Monday, October 09, 2006

No Excuses

Life has been nothing but work, soccer, and ummmm stuff. I am working hard on the management course that is due November 16th. I have something like 5 more chapters to get through before I can take the final exam.

Other than lots of studying, life is pretty boring right now. I haven't updated because there isn't anything to talk about.

Ethan is conveniently forgetting his homework every other day. His punishment is everything was taken out of his room, he just has his bed, clothes, and books left. He did have a TV and DVD player (his dad thought he needed those things in his bedroom) and now they are put up in the guest bedroom. Other than the whole homework issue he is doing pretty good in the 4th grade. He loves the freedom he has of going from B level to his main stream class every day. I've been told there are days when he doesn't want to go to his B level class and would rather stay with the regular class.

Emma is as sassy as ever. The boys are already flocking to her and she is only 9, or almost 10 if you ask her. She won't be 10 until March. I'm afraid of her teenage years already. She is doing wonderfully with her 4th grade teacher and is bringing home nothing but A's so far. She adores her teacher this year, which really helps. She is tired of soccer but we have another month to go so she's going to have to deal with it.

Harley is talking so very well for a 2 1/2 year old. We were cleaning our front porch and putting Spring and Summer flower bed things away so we could decorate with the Halloween things and Scott accidentally hit Harley with the broom handle and Harley threw himself on the ground and spread his arms wide, looked at me out of the corner of his eyes and said OOOHHHHH I'm dead meat. I couldn't help but laugh and then asked everyone who's been saying that and threatened lives to make them quit saying it. Harley has said that quite a few more times since then though. He still isn't potty trained and has no desire to use the potty. He'll sit on the potty, he'll make sure his toys use the potty and he HAS to sit on my feet when I am sitting on the toilet but he's having none of it. I can get him to sit on the potty for up to 20 minutes and once I take him off and put a pull up on him, he'll poop. Big Turd.
I played the whole I got your nose thing and Harley looked at me and said, No you don't, my nose is right here!! as he pointed at his nose. He's just too funny and I really don't remember Ethan and Emma being this amusing at this age. I am so very sure they were and I have a feeling I am paying more attention to Harley right now because I am older and know that time flies and before I know it Harley will be 10 and Ethan and Emma will be 18 and 17. I am so not ready for that!

Scott is as obnoxious as ever! He thinks his job in life is to make sure eveyone laughs. If he comes across a person that just won't laugh or even smile at one of his jokes he'll tell that person they're no fun and walk away. He was accepted into an assistant manager position at work, which means a raise! When he did his interview for the position he was asked if he would be willing to relocate to eventually get his own store. Kind of exciting. I don't know if that will every happen but the option is there.

My cheesy family is ready for Halloween. We are all dressing as pirates and all of our costumes are here. And they even match. All the costumes are black, red, and white. Emma and I are slutty pirates. Great fun, dressing as sluts with your daughter.

Now I must go, Harley just crawled up on the bed with me and poked my breast and told me that he is poking my boobie. Time for bed before he finds out how to turn off my handy dandy notebook.

Have a great week.


Karin said...

Glad you're doing okay!

Dotm said...

Life sure never gets boring when you are raising kids. From your posts, it tells me that you love being a mother. That makes your kids very lucky to have such a caring parent. I enjoyed reading your posts.

mrhaney said...

it looks like you have plenty to blog bout. if my children were still here with me and not grown up i would have all kinds of meterial to write my blog but no time to do it. well you have yourself a great day and rest when you can.