Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Day 3 Disney

Here we are, DisneyLand again. We have managed to visit the land where all dreams come true three times in less than a year. Could this possibly be a record for a family that lives so far away from Disney? Not sure. We purchased our tickets and SIL and family actually waited for us to do this so we could all go through the checkpoint and have our tickets swiped together. Scott and SIL wanted a family picture of us in front of their flower display proclaiming the 50th Anniversary. We were done with one picture and about to have another picture snapped when Eeyore jumped into the picture. We have quite a few pictures with him and we all got a hug from him. BIL grumped away and Eeyore followed him and squeezed him anyways. I bet we were quite a sight. Ten people of all sizes, all wearing a bright turquoise shirt, each with some Pooh character stitched on the upper left or right chest area. There were other families that wore the same shirt but I think we were definitely the most noticeable. Another family did rival us, they all had on bright red Spiderman shirts but there were only five or six of them. We passed each other quite often and got a big kick out of it every time. Yep, we are all a bunch of dorks but we have fun doing it! We let the kids head off on their own as soon as we walked through the little tunnel to Main Street Disney. The adults and Ethan (poor Ethan was upset for a while because I made him stay with me but I didn't want to burden the other kids with him and his fear of crowds and being touched) got on the train that circles Disney so my mom could get a general idea of the layout and then we got off and hit the Haunted House. We loved the updates they've done, more ghosts and ghouls, a slightly different theme, and still lots of fun. Our second ride was Splash Mountain. This was so much fun. We hit it early enough that we waited maybe 2 minutes to get in our own little canoe. And all six adults got in the same canoe. And let me tell you, none of us are light weights. We floated through the little maze just fine and went down the first fall just fine, no biggie. Then we hit the big fall. Here was the line up in the canoe; SIL, BIL, Ethan, mom, myself, and Scott.

We hit the top of the fall and SIL started screaming, Ethan ducked behind BIL, I don’t know what mom did, I held onto my handles with a death grip (I still have that silly fear of flying out of the canoe and, ya know, dying or something stupid like that), and Scott just whooped it up and yelled.

Like I said, none of us are heavy weights and when we hit bottom the splash was HUGE. As in huge enough that we were all soaked from head to toe. Well, Ethan wasn’t because he was hiding and I think BIL managed to get splash meant for Ethan. Much Fun.
We squished around Pooh Corner for a while, rode the Winnie the Pooh ride, bought some more Pooh earrings, and had our pictures taken with Pooh. My most favoritest picture of the day was of Ethan hugging Tigger. Or maybe Tigger was squishing Ethan. Either way Ethan was thrilled because he is my big Tigger. I can’t call him my little Tigger because the kid is almost as tall as me.

After more rides and locating the kids we ate lunch in the New Orleans district and made the kids go with us on a few rides.
I could tell SIL and BIL were wearing down by about 3pm. BIL had commented earlier that he wanted to leave by 1pm and his kids threw a fit. They managed to stay until 5pm. By that time my mom was ready to go because her feet, ankles, and shoulder were done for the day. I’m truly surprised she made it that long. BIL took mom back to the hotel and they all ate dinner together from what I understand.

Scott, our three kids, and I stayed until the park shut down at midnight. Of course we were exhausted but that’s what we do. We love to wear ourselves out running back and forth to the different rides all day long. We rode the Haunted House, Splash Mountain, the Matterhorn, Space Mountain, and who knows how many other rides more than once.
It was fun and I’m glad we got to spend the weekend with my SIL and her family but Scott and I have decided never again. We love them and enjoy a night of dinner and a movie every now and then but the whole weekend with a high maintenance, grouchy ass BIL was way too much. I’d be totally willing to do a weekend trip like that again with just my SIL and her kids but BIL can keep his grouchy ass home!
I was stupid and made the comment we should make Disney a semi-annual event for our family.
Scott is already planning our December trip and wondering if we should bring the kids or leave them home.
I haven’t decided what my vote is yet. I’ll let you all know when school is back in session and grades are doing ok.

This was obviously a condensed version of the day considering we were there from 8:30am to Midnight.

Looking back we had so much fun but nothing really outstanding. Scott and I did get into an argument, he says we don’t argue we, we debate, and I don’t remember exactly why. I had mentioned riding the Teacups and he turned and glared at me, said something rude about my Precious Teacups and walked away. The rest of us realized he wasn’t coming back and had to run to catch up to him, only to find him standing by the Teacups and him yelling at me to get in the damn line so we could get on with the day. Ok, so my husband wasn’t all smiley with roses but we all had our moments of grouchiness. Ok, BIL’s was most of the day.
So, I rode my damn Precious Teacups and Scott was fine again. I really don’t understand what he has against them. He’ll ride roller coasters that will flip you upside down, twist and turn you, and make you want to hurl but he won’t sit in a teacup with me and let me spin us to my hearts desire. Wait, maybe it’s because the last time I did I made him sick and he almost puked. Nah, that couldn’t be the reason.

Anyways, I’m off to bed. We had a long Fourth of July and that is yet another post.
I’m going to eat some of my birthday cheesecake that my wonderful MIL made for me! No my birthday wasn’t today, it was Monday. I’m a third of July baby. If my mom had held her legs together for 6 more measly hours I would have been a Fourth of July baby! Ok, my mom tends to smack me upside the head when I say that so I’m going to go now and chow down on cheesecake before she reads what I have typed and then go to bed.

Hope you all had a great and safe Fourth!

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