Friday, June 30, 2006

Day 2

Real Quick: My duckbill appointment was rescheduled. My doctor was called to the hospital to do an emergency c-section with complications. So, my next appointment in July 19. Another 3 weeks to sit and wonder if there is anything wrong or if it is just a thing.

Day 2 started out nice and early. We arrived at Knottsberry Farm to meet some family for breakfast. Scott decided to start off the day by seeing just how far he could push my button before I got angry. He drove around in circles, around the main street Knotts parking and then on to a side street and back again. This happened a few times before the kids started yelling for him to quit. HA he angered the kids before me! They weren't really angry, they were just ready to eat and ride some roller coasters.

We had a wonderful breakfast at the Knotts restaurant and chatted with Scott's cousin and wife for a while and when the kids got antsy because the park was about to open, Scott's cousins told us to get in there and have a fun day.

There were so many people standing in the entrance that it was hard to maneuver around. It was almost a joke. We finally got our tickets and got through the checkpoint where your bags are checked for any weapons and who knows what else.

The first ride we hit was Ghost Rider. A huge, wooden roller coaster whose ride lasts 2 1/2 minutes. It took all I had to get on that thing. My mom was ready to go and I figured if she could do it so could I. I expected her to say no to most of the rides because of her shoulder but she wanted to get on them.
My legs were shaking so bad when we got off that coaster that I had to lean on Scott to walk down the stairs off the ride.

We wandered around, searching for another roller coaster that would pass the bill of breathlessness. The ride they did find was similar to the Hollywood Tower of Terror in California Adventure. You sat on a seat and got strapped down. You were then lifted 250 feet in the air and they left you hanging up there for about 30 seconds, just long enough for the anticipation to shoot your adrenaline up more. You then dropped down at an extremely high speed and then you stopped on a dime, went back up a few feet and dropped down again. You were bounced like that a couple of times before you touched down and could unstrap and walk away. Um, No I didn't get on the ride. I know I'm a chicken. Emma did ride it along with Scott, SIL, BIL, and my niece. My little daredevil.

In fact, besides Ghost Rider, I only rode 2 other rides. And both of those were two of their water rides. The canoe ride was great fun and we all got soaked. That was the second ride I went on. Near the end of the ride, going over a particularly bone jarring dip in the water, I landed just right to know that a certain visitor made its appearance a few days early. With no warning too! The nerve!

After the canoe ride I grabbed mom because I had utilized her fanny pack she loves to wear, still, and headed to the bathroom. I brought pads along just in case, you never know what might happen early. It was almost pointless to use one though because of getting drenched in the canoe ride. I made it through the day without any leaks though, TMI I know. Sorry.

I told Scott what happened and he laughed at me. I punched him in the arm and we searched for another ride. About 30 minutes later the cramps hit and those were the worst cramps I've had in a very long time. Most of the afternoon at Knotts wasn't very fun for me.

We ended up leaving Knotts about 6pm, earlier than we had planned but everyone had ridden the rides they wanted to and no one had mentioned going on something a second time.

My BIL was in a much better mood and doesn't like roller coasters so mom and I sat and talked to him for most of the day.

One interesting tidbit. We were sitting under the coaster where your feet just dangle in the air as you are whipped around and up and down and upside down. We had a nice view of the few front riders as the came screaming towards us only to be whipped around a corner and taken away from us. On one set the first car had just one lady in it. We saw her cover her mouth and then right as she was over us she took her hand away from her mouth and blew chunks. Normally I'm not squeamish but this made my stomach turn. We managed not to get hit, but not by much. We moved to another spot after that.

After my daring daughter and the rest that had ridden the dangling coaster had their turn on it we rode the river rafting ride, it's just a nice little jaunt down a river. You might get wet, you might not. We did. The kids were in one raft and the adults in another raft. All of us fat ass adults. Which means we sat lower in the water than some of the other rides and more water was swept into our raft. We had fun though.

I told Scott if there were no objections I was ready to go because wet clothes (I never really dried off thanks to the humidity) and monthly protection don't go well together.

SIL brought up tampons. After much discussing of tampons with my husband, my SIL, and my BIL they had me convinced to try one. The first time I used one it hurt so bad I swore never again. I was told I had it in wrong and to please try again because the next day would be so much nicer if I did try a plug instead of a pad.

So I tried one and it was much nicer. Ok, done with that topic.

After walking out of the main gates for the park we walked down main street of Knotts to shop around. I could have spent most of the day in their shops and been happy. All we bought though was a couple of big jars of jams. There was a lot more that I wanted but knowing my luck it would have broken on the way home.

Saturday was SIL's birthday and when we got back to the hotel we all got cleaned up and headed to the nice restaurant across the parking lot. Scott had to do the brotherly thing and embarrass her and told our waiter it was SIL's birthday. Of course the waiters sang to her and apparently in this restaurant the waitstaff gets the other patrons involved in singing Happy Birthday. My blond SIL was a pretty shade of red that made her hair look almost white. She got a free piece of birthday cake. Huge piece of chocolate cake. Big enough that all 10 of us shared it and didn't need to order any more dessert.

After dinner the kids swam, I sat by the pool and just relaxed.
Listening to the kids scream and play.
Hearing Ethan and Emma yell Watch Me Momma Watch Me.
Soaking up the cool night air after the humid, hot day we'd had.
Wishing that noisy, yet peaceful, moment would never end.

But it did come to an end when SIL decided we should all go to bed so we would be rested for Disneyland.

We all crashed before 10pm.

Knotts just didn't impress me much. I don't know if it's because it has so many coasters and I'm not a coaster person or what it was. I know that Scott, SIL, BIL and all 5 kids enjoyed themselves.

Another interesting tidbit. This one is quite embarrassing. We had stopped to buy Emma a flower wreath with streamers on it to put in her hair and I had Ethan pick out a toy. While I was paying for the items I had told Ethan to quit touching because he was touching everything and getting in the way of other people. As I was signing the credit card slip an arm reached in front of me, bumped me and made me mess up my signature. It looked just like Ethan's chubby, tanned arm so I grabbed it and told him to quit reaching in front of me and quit touching everything like he'd been told. The arm was yanked away from me so fast I knew right away that it wasn't Ethan's arm. I felt bad for maybe 10 seconds and then got over it. The kid didn't need to reach in front of strangers like that, especially when a money transaction is going on. If the kids mom saw she didn't say anything to me. Yes, I did apologize to the little boy.

Day 3 - Disneyland coming soon. I really need to get more sleep so I can keep up with my blog and the ones I read. I'm too old to live on 4 hours a night. Now, if I could get Scott to realize this we would be good.

Off to bed, Scott just got home from work and he's being all gropy and stuff. Is gropy a word?


Walker said...

Lets see Disney, tampons, rollercoaters and women blowing chunks at you sounds like fun.'
I got to get down to Florida.

Walker said...

Happy 4th of July :)