I’ve been doing, loving them and taking care of them. Providing what they need as much as I possibly can.

Venting, whining, complaining and crying is done. For now at least.

Hopefully my next post will be better.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Wookie

Today is Scott's 42nd birthday.

I'm just writing a short post to vent. I ordered his birthday present online a week ago, paid for express shipping, and it still hasn't shown up. I am Irritated. I paid for faster shipping to make sure I would have it before today.

I can't get the stupid company to respond to any emails, they don't take calls on order inquiries.

He's begging me to tell him what I got but I won't do it. When I do get the gift I'm going to wrap it up and make him open it.

It was a good day otherwise. I made a spinach portabello mushroom lasagna, a turkey mushroom lasagna, and key lime pie for dessert. We had my inlaws and SIL and her 2 kids over for Scott's birthday dinner and there isn't much food left.

Now I'm off to bed to collapse. Good night all.

Oh, his present? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pillow cases. He had some when we met and we took them on our honeymoon and accidentally left those pillows in one of the hotels we stayed at. He still talks about those pillow cases so I thought I would finally get them replaced.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Deleting Your Own Comment

Who are you? Why do you keep deleting your comments on my blog?

I'm assuming right now that the numerous comments that someone has deleted after they have posted them on my site is done by the same person.

I would never delete anyone's comment and have never had a reason to.

So, whoever you are that keeps deleting their comments... Pleast don't.

If you don't want people to see what you've written send me an email.

Letter H

Sam tagged me to write about the letter H. Specifically ten words with the letter H.

So, here we go.

H is for Harley. Naturally that would be my number 1 word with H. Harley after his first birthday cake.

H is for Hugs that I get from my children. Knee hugs are the best sometimes.

H is for Home. Home is where I get my Harley Hugs.

H is for Heart. Ethan, Emma, Harley, and Scott. Need I say more about my Hearts?

H is for Hamsters. Stinky little rodents that stink up my house, no matter how many times their cage is cleaned.

H is for Hair which I'm trying to grow out. And it's really bugging me and I'm fighting the urge to cut it off again.

H is for Highway. I'm ready to hit the road and get out of town for a while.

H is for Horny. I'm talking about Horny Toads now. I bet I know what the rest of you were thinking! Naughty Naughty

H is for Harry Connick Jr. A yummy talented man.

And last but not least,

H is for Holidays. Extra time with my family!

If anyone wants to take on the letter I, be my guest. I don't mind being tagged at all. I'm just chicken to pick someone to tag!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Humorous Harley and Cleaning Closets (warning) LONG POST

My pudge's sense of humor has emerged. I've known for a while that he is just like his dad and loves attention and loves to make people laugh. The past week has been filled with his antics and play.

I first noticed the extra wanton attitude Tuesday night after everyone else was in bed asleep. I had taken off my bra, folded it up, and placed it on the arm of the chair I was sitting in. Sometimes a woman just needs to take off her bra and let the boobs roam free for a while before you head to bed. They need some breathing room too ya know! BOOBALANCH

All the lights in the house were off but the computer lamp and light from the TV was flickering around the living room

Harley noticed I was removing my bra and became overly excited. I wasn't sure why considering I hadn't nursed the boy since he was 4 months old.

He slowly moved away from his toys and would wander by me and give me a sideways look and let his glance slide towards my bra. I giggled and went back to watching Medium, which I'd recorded the night before.

He did the pass and glance a few times before he rushed me and grabbed the bra and ran away.

A couple minutes later he ran back by me yelling JIPPLES as loud as he could and he had his legs through the arm holes of the bra and was holding the bra up kind of riding it like it was a horse. He galloped by me a few times with his legs in the arm holes of the bra and the ends of the bra flapping behind him as he yelled JIPPLES.

Oh, the giggles, coming from me not Harley.

Last night was rather calm. The kids were ready for bed and nice and quiet by 7pm. I finished up some soccer stuff on the computer and then went and lay down with Emma to watch American Idol. We were both shocked at last night's outcome, probably like most of the other Idol fans! When it was over I wandered out to the front of the house to see what Scott was doing (he HATES American Idol and refuses to watch it). He was nodding off in his chair and he woke up enough to ask if I wanted to run to Lowe's to pick up some paint for Granny's room. Mom has decided that some fresh paint will help get rid of that smell Granny had in the last couple months before her death. I hope it does. That death smell just lingers, it's not nearly as noticeable but it's there.

We spent $75 at Lowe's and then came home to tackle our bedroom closet. I never realized how much of a packrat I was until Granny passed away. For some reason her death made me realize that I was just like her and saved everything, napkins from someone's wedding, tax returns from 15 years ago, an engagement announcement of a friend who has since divorced, Ethan's baby pictures from the hospital, earrings I thought I'd thrown away years ago because I wore them in high school, and who knows what else.

It took me about 1 1/2 hours to clean out my side of the closet floor and threw most of the stuff away. There are some clothes I put in a bag that I am swearing to myself I'll fit into again. Truthfully it might not happen but I'm going to try.

It took Scott about 45 minutes to clean out his side of the closet floor. His stuff was mainly big boxes that were empty. The Dell box from our new computer, the old printer box, and a box full of speaker wires, cables and rca jacks.

While we were cleaning we watched three Supernaturals that have been waiting to be viewed on TIVO for a month now.

This is where Harley decided to bring out his funny bone again. Scott and I took turns putting the little booger to bed. At first he would sneak into Ethan's bed. Poor Ethan would just scoot over to the edge of the bed and cover Harley up. Ethan has a twin bed and Harley likes to sleep spread eagle with his arm tucked behind his head. The time I caught him in Ethan's bed, Ethan was hanging off the side trying to hold on to the headboard, and Harley was on the pillow, arms tucked behind his head. His eyes were closed but I just stood there standing quietly for a couple minutes, just watching to see if he was really asleep. After a minute Harley cracked one eye open, then the other, and as soon as he saw me he snapped them closed again. I couldn't help but giggle.

I scooped him up and put him back to bed and told him to stay there. He asked for his many hugs and kisses and snuggled down. I assumed he would actually go to sleep this time. HA! What does assume mean? Hmm anybody know? Yep, I made an ass out of me. Ok, not necessarily an ass but I was thoroughly annoyed by now.

I shut our bedroom door and got in bed while Scott finished up his side of the closet. We were on our 3rd Supernatural and I was almost asleep. I didn't hear our bedroom door open but Harley managed to open our bedroom door without making a noise. He then proceeded to CRAWL down the little hallway and was sitting with his back against Scott's dresser, watching the TV. I have no idea how long he was there when a spooky part came on the screen and I heard him squeak. You might be wondering how we know he crawled down the hallway. I'll get to that in just a second.

Instead of getting out of bed I just called out his name. His little head popped around the corner and he smiled oh-so-brightly and said HI! He was escorted back to bed yet again, and the door shut soundly.

We waited for him to come back and had even turned the volume down on the TV. This time we heard the door creak open so Scott peeked around the corner to see what he was doing. That little turd was CRAWLING down the hallway and he settled in his spot, leaning up against the dresser.

We finally turned off our light and the TV, which is probably what we should have done to begin with but we didn't, and he finally stayed in bed. Until 3:08am.

He got up screaming and I could hear him heading out his bedroom calling for GAMMA, GAMMA! I grabbed him up and he calmed right down. I headed to the bathroom to pee and he started screaming again when I set him down so I could do the deed without a 30 pound turd hanging on. I think that's the fastest I've peed in a long time. I really didn't want to wake up the whole house.

He refused to let me go when I put him back in his bed and I was so tired I that I just gave up and plopped him in bed with us. He snuggled down and as soon as I lay down he plopped his head on my breast and his feet on Scott's chest. Pat, a friend and co-worker (the guy who walked me down the aisle when I married Scott), has called my overly-abundant breasts buckwheat pillows for years. Apparently Harley thinks the same thing and stayed there until my alarm went off. I also got a fist in the nose and just knew I'd have a bruise.

No bruise, too tired to think properly, and in need of caffeine or a nap the next morning.

But I love my baby and actually love the nights I "give in" and let him sleep with us. It's not hard for me to give in though.

I will now finish my very long post and say Good Night talk to ya'll tomorrow.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Short post of Harley's Toddlerisms

Harley loves to point out anyone's jipples (nipples), especially his own. He will pull up his shirt for all to see his glorious Jipples!

He calls animals and people by their proper names, with one addition. It is either a mommy something or a daddy something. Whether it be a mommy frog or a daddy dog, everything is a mommy or daddy. He also loves to introduce the whole family to anyone he meets anymore. He will introduce Emma first and won't go on until the other person has said her name and then he will move on to Anie (Ethan), then gamma, mama, and daddy. The only catch is that the other person must repeat each name after Harley says it or he will keep on repeating the name.

I absolutely adore the way he talks. He forms sentences so well, they are a little halting at times but he uses 3 or more word sentences lately.

He is having the normal 2 year old temper tantrums but I've found if I take a stern tone immediately I can stop them before they become a full blown fit. All I have to do is tell him that's enough and 98% of the time he'll calm right down and say OK mama, and within seconds be happy again. The other 2% is ok, I can deal with it. Still, compared to the fits Ethan used to throw, Harley's are nothing. I would have to leave restaurants because of Ethan's toddler fits.

If we tell him no, he can't do something or take something out of the house, Harley will throw his arms up in the air (or throw the toy on the ground) and say FINE while he glares at you and wrinkles his nose. This is normally followed by a growl as he walks out the door or into another room.

Most mornings Harley is up before the kids and I leave for work and school. He'll climb up on the chair with Emma and share her breakfast and cow milk (chocolate milk). The only reason I can think of for Harley calling chocolate cow milk is because the Hershey's Syrup bottle has a cow on it and he is aware that chocolate comes out of that bottle. It's really rather adorable.

Scott loves to run around the house trying to scare the kids. Every time Scott sneaks up behind Harley and growls Harley will squeal, growl back, and then take some kind of stance and yell HIYA. I have no idea where the HIYA came from, with the stance even. Legs spread and arms up at the ready to strike out and HIYA whatever he can hit.

He plays with his bath toys now. Not just splashing play but standing up and plopping down on his butt to make a huge splash while throwing toys around and making exploding noises. I know his dad is a Marine but we really haven't gone over bombing noises with him and he doesn't watch anything like that on tv. His television day consists of the Backyardigans on Nickelodeon and The Wiggles on Disney. The rest of his day is play play play! Does that kind of noise come naturally to little boys?

That is all I can think of for now. For some reason I'm still worn out from the busy weekend. I'm off to bed after I finish watching a TIVO'd Invasion.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I haven't posted in so long I have no idea where to start.

Last week was ok and not much happened. Emma's first real therapy session was last Monday morning and I'm not sure what to think so far. She talks to the doctor and that is what matters.

The rest of the week was just work. No more soccer practice or games for a few months. :):)

Scott was off Thursday so we used that as our date night and went out with one a couple of friends. I ended up drinking a little too much and we didn't get home until almost 3am. I was a good girl and got up and made it to work on time. I did just fine during the day but when supper rolled around I was dragging.

I even stayed up late Friday night, waiting for Scott to get off work. I got caught up on Dr. Who on the Sci-Fi channel and a couple of other shows that I like that Scott doesn't.

Saturday came way too fast, only because mom had planned a yardsale and we all got up early to drag everything out before people started showing up. As usual people showed up early and were looking through what we had out already.

The day was perfect for a yardsale, nice and sunny, a few puffy clouds, and just enough of a breeze to keep you cool. I still managed to get sunburnt, even after applying lots of sunscreen many times. At least the kids came away unscathed.

There were times when we would have lots of people rifling through the goodies and then there were times when we would have no one. We finally closed up about 2pm but felt good with how much we had sold. Both mom and I were a little amazed that we hadn't sold some of our bigger items. In the past the bigger items have always gone first. Not this time though.

So I dragged all that stuff back into the house, Scott had chickened out and not asked for the day off and had to be to work by 2pm, and then collapsed for a couple of hours. The kids helped with what they could and were so good for the whole thing.

Mom took the kids and I out to dinner and we went to a little 50's style diner called Dad's Diner. The food is great and most of the waiters and waitresses are young. Our waitress was actually pleasant and asked how our day had gone. Mom is kind of like Scott and loves to talk to anyone about anything. Mom told our nice waitress about our yardsale and how she was amazed that we still had some big stuff left. NW eyes got big and she asked about the big stuff and we told her we had a couple of rocker-recliner chairs, a dining set, a headboard, and a couple of other things. NW had another waitress come over and they asked about the chairs and gave us a cell number to call with the promise of coming over to look at them. They were moving in together and had almost no furniture.

NW showed up today with a couple of big guys, Sam, you would have been in heaven because these guys were HOT. Even Emma commented on how cute they were.

NW loved the chairs and bought both of them and we asked if she wanted an end table too, which we would just give to her because we wanted it out of the playroom that bad. Our playroom now has just a little more room for play now that 2 chairs and an end table is gone.

Today was filled with not much. We went grocery shopping and that is always so much fun when Every. Single. Person!!! in the house comes along. It took us almost 3 hours to get groceries and not because the place was busy. We had 6 people all wanting to go six different ways.

I finally gave up trying to keep everyone together when my SIL and niece showed up. I just continued on with shopping and every once in a while would run into a child or husband or mom. Every once in a while I would hear a squeal from a kid because Scott was torturing them. Then I would hear a squeal from Scott because said kid would get him back. I am rather surprised that we haven't been kicked out of the grocery store yet. I'm sure our day will come though.

Harley was exhausted when we got home so I had to hurry to put groceries away because he wanted me to lay down with him. He refused to lay down unless it was in bed with me. I couldn't let my baby down could I? After the weekend we'd had I was ready for a nap.

I managed to get all the groceries put away in under 10 minutes, a record for me I might add. I have to make a trip back to the store though because I was a little too hurried and accidentally dropped a sack filled with a couple of glass jars. One was cranberry juice and it didn't break. Good thing, that cranberry juice comes in handy when you feel a bladder infection coming on plus I just love cranberry juice. The other jar was spaghetti sauce.

Unfortunately the pretty red sauce didn't make it. Our blue kitchen carpet has another stain. That poor carpet looks like a mini-war has been waged on it over the years. I'm so glad we'll be replacing it soon. I've picked out a wood floor to put in, messes will be easier to clean and stains will be easier to avoid.

My lovely husband cracked up laughing and started singing Another One Bite's the Dust when he saw what had happened. Harley helped me get him back though, when we lay down for a nap Harley was laying on my breast with his butt in Scott's face. A couple of minutes after we lay down I thought Harley was asleep but I didn't dare move. All of a sudden Harley lets out a pretty big fart and starts giggling so hard he can barely get out the words "I Tarted!" I think he actually fell asleep giggling.

Scott acted offended but was rather proud of his son. We had a good laugh about that. Amazing that most people laugh over bodily functions. I guess since you can't help but burp and fart you might as well laugh at it.

Right now I'm waiting for Harley to get sleepy enough to put to bed but I think the wait will be long. He ended up sleeping until a little after 6pm. Right now we are watching Homeward Bound on the Disney channel. He's fascinated by it. Well, that and his belly button. He shows it to anyone he can right now. Again. I was hoping that stage was over but its not.

Time to see if I can get him in bed and get myself to bed. I never manage to go to sleep before 1am on Sundays anymore, or should I say Mondays.

I'll try to update more this week.

And only 40 more days until we leave for Disneyland and Knottsberry Farm. I'm ready to go now!

Monday, May 01, 2006


Today's post was supposed to be on Harleyisms but I've decided to leave that for another day and post about Ethan.

His diagnosis is A-Typical Autism, Tourette's Syndrome, Severe ADHD, and slight Mental Retardation. We have been to 7 doctors for this diagnosis and I've vowed to never see another doctor about it. Ok, that is probably a stupid thing to vow because who knows when the state or the school system will want him to see a doctor again but at least no more for a year or two. Both Ethan and I are sick and tired of those kind of doctors. No offense to any of them, we're just tired of the testing.

With all of the different disabilities he has, Ethan has been in a main stream class with a full time aid and only spends a couple of hours (if that) a day in the special ed class. I've fought the school system hard to get him in a main stream class. The first diagnostician for the school told me Ethan was totally mentally retarded would never learn and that is when the stupid principal of the school told me to put him in a home and basically forget about him. I informed both idiots that my son would learn, we would prove them wrong, and that dumbass diagnostician was to never step foot near my son again.

Well, here it is 4 years later and we are proving them wrong. Ethan is excelling in his main stream class and is set to move up to the 4th grade. Granted he should be going into the 5th grade but his 2nd year in the 2nd grade did wonders for him.

Today was Ethan's IEP to see where he would be next school year. Like I said he will be moving up to the 4th grade as planned. He will not have his own aid, the class will have an aid but she will be there for all the kids, not just Ethan. Right now he is in D Level and I found out today he has progressed so much that our lovely Special Ed D Level teacher Mrs. M will be relinquishing Ethan to the lovely Mrs. K the B Level teacher.

MY BABY IS GOING TO B LEVEL. HE IS TOTALLY SKIPPING C LEVEL AND GOING STRAIGHT TO B LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I'm happy, excited, ecstatic, thrilled? No? I'll try harder. HEHE

I also found out that he has treated his aid more like his own personal assistant. Telling her to run "errands" for him. Asking her to tell Mrs. M he'd rather not go to her class today cause he is just fine where he is for now. Telling her to run along and find something to do (this is done with a wave of his hand as he shoo's her away). Telling her it's time for lunch and would she be willing to run to Burker King or McDonalds to buy them something. And the list goes on.

My son is the class comedian and his humor is lost on the other kids sometimes but its never lost on the teachers.

Unlike some autistic/retarded children, my son likes to be around others. He still doesn't like to be touched and normally won't interact with the other kids unless he initiates it but he's learning and getting "better" and tolerates being around others. He'll never be better but he's definitely improving.

Most of the kids love Ethan and I think all of the girls in his class adore Ethan. They all take care of him and if another kid from another class picks on him than the girls will stick up for Ethan and tell the mean kid off.

During the IEP, as the teachers, speech therapist, occupational therapist, and new diagnostician, sat around talking I finally realized they were saying B level, not C level. My heart skipped a few beats as I listened for each letter to come out of their mouths. I could hardly believe what they were talking about. My baby!

When the school counselor finally came in and sat down we were almost done, just had forms to sign, and learned that Ethan was going to B level his jaw dropped. He could hardly believe it too. He knew Ethan was doing so well but he'd been so busy he didn't know how well.

So, to the stupid-head, idiotic, dumbass diagnostician who told me my son would never learn and to our school's principal who told me to put him in a home: KISS MY WHITE ASS BIOTCHES!

We have proved you wrong. NO, wait, Ethan has proved you wrong. He did it, with help from my mom, his aid, and myself and Scott, but he still did it. He was willing to learn and willing to be pushed by us and work through his tears and my tears and learn to read, write, do math, learn about bugs and the solar system, and land forms in science, and write in cursive.

The second biggest thing of all was this report card. STRAIGHT A's. Again, he did it with the help of his aid but I found out his aid is only with him for 2 hours a day now. The majority of those A's are his. I can only imagine what Ethan would be like if he were a "normal" boy.

I don't want a normal boy though. I wouldn't change him for the world. God gave Ethan to me the way he is for a reason and I would never change that.

I Love You Ethan! and Congratulations on all your hard work.

Unfortunately we have many more years of hard work but I will be right here for you for anything that comes your way.

One last thing, Emma loves her hair now and is glad I had it cut that short. Apparently soccer was nicer without her long ponytail blowing in her face as she ran.
Tomorrow is the last soccer game until Fall.

I Am Happy