Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I know I haven't written in a month. I can't believe how fast time flies now. The older I get the faster the years fly.

Emma is now doing basketball and soccer and absolutely loving it. Her grades are staying up too, which is a plus. Between practices and games we are busy.

I am back in Albuquerque for the week. Training for a new computer system we are getting in March. I'm here with a couple friends from work and we are having a blast. Our training is from 6am to 3pm and I thought it would be horrid to get to work that early every day but it hasn't been too bad at all. We've gone out and partied every night but tonight. After last night we all needed a rest. We ate at a place called Zea and it was excellent food. I had a grilled salmon dish that was so good. After many cosmo's and choclatini's we headed across the parking lot for more drinks and dancing at a place called Graham Central Station. There were 6 of us and all but 2 of us got DRUNK. I haven't partied like that on a work night since I was 21 and living in the Bay Area. It just seemed so easy back then to work all day, go party the night away and then sleep a couple hours before doing it all over again. I don't know how I did it because today was long. Self induced though and I'm not complaining. It's been nice to have a small break from everything at home. I'm ready to go back now though. A couple days every now and then is plenty. Two more days of training and it will be time to head home.

Our trainer is ok, a little on the wacky side, she likes to break out in song and dance and loves to go over the same too many times. I know we need to learn this but we've gone over the same thing for 3 days now and have 2 days left to finish up and there is a lot more information left. If the training had been planned a little different we could actually be done today but I think the company that is training is doing this on purpose just to get more money out of my company.

Scott is going to try to come down tomorrow to visit me for a night and then head home Friday morning to meet the kids after school. Mom did say she didn't mind and she was expecting him to ask if she minded if he come down for 1 night.

OOOOOOOOOOOO one night in a hotel with my husband! We talked about it before I left and we had decided he wouldn't come but I miss him and really need a hug! I feel kind of whiny about it and I really hate that.

Time for bed. I took a 3 hour nap after class today, all because of last nights drinking, and am just now getting tired again. My friend, A, that is here with me called me at 8pm and woke me up to go sit in the hot tub and go swimming with her. I'm glad I did, it helped loosen me up after last nights drinking and dancing.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day to everyone. My spoiled husband got a 2002 Yukon for his present. His beat up truck is in need of so many repairs that we just went out and looked for another truck for him and decided on this because it was big enough for all of us. I got a miniature pink rosebush. I already have 5 mini rosebushes in our flower bed in the front yard and none of them are pink so I'm tickled pink about that. Bad pun. Definitely time for bed.

Night All