Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day 1

We will consider Friday Day 1 of the trip.

We left Flagstaff before 7am so we could hit the beach about sunset. We HAD planned to get to our room, check in, go to downtown Disney to shop and get our tickets for Sunday, and then hit the beach to watch the sunset over the beach.

Instead we checked in to our room, which took 45 minutes because the guy checking us in spoke maybe 10 words of English. It took all I had to be nice and smile politely. After finally getting the keys to our rooms (yep, we needed 2 rooms since there were 6 of us, Mom and Emma shared one room and I was stuck in the other room with Ethan, Stepson, and Scott) we unloaded luggage into the rooms only to discover that the a/c in my room didn't work. We waited another half hour for the maintenance man to show up to fix it. He spoke maybe 11 words of English. I was already wishing I was in Emma's room. Ya know, boys in one room, girls in the other.

While MM worked on the a/c I unpacked the bathroom bag and plugged in my curling iron to do my hair because I had washed it that morning and then just let it dry, I looked kind of scary. Maybe those guys could speak perfect English but I scared it right out of them. I turned on the iron and nothing. So I tried the other plug and nothing. I thought maybe it was iron and plugged in the complimentary hair dryer that was bolted to the wall. Nothing. Same for the coffee pot that will give you one cup at a time. Nothing. I went to Emma's room and it worked just fine. eeeeee

After our a/c was fixed we relaxed for a few minutes while conferring with SIL and her family about what they wanted to do. Each family had their own plan and neither wanted to give in and do what the other wanted. It was so much fun for a while. BIL was grouchy all day Friday and I was fed up with him. I was to the point of telling Scott he needed to tell SIL and family we would see them tomorrow because we were heading to Disney.

We ended up at the beach. And let me just say that when you park at Hungtington Beach and walk the few feet to the beach, it's about another quarter of a mile to the water. Ok Maybe not that far but when you have a bunch of fat ass people hiking down to the beach, it seems a really long ways a way.

And about 4 hours earlier than we wanted to be at the beach. But we had fun and even BIL laughed at our antics. None of us wore our suits but we got in the ocean anyways. Emma was knocked over by I don't know how many waves. She would get up sputtering and giggling, waiting for the next wave. Ethan stood so that most of the waves just lapped at his feet. He finally got in the water after Scott hefted up Ethan and chunked him into a big wave. Well, it was more like they both fell into the wave because Ethan is such a big kid that it was hard for Scott to throw him. Stepson, my niece and nephew swore they weren't going to get wet. They were too cool for that ya know. It wasn't long though, with all of us laughing and running around in the waves that they gave in and were the wettest of us all. I think we might have scared the natives too. Most of the people just kind of stared at us like we were a bunch of freaks! What'd you expect from obvious tourists. Besides Scott and I have fun no matter what we are doing. We make sure we do!

Huntington Beach people? Lighten up and smile, us strangers from another state won't hurt anyone. I promise, we'll just smile and say HI to you.

Even my mom walked in the water. I had to hold on to her but hey, she got wet. Until some seaweed came flying out of the water and wrapped itself around her arms and chest. It was like some sea creature knew she was afraid of the ocean and it was gonna get her. She waddled back up to dry sand very quickly after that! My poor mom, with her shoulder surgery and having broken her feet I don't know how many times, she has issues. I know she has broken them enough times that her feet don't bend. Her toes will bend but that is it. Oh, she has no arches and her ankles barely move too. Her arches fell years ago. She likes to joke that her arches fell way before gravity hit the rest of her body and her boobs fell.

There was one particular wave that was HUGE. Taller than me. We tried to yell at Emma to hurry and come up on shore a little but she didn't hear us. It took her off guard and down she went. Scott was the first to her and he literally dragged her up the beach with her hacking and coughing, sounding like she was coughing up a furball. We couldn't help but laugh at her because it went kind of like this: HACK HACK GAG MAMA GAG DAD HACK HACK over and over. I know, not so funny but it was if you were standing there. After she caught her breath she was laughing harder than the rest of us and wanted to wait around for another HUGE wave and do it all over again.

But NOPE. BIL was done and he wanted to leave after only 45 minutes at the beach. So we hiked our fat butts back the half mile, yes I know I said quarter of a mile earlier but after playing the in the water we were tired, to the parking lot and got in the cars. Soaking wet! It was worth it though. I believe we still have some of Huntington Beach in the van. hehe

Scott and I decided to drive down the Pacific Coast highway for a while and just enjoy the beautiful weather. We told BIL and SIL what we planned on doing and if they wanted to go back to the room we would see them there. They decided to follow us and about 2 minutes into the drive they called to let us know that they needed gas NOW. And they would only get gas at a Shell station. This really irritated Scott so he took the long way back to the hotel, there was a Shell station right across the street from our hotel. Ok, now when we left the hotel it took us about 25 minutes to get to the beach. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to get back to the room. :) We figured out they didn't remember the way back to the room and that is why they followed us.

By this time BIL was nice and overly grouchy and too angry with us to do anything else with us, including speak to us. We swam in the pool for a while and cooled off from the beach and then we all got ready and headed to downtown Disney. We found out that BIL and family ate at the restaurant next to the hotel and SIL got angry with her husband when she found out we waited and ate dinner at the Rainforest restaurant at Disney. It was very good and I hope to eat there again some day.

We shopped in the main Disney store and I splurged and bought 5 Pooh cabinet handles and 5 Tigger cabinet handles. They will go in my bathroom and Scott now plans on painting the bathroom yellow to match the yellow on the handles. If he can put up with all the Pooh and Anne Geddes pictures in the bathroom then I can put up with a bright ass yellow in my bathroom!

So, after listening to BIL bitch and complain most of the morning, through text messageing on the way to Anahiem, then annoying him to the point where he quit talking to us in the afternoon, playing at the beach, in the pool, wandering around downtown Disney and buying stuff and eating a wonderfull dinner, our Friday was full and quite fun.

Especially the part where we pissed of my BIL on purpose. The Ass.

Coming soon, Day 2.

Day 2 is Knottsberry Farm fun.

Oh what a day it was.

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Walker said...

it can be hard with two families deciding on what to do but it sounds like you found something just the same to have fun.
I remember an American up here form Florida tellimg me a story about a bus pulling up to the beach in october.
Everyone ran off the bus in bathing suits and straight into the water.
He asked what everything was all about and an old person said "oh its just the Canadians tghey dont carfe how cold the water is" LOL
I guess when you live in a place you get used to a certain thing and when stragers arrive they can understand whatg all the excitment is about