Monday, September 11, 2006

Still a Bad Blogger

I need 50 lashes with a wet noodle, or something of the sort. Any takers?

Going once...

Going twice...


Didn't think so....

I chose to come back and post today because it is 9-11. And not because of what happened 5 years ago. I've chosen to finally remember to come back to my blog today because of what happened one year ago today. It was one year ago today, in the hour of 3 in the morning, that my Granny passed away. Scott had to work the stock truck last night and he was leaving his store about 3:45 this morning and said he shivered, not from being cold either, when he realized it was pretty much exactly one year ago at that time that she had passed.

What happened 5 years ago was beyond sad and I'm sure many have mourned today and will continue on every 9-11 or every day for years to come but my grief today is for someone that was in my own household.

I truly never thought I would grieve like this for the woman that was so harsh. I have thought of her every day since she passed and have had tears spring to my eyes at the most surprising of moments over the smallest things. And it always happens when I'm thinking of granny.

My household isn't less stressful since she has gone, it's not more subdued, in fact, it's noisier. And at times more joyful.

None of us are glad she is gone. We just now feel the freedom to have fun and laugh and play in our own house without the fear of being told we are too loud and hurting her ears.

But I do miss her. I miss her gardening, sewing, crocheting, crossword puzzles that lay all over the house, and so many other things that I never took to as she hoped I would. I don't feel bad about those things, that's just the way life is.

I also miss her stories of her childhood. I loved hearing about her school days and the jobs she held. The one thing she never shared with me was how she met Grandpa. She very rarely talked about him. I caught her talking to him though, as her days grew numbered.

I'm awful at crocheting, I could do without crossword puzzles (they are just ok), I don't like to sew or knit, and if a garden or a plant depended on me, surely it would die. She would make homemade soups that I just don't have the desire to boil.

The only thing I wished I'd learned from her was her canning of jams and jellies. She would make the best jams and jellies and those homemade treats are always better than store bought. I tried to make my own jam and jelly one year and they were horrible. I have no idea what I did wrong to those poor fruits that I had to throw away.

And just after this little bit I feel better about this day.

It truly wasn't a bad day. It was like most Mondays. I got up and got ready for work, got the kids out the door to catch the bus, I went to work and was able to eat lunch with my hubby and the Pudge. I came home from work and took Emma to soccer practice, her first game is Saturday. All ready. Then Emma and I came home, ate some wonderful chili that my lovable hubby made, bathed Pudge, did some soccer board stuff, and now I'm doing this.

Scott just came to the front room and asked why I wasn't doing this on our handy dandy Notebook. Truthfully? Because I forget about it!

I'm off now, I have a Mickey Mouse latch hook project to finish for my mom and I'm almost done.

I'll try not to be so anti social in the future.

Everyone have a great week