Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I've Been a Bad Blogger

So, where to begin........

I got home from Albuquerque about 5:45 on August 18th. I picked up my car from the Dodge dealership, where they never found anything wrong with it. But it hasn't acted up since then either. Scott is thinking that they camsensor part they just replaced came unplugged somehow and they just had to plug it back in and didn't want to admit it. I don't care as long as it doesn't die on me again in the middle of the road. They didn't even charge us for them having it for 2 weeks. I would really hope they wouldn't though. Two weeks was a little outrageous.

The house was a disaster from dad and boy (that is what Harley calls himself, Boy) playing monkey. They had fun though, that is what matters. I ignored the mess and went straight to bed.

Scott and I left at midnight that same night to head to Twin Falls Idaho to pick up Ethan and Emma. We drove straight through and we were both so loopy after being up from 6am Friday morning to 10pm Saturday night.

When we got the kids we turned around and drove back to Salt Lake City to our room, which was only a 10 minute drive from the Mayan. We absolutely love that restaurant!

We got home Sunday evening and the kids had one day to rest before school started. So far I really like Emma's teacher and both of Ethan's teachers. Emma must really like her too because homework is done before I'm home from work and she got a 99 on her first spelling test. Happy Happy Joy Joy

Since then it's been work, school, laundry, cleaning, and well, truthfully, lots of being lazy with my kids.

My mom got home from Winston-Salem tonight but I haven't heard much because she is busy unpacking and doing laundry so she can leave Thursday to visit her sister in Mesa for a week.

And I'm sure there is so much more rambling around in my head to write about but I just saw my little monkey boy running around with one of my bras on his head.

Time to get both of us to bed!

Everyone have a great week and hopefully I'll come back with some witty stuff. Or just some more crap about my kids and husband.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Here I am in the big city of Abq. and all I've done is gone to the class or vegged out in my hotel room. How fun am I?

The class has been about 8 hours every day but sitting in the tiny room with very low air conditioning and 8 other people besides myself, that room gets pretty stuffy. I'm enjoying it though and am kind of sad that my week is now half over. Only two more days to go.

I do miss my husband and my Pudge. Scott called last night to tell me they were playing monkey and I could hear Pudge in the background making monkey noises. I guess they were hopping all over the house and jumping on furniture. I can just imagine what kind of mess I'll come home to Friday.

Other than that I really don't have much more to say. I will add that in the class I'm the only female. There are times when the testosterone is so thick I could cut it with a knife. The class requires constant group partipitation. We aren't supposed to just sit there while the trainer talks, we have to give input. This class is teaching me to raise my voice to be heard above all those Mens! Of course once they actually hear me they will shut up and let me talk.

It's also funny because they'll start cussing and immediately apologize for it. If they only knew the real me...... Actually they caught a glimpse of it today when we were discussing a topic that I'm having issues with at work right now. They definitely heard my potty mouth and I stunned them all. It was a good day. After they all recovered I told them my work here was done and I was leaving. Which got them laughing again.

Since I've had a good day, got some stuff off my shoulders, I'm considering walking across the street and wandering around the mall. Better than sitting in the hotel for the third night in a row and doing nothing.

I probably won't post anything for a few days. Class is done Friday at noon or so and then my co-worker and I will drive the 2 1/2 hours home and then I get to sleep because we have to leave by 11pm to make it to Twin Falls to pick up the other two demons. I do miss them oh so much and that is the only reason I have agreed to leave at such an ungodly hour to meet to do the kid swap.

I'm off to find some grub and maybe do some shopping!

Have a great rest of the week

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Connie Mack Is Over!

I love going to the Connie Mack games every year. But I'm so glad when they are over. Working all day and then going to the games at night make a very long day. The last game was Friday night and the Arizona team won.

I was bad and barely even looked at the computer at night while Connie Mack was going on. By the time I got home most nights it was almost 11pm. And I had to get up to be at work by 8am.

I spent this weekend reuperating from all the excitement and have had lots of fun trying to keep Harley calm so he could rest up too. He's been so grouchy because of the upset in his schedule.

I've only heard from Emma once so far. I told her she could only call me twice while they were gone and so far she has minded and only called once. And then she talked to me for only a couple minutes before she handed the phone to Ethan. She was too busy for me! I was thrilled that she wasn't spending her time worrying about me and crying to come home. I bet this trip with SW and her stepmom has been so nice.

I've had lots of people ask me how I am doing and if I miss them. In some way I do but most of the time I don't. I sort of feel bad about that. But not really. Don't get me wrong, I love those two so very much but the drama of this past summer has drained me and this little break was just what we all needed. It's good for the kids to see their dad and at the same time I just have one little one to worry about right now.

Come tomorrow morning I have no one to worry about! Yea, right. Whatever. I'll worry about everyone just like always while I'm in Albuquerque for the week. I'll just do it from the privacy of a hotel room where I can watch what I want and go to bed when I want! The co-worker I'm going with doesn't want to leave until tomorrow morning at 5am or so, so I'll get one more night with my Pudge before leaving him for the week.

I've already packed my clothes and have the suitcase sitting by the front door and Pudge has already unpacked it for me twice. He finally gave in and crashed on his bed for a nap so hopefully he won't think of it after he wakes up.

Nothing exciting at all to report.

I'm going to catch up on blog reading now.

Have a great week

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm spoiled

Well, I took mrhaney's suggestion and renamed my handy dandy notebook. I'm not going to tell anyone what the name is this time! Not even Scott! HA HA teach him to order a handy dandy notebook when I'm sleeping.

The kids are safely up in Washington with their stepmom. I haven't heard from them yet but I did tell Emma she could only call twice while they were up there. This may sound mean but I'm doing it for my own sanity. The last time Emma went to Washington for a couple weeks she was so miserable and cried most of the time and my ex caved in and let her call me every night and she would cry and scream for me to come get her early. I know she missed me but it would drive me crazy and I would sit there and cry when I could finally get her off the phone. This would happen every time she went to Washington. SW just couldn't grasp the idea that he was their dad and he needed to find a way to comfort his daughter and help her feel better about being there. Thank goodness Ethan has never had a problem with going.

The trip to meet their stepmom was uneventful. We left here Saturday morning about 4:30am and reached Twin Falls ID about 3:45 that afternoon. Pretty good time if I do say so myself. I didn't stop as much as I should have but we had to turn around and drive back to Salt Lake that night to check into our hotel room. Harley did so good and was ok provided I kept the portable dvd player running. It rained on us in Idaho and around Moab, UT but other than that the weather was nice.

The house was very peaceful today what with being 2 kids short right now. It wasn't until Harley decided that nap time wasn't for him. It's almost 1am and no matter what Scott and I have tried, he just doesn't want to sleep. Poor kid is used to sleeping with Ethan in the room too.

I'm off to bed now, I'll be bad and just put Harley in bed with me so I can crash. I have to drag myself back to work tomorrow.

And to answer your question Poet. It probably was the same Connie Mack that signed your brother. Check out this website and see what you find. www.cmws.org.

Oh, I still love my handy dandy notebook! I paid bills on it while Scott did his thing on the desktop!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's Here

I'm typing this on my new Notebook. I feel like I should be a guest on Blues Clues. I have my handy dandy notebook, and it's even blue!

I'm waiting for my free skin to show up. Scott just happened to place the order for this while there was an offer for free skins. I chose the Asian skin and it should be here in a couple more days.

When I first turned on my handy dandy Notebook it asked me to name it. So, being the oh so brilliant person I am, chose the name Traveler. Was the Notebook lonely, is that why it needed a name? I guess it just wants to feel love and welcomed in the new home.

Sorry, I'm a little tired and in a fiesty mood right now. Has to do with the whole frozen business. I just love feeling like I'm peeing every time I move. Apparently the stuff sloughing off of my cervix is going to be water and bad cells. It's rather gross and I'm ready for the next 3 weeks or so to be over now!

I don't know what I think of this handy dandy Notebook so far. Well, I do love it but the keyboard is so frickin' small compared to what I am used to that I've made tons of mistakes and I keep having to use the backspace button to correct my millions of typos so far. I'll get used to it.

The set up was so easy! It picked up our wireless connection right away and I was up and surfing, even though I should be sleeping.

Damn handy dandy Notebook.....

I'm off to bed with this short note. I'm so glad there is only 1 day left in my work week.

Monday brought different managers not knowing where I was because none of the managers wouold communicate with each other or me. I would ask what I needed to do and where I should be and know one had the answer. We had a person quit and I'm filling in where I can until my company hires a replacement.

I guess Monday one manager wanted me at my desk, another wanted me subbing, and yet another just wanted to know exactly what I should be doing and all of them have jumped down my throat at least once this week because they can't communicate with each other. Makes getting up and getting ready for work pretty hard.

So, I've been yelled at at work for reasons beyond my control, had my coochie frozen and now I'm melting, my 2 1/2 year old car broke down this morning on my way to work and come to find out it was a part that is no longer covered by warranty, we paid $200 to get the car fixed because I lurve my car, and then after getting my car to the Dodge dealership to get looked at, on the way to work, with Scott driving, I spilled half of my milk on my lap. Really big, horrible run on sentence. Sam, don't throw anything at me. Please.

I think I need to find the warranty papers for my car and see what exactly is covered.

Oh, only 1 more day til we leave for Idaho to do a kid exchange. I exchange the kids for peace and quiet for 2 weeks. HA Who am I kidding. I'll hate it while they are gone. At least I'll have my little Monkey Butt and Scott. Before those two came along, the time that the kids spent with their dad was horrendous.



I got myself so worked up about having the cryo done that my blood pressure was high. I was also sweating and shaking so bad that I had to concentrate and take deep breaths during the drive to the doctors office.

I don't know why I was so nervous. The procedure needed to be done and I figured it couldn't be any worse than having the stuff snipped out of me.

I think my problem was listening to others that have had it done that had a bad experience with the cryo.

The part that hurt the most? The Duckbill! Only because doc positioned it wrong the first time and pinched me. OUCH! But she fixed it right away and got it right the second time.

Before she even started the freezing she showed me what all she would be using and explained everything. Just seeing the tube she would stick up there made my pulse race even more and I felt sweat trickling down my back. ummm gross

But when the time came for the tube to go up in my coochie and start the freezing I calmed down. I realized I felt the cold but no pain.

Doc froze for 3 minutes in one spot and then scrape the "block of ice"* off and then froze in another spot for 3 minutes and scraped that block of ice off.

The whole thing took maybe 8 minutes and doc's nurse and I talked the whole time.

This cryo business was literally no big deal. Granted, once she was done and went over the do's and don'ts for the next 3-4 weeks** and then left the room, I stood up off the table to the start of the first cramps. Even the cramping wasn't bad. For about 2 hours they were worse than the worst period cramps I've ever had but now I don't feel a thing.

And I don't know if it's my imagination or what but I've been chilly all afternoon since I had it done.

Even peeing for the first time after was an experience. I never really thought about how warm pee was until today.

A friend from work sent me a text message telling me to open up and say ahhh and he sent it right about the time doc was starting the procedure! Silly Gay Man! When I could get to my phone I sent back that I was frozen and then a while later let him know about the whole warm peeing thing. I think I grossed him out for the day! My work here is done. Thank You!

Now I get to have pap smears every 3 months for the next year. Yippeee

On to funnier things. Harley! He is our little barrel of monkey laughs.


He decided to strip off his clothes and his diaper last night and started running around the house. Normally when he does that he yells I'm Naked over and over until I chase him down to put jammies on him. Last night was different.

He ran around the house making monkey noises, climbing up on everything, and giving daddy a hard time because he kept climbing up on daddy's step stool where daddy was standing, working on some shelves we got 3 years ago. That he just put up yesterday....

At one point my lovely little 2 1/2 year old precious little boy ran up to me, climbed up my leg and called himself a Monkey Butt. He then proceeded to jump off me, grab his butt and run off again. I'm assuming in search of other people to climb on.

Emma did shriek not long after he ran away from me.

I finally corralled him long enough to get a diaper and jammies on him and get him in bed. No wonder I was tired last night. A person would think that as much as I chase my 3 demons around that I'd loose a little weight somewhere. Ah, well

Ethan lost another tooth after, once again, me not knowing he had a loose tooth. My little freak!

I'm off to bed. Again. I'm tired but have tried to go to sleep 4 or 5 times tonight and ended up laying there staring at the ceiling. Maybe now that it's almost 1am I can go to sleep.


*A block of ice? It was a small block of ice she pulled off my cervix. I didn't see it but I heard it plop into a cup of water !

**No douching, no tampons, no hot tubs, swimming, baths until the lovely discharge stops, in about 3-4 weeks! Oh, and no insertion of anything in the coochie so no sex either. For about 3-4 weeks! UGGG We will just have to think of other ways to have some fun ;)