Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Niagara Falls and Way Too Much Information (just warning)

My doc called Monday afternoon to let me know she already my test results back from the biopsy. I have dysplasia (sp?), or precancerous cells, that need to be frozen out of me. That lovely appointment is August 2nd. A friend of mine has had that done and said it was about 45 minutes of hell. I guess I find out in 2 weeks or so.

Reading up on dysplasia shows that most women have HPV. I don't. Other things that can cause this is multiple sexual partners, smoking, and other STD's. I don't smoke. I don't have any form of STD. I am 33 and not exactly a saint when I was a teenager, or in between marriages. As a precaution both Scott and I were tested for anything and everything before we got married and we are both clean. I have blood work done every year with my yearly check up and I've always come back clean. Of course, the article I read said 80% to 90% of women have HPV so not every woman has HPV and dysplasia.

My biopsy was last Wednesday and my lovely monthly visiting friend that I hate with a passion came Saturday morning. A normal period for me is 3 1/2 to 4 days. I'm going on 5 days and it's the heaviest flow I've had in a while. I have my own personal Niagra Falls!

It was bad enough today that I broke down and called my doc just to make sure it was due to the biopsy. And it is. But the call made my husband and co-workers feel better. They were all worried about me.

Probably because I've lost 3 pounds on this period. That is a definite first for me. Normally I eat enough chocolate to feed the entire state of California during my period. This month it's all I can do to make myself eat two meals a day. I'm not complaining though.

So, when I told Scott what the doc told me he said Ok, welcome to the cancer club. Except when he said it I imagined CANCER CLUB. The words in all caps. It didn't offend me because he's beaten Thyroid cancer. He had his Thyroid removed and went through radiation back in 1994. Twelve years in remission. Of course with no Thyroid it would make it hard for that form of cancer to come back. He has had two spots of skin cancer removed though, and that was just a couple years ago.

I asked Scott if I got a welcoming cake to the Cancer Club. He said sure, any kind I wanted. I asked for a Black Forest Cake with lots of cherries. I'm still waiting for it.

I told my co-workers what he said and for some reason it offended one guy in particular. I'm not sure why but he it felt like he went around glaring at me the rest of the day. I don't know why it would offend him, it has nothing to do with him. I see him at work and no where else. My family and his family aren't friends.

If what I have does turn into cancer than it won't affect him in any way shape or form. I'm so very tempted to tell him to bite my ass and get over it but all that would just get me in trouble for trying to start a fight.

My family jokes about just about anything, and that includes ourselves and whatever illnesses we may have. That is the way we deal with life, through laughter.

This co-worker will never understand that and that's his fault.

Onto other things. My oldest Stepson was in town over the weekend and we were priviledged enough to eat supper with him at a local Mexican restaurant. He is 22 and I guess we are just not cool enough yet to spend more time with. Scott seemed to be ok with it so I left it alone. Stepson is moving to Albuquerque soon so we might see him more in the near future.

We found out that 13 year old Stepson has been nominated for the National Honor Society and he goes to an award ceremony and something else (not sure what else, we can't get his mom to spill the beans on what is happening) in January. We are so very proud of that punk!
Oh, we also found out he was busted kissing on my nieces best friend while he was here. When my niece told Scott about it she said they "were like using tongues and everything and it was gross".

We might have to watch out for this one. He's too smart for his own good but he's also a cute kid and has been caught making out with a few girls at home.

Scott's done the whole father-son macho thing and has bragged about it. I'm just waiting to see what happens if this honor society kid gets some girl pregnant when they are both only 15 or 16. I'm pretty sure this won't happen but if he's already enjoying kissing all the girls then who knows how soon before other things start happening.

My kids go to see their dad in 2 1/2 weeks. We leave August 5th for Twin Falls Idaho. OOOOO road trip right after having my coochie frozen. This should be fun!

They'll be up in Washington for two weeks. In those two weeks I plan on doing absolutely nothing! Nothing but going to ball games, Connie Mack is here the first week they are gone, and the second week they are gone I'll be in Albuquerque. About 2 months ago my company opened up classes that were originally just for managers. For a non-manager to take the class you had to have certain requirements within the company and then write a short essay on how the class would benefit you and your office.

I just happened to meet all the requirements and must have written a good essay because I was accepted! Three other co-workers were as well and two of us go that first full week of August and the other two of us go the second week of August. I go the second week. I'm so looking forward to a week away, no kids, no house to clean, no cooking, no whining (unless it's from people in the class with me and that's ok, I won't have to fix them!). Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, my house, my husband, but I'm ready for some me time. Even some me time that means I have to study and participate in group discussions and probably giving speeches. Who knows what I'll do in this class. I'll find out in a month.

I'm thinking I need to buy a Notebook to use while I'm gone.....

That is all for now. Have a great rest of the week.


TC said...

I think that humor is a wonderful tool to use to deal with stressful stuff like sickness. If your coworker got offended it is his problem. It makes no sense at all for it to affect him in any way.

poet said...

the same connie mack who signed my older brother to montreal expos in 1975? i had problem loading that page with the connie mack link. but i wanted to read about it.
on the niagara falls thing. i had a lavh hysterctomy in paril, and feel a milion times better. maybe that is what has to happen with you. i hope you feel better today. poet