Sunday, February 07, 2010

What’s With All the Hubabub Bub? link to article

On MSNBC there is an article about White House Chief of Staff meeting with the head of the Special Olympics. Over a slur back in August. Here is a quote from the article; “It was reported that Emanuel told a liberal strategy session last August that liberals who were planning attack ads on conservative Democrats over health care were " retarded."
And Sarah Palin has to get involved, she is all butt hurt about this. Why? Her son has Down Syndrome, he’s not mentally retarded. There is a difference.
So I guess Emanuel meeting with the Special Olympics and apologizing will make it all ok.
You know, it was just a comment. I don’t think he meant anything, he was voicing his opinion on how stupid he thought the attack was.
And since Sarah Palin got upset over this then how many other people with disabled family members will take offense as well. So many people are followers and have a hard time thinking for themselves. If someone like Sarah Palin was offended than you should be too!
I remember hearing about this back in August but it never phased me. Maybe because my son is Autistic not retarded but even if Ethan were retarded I don’t believe I would have taken offense.
While I was in Junior High and High School I worked with special needs children. They had all kinds of problems from mental retardation, down syndrome, and even one autistic child. I’ve heard more than one mentally retarded person say “I’m retarded not stupid”.
When a retarded person says they are retarded not stupid and they know the difference than what’s the problem here? Emanuel’s comment was most likely not thought out, he spoke without thinking like every one else does.
Everyone who is bashing Emanuel has never said something they shouldn't have?
Not that I’m saying what he said was right. Certainly having the position he does should make him realize he needs to take the time to think about every word that is going to come out of his mouth before he speaks in public.