Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back To Work

I've been back at work for one week now. It's Sunday night and I have to be at work at 7:15 in the morning. For my 2nd week of work.

I'm exhausted......

Between working 10 hours a day, normal housework, getting ready for Halloween, helping to take care of teens that for some reason their parents decided to kick them out of the house for a night or a week or however long (Who can do that anyways?????), I've been busssssssyyy.

I buckled and told Emma she could have her first Halloween party next Saturday. She's invited 10 girls. And so far they are all able to come. What in the hell did I OK!!?!?!? Ronnie said he'll be disappearing that night and we didn't question him. We know where he will be and I'm sure Emma and all of her friends will be happier without the 16 year old here with his friends. I can imagine the fights that would happen.

We took Harley to a classmate's birthday party last night. It was his first "party" and he was excited and nervous and kept asking how he should be. What kind of 5 year old worries about "how he should be"? He was too cute. It was at a skating rink and he tried skating but decided it wasn't for him yet. The rink had these scooter type things but you knelt on them instead of standing on them and he had a blast riding that around. He was having so much fun with his friends that they didn't eat the dinner that was provided and didn't want to stop long enough to enjoy cake and ice cream. And then on the way home he cried because he didn't get any pizza or cake or ice cream. When we got home he put his PJ's on and I fed him left over Mac&Cheese and a bowl of cereal and he was happy.

I had my last check up with my doctor last Wednesday. She finally told me that all the tests came back normal except one. I had Adenomyosis. I guess that's how it's spelled. I can't remember. It's the opposite of Endometriosis. The muscles of my utuerus was growing on the inside and causing all the problems I'd been having. My doctor told me she was glad I was persistent to have the surgery because that is the only thing that cures what I had and unfortunately the only way to know you have it is if you have a hysterectomy. The other procedure she wanted me to have wouldn't have worked and all the crap I'd been dealing with would have been back in a month or so. I've lost 7 pounds since my surgery. That's only 7 pounds in 7 1/2 weeks but hey, it's better than nothing at all or gaining weight. I can start working out again so we shall see if I can up that number!

Guess I should get to bed and get a little rest before my 2nd week of work starts.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Monday, October 12, 2009

5th Week

5th Week means I only have one more week left of leave. I really don't want to go back to work but I must.
The younger kids are sad that I'm going back to work but then I remind them they love my paycheck that comes with that work. I do too, especially when it comes time to pay bills.
This is depressing to think I go back so soon. And 5 friends were laid off and their last day was today. I am sad for them and will miss them when I do go back. I am going to eat some chocolate and go to bed now.