Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm spoiled

Well, I took mrhaney's suggestion and renamed my handy dandy notebook. I'm not going to tell anyone what the name is this time! Not even Scott! HA HA teach him to order a handy dandy notebook when I'm sleeping.

The kids are safely up in Washington with their stepmom. I haven't heard from them yet but I did tell Emma she could only call twice while they were up there. This may sound mean but I'm doing it for my own sanity. The last time Emma went to Washington for a couple weeks she was so miserable and cried most of the time and my ex caved in and let her call me every night and she would cry and scream for me to come get her early. I know she missed me but it would drive me crazy and I would sit there and cry when I could finally get her off the phone. This would happen every time she went to Washington. SW just couldn't grasp the idea that he was their dad and he needed to find a way to comfort his daughter and help her feel better about being there. Thank goodness Ethan has never had a problem with going.

The trip to meet their stepmom was uneventful. We left here Saturday morning about 4:30am and reached Twin Falls ID about 3:45 that afternoon. Pretty good time if I do say so myself. I didn't stop as much as I should have but we had to turn around and drive back to Salt Lake that night to check into our hotel room. Harley did so good and was ok provided I kept the portable dvd player running. It rained on us in Idaho and around Moab, UT but other than that the weather was nice.

The house was very peaceful today what with being 2 kids short right now. It wasn't until Harley decided that nap time wasn't for him. It's almost 1am and no matter what Scott and I have tried, he just doesn't want to sleep. Poor kid is used to sleeping with Ethan in the room too.

I'm off to bed now, I'll be bad and just put Harley in bed with me so I can crash. I have to drag myself back to work tomorrow.

And to answer your question Poet. It probably was the same Connie Mack that signed your brother. Check out this website and see what you find. www.cmws.org.

Oh, I still love my handy dandy notebook! I paid bills on it while Scott did his thing on the desktop!


Laura said...

I want one now too

mrhaney said...

i am glad that you took my advice.
after reading your story it reminded me of when my son begged to go see my parents in massachusetts when he was 13. we said , they live in the country and you will get bored. he still wanted to go. we put him on a plane and off he went. after two weeks he was calling us and telling ud he wanted to come home. we didn't let him though. he never asked to go again after that.