Sunday, July 30, 2006

This will be short

I've decided to keep the Notebook. I knew I would right from the start but I felt like wallowing in irritation and being all stupid about it.

We received an email that our order has been shipped so we should receive it by the middle of next week or so. Just in time for me to take it to Albuquerque.

The closer that trip gets the more anxious I get. I was really looking forward to it but now I'm not so sure.

And now there's only 5 days until I take my two oldest kids and drive them up to Idaho to meet their stepmom so they can spend a couple weeks up in Washington. I really don't like doing it so close to the start of school but their dad's ship pulls in to port August 7th or 8th after being on a 6 month WestPac. Six months is a long time to be out at sea.

Their stepmom wants to surprise SW by having the kids there on the pier when the ship arrives. I think the kids will enjoy it. So far they are both excited about that.

I'll get them back the weekend right before school starts. At least they'll get to see their dad.

I'm off to bed now. Scott is working late tonight, his first night to do the stock truck in a while so I can't complain.

I won't be alone though. I have a devilish little blond that keeps asking for chocolate and grinning at me as I type this.

Time to go, apparently he found our chocolate stash and has it all over his clean self and jammies!
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Introspective and reflective, you think about everything and anything.You are a soft-hearted daydreamer. You long for your ideal life.You love silence and solitude. Everyday life is usually too chaotic for you.
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At your worst, you brood and sulk. Your negative thoughts can trap you.You are reserved and withdrawn. This makes it hard to connect to others.You tend to over think small things, making decisions difficult.
What Temperment Are You?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


We are in debt up to our eyeballs. Well, almost, it's getting close and I'm not liking it. I was starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel and had mapped out a very nice budget that had our monthly bills paid, our extra bills paid plus quite a bit more than what was actually due, and a little left over for us to have some fun each month.

Last night, while eating dinner I commented how nice it would be to have a Notebook so I could work on my business course while I'm in Albuquerque in August. Or I could also use it to chat online with Scott while I'm there. Scott said, OK, I'll order one from Dell tonight!

WHOA Buddy!
I said I would like one but I definitely don't want the extra payment added on to our Dell bill right now. Scott looked puzzled and told me that I just said I wanted one. Yes, I did but wanting one and needing one are two different things. For a grown man he can be a little slow sometimes. That is extremely mean to say and I know it and it will also come around to bite me in the ass later on but I'm tired, I'm grouchy, I've had a headache for three days now and nothing I've taken is even touching it.

After supper I lay down on our bed and drifted off to sleep while he surfed around the computer. I woke up at one point to hear him hollering at Harley to bring his money back. I giggled and went back to sleep.

I slept for about an hour and a half before I woke up and decided to get on the computer and catch up on some blogs. I was only half way through my email, hadn't even reached the blogs yet, when Scott's cell phone rang. It was a guy from work who was closing and he had accidentally locked his keys in an oil shed they have out back. Scott, being the nice co-worker that he is, told the guy he would be there in a few minutes to unlock the oil shed so the guy could have his keys back.

Harley was still up and going strong so I decided we would go with him. I assumed the car ride would put him to sleep, which it did. After Scott got the oil shed unlocked we were bad and stopped at Sonic and got some ice cream before heading home. We didn't care that it was 10:30pm, it was Hot still. Ok, not as hot as Phoenix or Mesa or St. Louis or who knows how many other places but still hot. Plus we are gluttons for ice cream!

After getting home I put Harley to bed. He woke up long enough to tell me good night and insist on a kiss and a hug. And then another hug and kiss. Then he went back to sleep.

I got ready for bed, told Scott good night, and was out I think before my head hit the pillow.

This was when Scott chose to visit Dell and check up on prices for Notebooks. And he went ahead and ordered one and charged it to our Dell account.

I could have sworn I was dreaming that Scott was asking me questions like, what kind of memory I wanted, what kind of case did we need to carry it around, what kind of gaming should we get, what color did I want, and what was my social security number.

Apparently I wasn't dreaming and he did ask me all those questions and I answered every single one of them, including my social. I didn't realize I could talk in my sleep like that. No one has ever told me that!

So now we have Notebook on the way in some blue color with I don't know what kind of memory or gaming. Oh, it does have a case as well. And the price starts at $639 but our ending price was $909. But it comes with a $200 rebate right off the bat. But still...

We just added another $25 to our Dell payment each month. I'm a little ticked because this was one of the bills that was getting down there and the light at the end of that tunnel was nice and bright.

Its not being shipped until August 2nd and I'm seriously considering calling and canceling it.

But it would be nice to have while I'm in Abq.

I really don't know what to do.....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Niagara Falls and Way Too Much Information (just warning)

My doc called Monday afternoon to let me know she already my test results back from the biopsy. I have dysplasia (sp?), or precancerous cells, that need to be frozen out of me. That lovely appointment is August 2nd. A friend of mine has had that done and said it was about 45 minutes of hell. I guess I find out in 2 weeks or so.

Reading up on dysplasia shows that most women have HPV. I don't. Other things that can cause this is multiple sexual partners, smoking, and other STD's. I don't smoke. I don't have any form of STD. I am 33 and not exactly a saint when I was a teenager, or in between marriages. As a precaution both Scott and I were tested for anything and everything before we got married and we are both clean. I have blood work done every year with my yearly check up and I've always come back clean. Of course, the article I read said 80% to 90% of women have HPV so not every woman has HPV and dysplasia.

My biopsy was last Wednesday and my lovely monthly visiting friend that I hate with a passion came Saturday morning. A normal period for me is 3 1/2 to 4 days. I'm going on 5 days and it's the heaviest flow I've had in a while. I have my own personal Niagra Falls!

It was bad enough today that I broke down and called my doc just to make sure it was due to the biopsy. And it is. But the call made my husband and co-workers feel better. They were all worried about me.

Probably because I've lost 3 pounds on this period. That is a definite first for me. Normally I eat enough chocolate to feed the entire state of California during my period. This month it's all I can do to make myself eat two meals a day. I'm not complaining though.

So, when I told Scott what the doc told me he said Ok, welcome to the cancer club. Except when he said it I imagined CANCER CLUB. The words in all caps. It didn't offend me because he's beaten Thyroid cancer. He had his Thyroid removed and went through radiation back in 1994. Twelve years in remission. Of course with no Thyroid it would make it hard for that form of cancer to come back. He has had two spots of skin cancer removed though, and that was just a couple years ago.

I asked Scott if I got a welcoming cake to the Cancer Club. He said sure, any kind I wanted. I asked for a Black Forest Cake with lots of cherries. I'm still waiting for it.

I told my co-workers what he said and for some reason it offended one guy in particular. I'm not sure why but he it felt like he went around glaring at me the rest of the day. I don't know why it would offend him, it has nothing to do with him. I see him at work and no where else. My family and his family aren't friends.

If what I have does turn into cancer than it won't affect him in any way shape or form. I'm so very tempted to tell him to bite my ass and get over it but all that would just get me in trouble for trying to start a fight.

My family jokes about just about anything, and that includes ourselves and whatever illnesses we may have. That is the way we deal with life, through laughter.

This co-worker will never understand that and that's his fault.

Onto other things. My oldest Stepson was in town over the weekend and we were priviledged enough to eat supper with him at a local Mexican restaurant. He is 22 and I guess we are just not cool enough yet to spend more time with. Scott seemed to be ok with it so I left it alone. Stepson is moving to Albuquerque soon so we might see him more in the near future.

We found out that 13 year old Stepson has been nominated for the National Honor Society and he goes to an award ceremony and something else (not sure what else, we can't get his mom to spill the beans on what is happening) in January. We are so very proud of that punk!
Oh, we also found out he was busted kissing on my nieces best friend while he was here. When my niece told Scott about it she said they "were like using tongues and everything and it was gross".

We might have to watch out for this one. He's too smart for his own good but he's also a cute kid and has been caught making out with a few girls at home.

Scott's done the whole father-son macho thing and has bragged about it. I'm just waiting to see what happens if this honor society kid gets some girl pregnant when they are both only 15 or 16. I'm pretty sure this won't happen but if he's already enjoying kissing all the girls then who knows how soon before other things start happening.

My kids go to see their dad in 2 1/2 weeks. We leave August 5th for Twin Falls Idaho. OOOOO road trip right after having my coochie frozen. This should be fun!

They'll be up in Washington for two weeks. In those two weeks I plan on doing absolutely nothing! Nothing but going to ball games, Connie Mack is here the first week they are gone, and the second week they are gone I'll be in Albuquerque. About 2 months ago my company opened up classes that were originally just for managers. For a non-manager to take the class you had to have certain requirements within the company and then write a short essay on how the class would benefit you and your office.

I just happened to meet all the requirements and must have written a good essay because I was accepted! Three other co-workers were as well and two of us go that first full week of August and the other two of us go the second week of August. I go the second week. I'm so looking forward to a week away, no kids, no house to clean, no cooking, no whining (unless it's from people in the class with me and that's ok, I won't have to fix them!). Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, my house, my husband, but I'm ready for some me time. Even some me time that means I have to study and participate in group discussions and probably giving speeches. Who knows what I'll do in this class. I'll find out in a month.

I'm thinking I need to buy a Notebook to use while I'm gone.....

That is all for now. Have a great rest of the week.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I Have Been Well & Truly Violated! there is cussing in this post

The lovely Gyno office never called to reschedule so I showed up for my 3pm appointment at 2:55pm. I had to do the whole pee in a cup thing and I really think they only have you do that for these kind of appointments just to make sure you don't accidentally pee on the doctor when she is second knuckle deep in coochie. Lovely image? Isn't it?

Scott came with me I think to make up for all those OB appointments he couldn't make it to when I was pregnant with Harley. He did his usual entertaining of the nurses and staff and grouchy front counter receptionist actually smiled at us. I thank Scott, he seems to be able to bring smiles to even the grouchiest amongst us.

After I pee in the cup, we waited about 15 minutes for Doc's nurse to call us back and do the whole blood pressure thing. She doesn't make me weigh myself, we had a long conversation about weight at my last regular check up and we agreed to only weigh myself if I wanted to. She's awesome like that.

Then Scott and I were escorted back to the room where the procedure would happen. It was in the middle of the building and the room was pretty big. Nurse had the little bitty wrap thing waiting, along with a pad because of you know, the lovely leakage that would happen when the procedure was done. Nurse left the room and I took my shoes off and then grinned at Scott. I then proceeded to a little dance for him while I stripped off my shorts and undies. He complained to Doc when she came in (and busted me doing a silly dance with the little bitty wrap thing. I was sufficiently embarrassed! Scott did ask for stripper music to be piped into the rooms for the enjoyment of their male customers. I am SO glad my doctor and nurse have a great sense of humor.

I did notice the Duckbill wasn't my friendly plastic one, it was the evil metal one! But it was nice and warm so I didn't get a shock. Doc, as always, explained what she was going to do before she did anything.

So, in went the Duckbill, in went the stuff that turns any abnormal cells white (that shit burned!), in went the thing that pinches off the abnormal cells, in went the scraper to scrape out up inside my cervix (OUCH enough to make my toes wiggle), in went the ointment or whatever the hell it was to help with bleeding. Doc said that stuff is the color of dark brown mustard and then warned me that I would see some spotting with blood and that dark brown mustard color. Let me tell ya, it's such a pretty color. ha

It felt like the whole procedure took an hour. I think it only took about 15 minutes. My legs were shaking by the time she was done, mainly from the effort of keeping certain parts of my body relaxed enough so the damn Duckbill wouldn't hurt.

Doc only had to take one biopsy, mainly because all the abnormal cells were in one area. The biopsy was a pretty big snip for that small area. Nurse did show me what they snipped out. Can I just say OUCH, SHIT OUCH. Oh wait, I did say that. Out loud!

I go back in two weeks after I've had time to heal to do a cryo. Today was a culpo? Not sure if that is exactly the word but that is what I heard. Doc said she saw sufficient evidence to do the cryo to remove everything else. She should have test results back next week so if anything else needs to be done we'll determine what way to go after the cryo. Whooppee

During the whole procedure Scott kept a running commentary of anything that happened to cross his mind. At one point Doc did have to quit what she was doing for a minute because she was laughing so hard at something he said. I don't remember exactly what it was, something about not clenching my coochie so I didn't suck anything up inside me while Doc was still up in there. She finally asked him if he needed to leave the room so she could finish without hurting me more than she had to. I said yes, Nurse said no, and Scott said he would be good.

I'm feeling ok, I'm just leaning to one side when I sit because its pretty uncomfortable to sit right. I'm not in any pain. I've heard some women say they hurt for a few days after and others have said that they were fine an hour later. Scott's ex had this done and put herself on bed rest for 3 weeks. She was a severe hypochondriac (spelling?) though.

I'm off to bed. It's already been a long week. I worked 10 hours Monday, 10 1/2 hours Tuesday, only 6 hours today but I spent some of today tensed up in the upper half of my body and relaxed in the lower half of my body (not an easy thing to do all at once), I work 9 hours tomorrow, and then 10 hours again on Friday. Or maybe its 9 hours Friday. I don't know, either way. I've had a long week what with the biopsy and Stepson leaving.

Poor Emma cried tonight because she misses Stepson. Poor thing.

ok, now I'm off to bed.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Not Much

Other than the massive amount of rain our area has had the past week, not much else has happened. Ok, for some places it's not a massive amount but our rainy season normally consists of a few spits out of the clouds and the wind proceeds to blow the clouds away.

We have had thunder and lightening and the beautiful smell of rain for the week. Scott and I have slept with our window open and our window fan blowing just so we can have that smell envelope our room. Granted, one of us has to get up in the middle of the night to shut the fan off because it does get a tad chilly with the blades rotating all night but the smell is worth it.

Scott has me so close to convinced to get a hot tub. Apparently he already has it worked out in his head where the tub will go in our backyard and how he is going to do the foundation. I asked him about our plans for the kitchen floor and the rest of the backyard. He said we'll get to those but the hot tub is at the top of his list for now. I think one of the reasons I'm so close to agreeing to the tub is that there is a possibility it might be covered by insurance. For theraputical reasons. If ours won't than my mom's insurance surely would and we would pay the co-pay. I'm still thinking on that.

We saw Pirates II. We all loved it and are having to wait on pins and needles for the third one to come out next spring. Ah. Well.

My cryo, biopsy, whatever that lovely Gyno office wants to call it, is tomorrow. They managed to move me up a week so I'm going to meet the dreaded Duckbill early. We'll see if this appointment goes through without some other poor woman needing an emergency c-section. I do plan on asking to make sure the last woman is ok. My doc probably won't tell me but I just don't like to hear about other women having complications during a c-section.

And that is all for tonight.

Oh. Wait. Stepson left this evening.

I truly don't know how I feel this time. I'm truly going to miss him. He was so much fun to have visit this year. Just one year has made such a difference in his attitude. Sure, we had our moments but he is a teenage boy, so of course we are going to have some drama. He is coming back for Christmas. I think I'll make his plane reservation now so I know when he'll be here. HA, I know his mom won't tell us when he can come until a week before. She always does that when he comes for a winter holiday. I don't understand what her problem is. She calls and yells at Scott constantly and treats him horribly. I know they are divorced but she's the one who cheated on Scott with at least one guy. Scott caught them in his bed. Lovely. She should have the decency to be nice to Scott. He pays child support and we send him clothes, shoes, and fun stuff during the year. I think she is afraid that now that Stepson is old enough he might choose to come live with us. I don't think she needs to worry. Our school system is no where near as good as what he is in and if the boy is going to Harvard one day than he needs to stay in the honors program he is in now.

Ok, this turned out longer than I expected.

I'll let ya'll know how I feel after my violation appointment. I'm thinking of smuggling a lighter in to the room at the doc's office so I can melt the Duckbill. I know, I know, they would just find another Duckbill to use up the coochie.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

I share my birthdate with Tom Cruise Whoopty Doo emphasis on the DOO

I posted at the end of my long Day 3 Disney post that July 3rd was my birthday. What a day it turned out to be.

This is how I had my day planned out.

~Get up to see Scott off to work
~Pamper myself and soak in some homemade bath salts that my lovely Emma made for me
~Take the kids to the mall and wander around until it was time for my massage
~Take the kids home and go to my massage
~Eat lunch with my hubbie
~Go home and nap with my Pudge
~Go to church when hubbie got off work to enjoy some fun, food, and city fireworks
~Hunt down a fireworks stand that was open late and buy some to shoot off at our house after the city fireworks show was over
~Go to bed so we could get up early to head to Silverton for the 4th

This is how my day actually went.

~Slept through Scott leaving for work and didn't get up until 9:30am
~Pampered myself and soaked in a bath with homemade bath sales that my lovely Emma made for me
~Took the kids to the mall and told them since it was my birthday I was going to spend money how I wanted and I chose to spend it on them. I told them all they could pick out a couple things and I would waste some money for a change. Emma chose a $12 necklace from Hot Topic to match her $6 bracelet her cousin had already purchased for her the day before. Stepson and Ethan both chose absolutely nothing. The only thing they wanted was Chinese food from the food court. So I made them go to Walden Books with me and I bought another Laurell K. Hamilton book and ordered one they didn't have in stock. Got the kids lunch and then took them home.
~Cancelled my massage because my mom chose that day to do her quarterly blood donation, even after I had asked if she didn't mind watching the kids so I could get a massage. She told me Go Ahead, I'll watch the kids. I normally wouldn't mind leaving the kids home alone, Stepson is 13 and I totally trust him, but, BUT, Stepson and Emma were at each others throats all morning and I wasn't going to leave them alone because they tend to get a bit wild and I didn't want Harley run over in their rampaging through the house.
~Met hubbie for lunch.
~Missed my nap with Pudge because lunch with hubbie was so late. But I did spend 45 minutes sitting on the toilet because the sandwich I ate at Wendy's apparently has eggs in the bread and I am allergic to eggs. I didn't know their new Frescata sandwiches would have eggs in their bread otherwise I would have had my normal salad. Oh well, lesson learned.
~Listened to the three oldest kids gripe and complain that we were going to watch the city fireworks show when they wanted to go bowling. Made the kid angry when I put my foot down and told them it was my birthday and I was going to do what I wanted to do this one day, not what they wanted to do.
~Went to church to watch the city fireworks. Kids ate nachos and hot dogs. Scott and mom ate Navajo tacos. I nibbled on nachos in fear of the wrath of my tummy. Nothing happened though so it was OK! Listened to the old biddie complain about the horrible, evil, nasty, devil worshiping people that had tattoos. Called her on it because she knows very well that I have 4, count em, FOUR tattoos. And plan on getting more. I have no idea what having tattoos has to do with my belief in God. I did call her a mean, hypocritical cow to her face. I'm waiting for a call from our new preacher asking why I did what I did. Oh, don't worry, he'll hear why I did it.
~Didn't buy any fireworks because we didn't get out of the church parking lot until 10:15pm.
~Went home, put kids to bed and ourselves to bed so we could get up early to go to Silverton.

Ok, reading up on those sandwiches from Wendy's, there aren't any eggs in the bread and I did ask for no Mayo on my sandwich. Scott did have to take the sandwich back up to the counter after I looked at it because they still put Mayo on it. I could tell the staff got annoyed and when Scott explained why I asked for no Mayo they calmed down a little. Some people just don't understand allergies because they don't have any. Lucky Them and hope they never get any!

My mom gave me money and a cute pair of capris. My MIL and FIL gave me money. The kids gave me lots of hugs and homemade cards. My MIL made an eggless cheese cake for me. I still haven't eaten any but I'm going to cut into it tomorrow night.

My loving husband sang the Harry Potter Happy Birthday song to me. And then he really gave me no cards and no presents. I'm not sure if he did that on purpose or what. Being human this kind of hurt my feelings. I was going to say being a woman but I know some men that this would have hurt as well. One of those men is my husband. I don't know why it bothers me that I didn't at least get a birthday card. It's just a folded piece of paper with words on it that normally gets thrown away, if you're not a packrat like me. I've searched for the words to Harry Potter's birthday song but couldn't find them and I don't remember them like Scott does. If I do find them I'll post them here. I know it says something about no cards, no presents, or something like that.

Well, I'm off to bed before it hits Friday and I have to get up for work.

Sweet dreams all and dream of Pooh Tattoos!!! hehe Ok, So I can be evil when I want to be. But only because I am tired of that grouchy old lady judging me.
Your Dosha is Vata
Creative and restless, you take in all of life's pleasures (maybe a little too much!).You're quick witted and very talkative, but you also tend to have a spotty memory.You tend to get very into ideas, people, and lifestyles... but only for a short time.It's difficult to hold your attention, and you sometimes feel with what life has to offer.
With friends: You are very uncomfortable in new situations or with new people
In love: You fall in and out of love very easily
To achieve more balance: Live in a warm climate and spend some quiet time in nature

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Day 3 Disney

Here we are, DisneyLand again. We have managed to visit the land where all dreams come true three times in less than a year. Could this possibly be a record for a family that lives so far away from Disney? Not sure. We purchased our tickets and SIL and family actually waited for us to do this so we could all go through the checkpoint and have our tickets swiped together. Scott and SIL wanted a family picture of us in front of their flower display proclaiming the 50th Anniversary. We were done with one picture and about to have another picture snapped when Eeyore jumped into the picture. We have quite a few pictures with him and we all got a hug from him. BIL grumped away and Eeyore followed him and squeezed him anyways. I bet we were quite a sight. Ten people of all sizes, all wearing a bright turquoise shirt, each with some Pooh character stitched on the upper left or right chest area. There were other families that wore the same shirt but I think we were definitely the most noticeable. Another family did rival us, they all had on bright red Spiderman shirts but there were only five or six of them. We passed each other quite often and got a big kick out of it every time. Yep, we are all a bunch of dorks but we have fun doing it! We let the kids head off on their own as soon as we walked through the little tunnel to Main Street Disney. The adults and Ethan (poor Ethan was upset for a while because I made him stay with me but I didn't want to burden the other kids with him and his fear of crowds and being touched) got on the train that circles Disney so my mom could get a general idea of the layout and then we got off and hit the Haunted House. We loved the updates they've done, more ghosts and ghouls, a slightly different theme, and still lots of fun. Our second ride was Splash Mountain. This was so much fun. We hit it early enough that we waited maybe 2 minutes to get in our own little canoe. And all six adults got in the same canoe. And let me tell you, none of us are light weights. We floated through the little maze just fine and went down the first fall just fine, no biggie. Then we hit the big fall. Here was the line up in the canoe; SIL, BIL, Ethan, mom, myself, and Scott.

We hit the top of the fall and SIL started screaming, Ethan ducked behind BIL, I don’t know what mom did, I held onto my handles with a death grip (I still have that silly fear of flying out of the canoe and, ya know, dying or something stupid like that), and Scott just whooped it up and yelled.

Like I said, none of us are heavy weights and when we hit bottom the splash was HUGE. As in huge enough that we were all soaked from head to toe. Well, Ethan wasn’t because he was hiding and I think BIL managed to get splash meant for Ethan. Much Fun.
We squished around Pooh Corner for a while, rode the Winnie the Pooh ride, bought some more Pooh earrings, and had our pictures taken with Pooh. My most favoritest picture of the day was of Ethan hugging Tigger. Or maybe Tigger was squishing Ethan. Either way Ethan was thrilled because he is my big Tigger. I can’t call him my little Tigger because the kid is almost as tall as me.

After more rides and locating the kids we ate lunch in the New Orleans district and made the kids go with us on a few rides.
I could tell SIL and BIL were wearing down by about 3pm. BIL had commented earlier that he wanted to leave by 1pm and his kids threw a fit. They managed to stay until 5pm. By that time my mom was ready to go because her feet, ankles, and shoulder were done for the day. I’m truly surprised she made it that long. BIL took mom back to the hotel and they all ate dinner together from what I understand.

Scott, our three kids, and I stayed until the park shut down at midnight. Of course we were exhausted but that’s what we do. We love to wear ourselves out running back and forth to the different rides all day long. We rode the Haunted House, Splash Mountain, the Matterhorn, Space Mountain, and who knows how many other rides more than once.
It was fun and I’m glad we got to spend the weekend with my SIL and her family but Scott and I have decided never again. We love them and enjoy a night of dinner and a movie every now and then but the whole weekend with a high maintenance, grouchy ass BIL was way too much. I’d be totally willing to do a weekend trip like that again with just my SIL and her kids but BIL can keep his grouchy ass home!
I was stupid and made the comment we should make Disney a semi-annual event for our family.
Scott is already planning our December trip and wondering if we should bring the kids or leave them home.
I haven’t decided what my vote is yet. I’ll let you all know when school is back in session and grades are doing ok.

This was obviously a condensed version of the day considering we were there from 8:30am to Midnight.

Looking back we had so much fun but nothing really outstanding. Scott and I did get into an argument, he says we don’t argue we, we debate, and I don’t remember exactly why. I had mentioned riding the Teacups and he turned and glared at me, said something rude about my Precious Teacups and walked away. The rest of us realized he wasn’t coming back and had to run to catch up to him, only to find him standing by the Teacups and him yelling at me to get in the damn line so we could get on with the day. Ok, so my husband wasn’t all smiley with roses but we all had our moments of grouchiness. Ok, BIL’s was most of the day.
So, I rode my damn Precious Teacups and Scott was fine again. I really don’t understand what he has against them. He’ll ride roller coasters that will flip you upside down, twist and turn you, and make you want to hurl but he won’t sit in a teacup with me and let me spin us to my hearts desire. Wait, maybe it’s because the last time I did I made him sick and he almost puked. Nah, that couldn’t be the reason.

Anyways, I’m off to bed. We had a long Fourth of July and that is yet another post.
I’m going to eat some of my birthday cheesecake that my wonderful MIL made for me! No my birthday wasn’t today, it was Monday. I’m a third of July baby. If my mom had held her legs together for 6 more measly hours I would have been a Fourth of July baby! Ok, my mom tends to smack me upside the head when I say that so I’m going to go now and chow down on cheesecake before she reads what I have typed and then go to bed.

Hope you all had a great and safe Fourth!