Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One Sick Puppy

And that would be me. I felt ok Friday and Saturday.
Sunday I woke up feeling a bit yucky. Emma went off to church with my mom, Scott went to work (oh yea, he got a job with his dad, still not sure if it is a good thing), and Harley, Ethan, and I stayed home. I got up enough energy to paint almost all of the cabinet doors and some more of the cupboards. I'm almost done! Yea.
When dinner time rolled around none of us felt like cooking so Scott and I went to Papa Murphy's for pizza. You have to cook their pizza but you don't have to make it. Plus it's really good pizza! I only ate 2 pieces of their pizza that night. Normally I over do it and eat lots of pizza. I didn't think anything of it and cleaned up my painting mess and made the older kids get to bed and finally coerced Harley into bed. We finally put him in his toddler bed and so far it is ok.
I woke up about 2am shivering and my whole body was aching. My throat hurt too but I assumed that was from the paint fumes. Scott threw another blanket over me and I lay there shivering and dozing until my alarm went off. I managed to get up long enough to tell the kids to have a good day at school and call in sick to work. Then I went back to bed for the whole day. I managed to sit up for a whole 20 minutes that night, and it was in front of a nice fire that Scott made. I drank maybe a total of 3 cups of hot tea and didn't eat anything. Emma kept insisting on taking my temperature and she panicked when she read one that said 102.2. Nyquil was my friend that night.
When I woke up Tuesday and didn't feel any different I decided to drag my butt to the doctor. I thought my fever had broken but I still had one when I got to the doctor. I was half asleep when doc walked into the room and took one look at me and said you are SICK. Really!
Ok, sarcasm comes on so much more when I am ill. He looked down my throat and did all the tests that needed to be done and told me I have acute tonsillitis and strepthroat. Just what I needed right now!
Today I feel a little better. I have run a slight fever all day but I have eaten a little and drank alot. I've also managed to be up for over 5 hours without getting dizzy. Progress!
I had tonsillitis in the 3rd grade and both my mom and the doctor threatened to put me in the hospital because I wasn't drinking. Scary for an 8 year old.
We have had a surprise trip planned for the kids for a couple of weeks now and I really don't want to cancel it. I took all week off to recover but we are supposed to leave tomorrow afternoon. It's an early Christmas present to Disneyland again. I know we just went this past summer but they loved it so much and Scott won tickets to it so we thought we would go again. I'll have had 4 days of antibiotics in me and hopefully will feel up to it. If not I'll just feel crappy as I twirl in the teacups and scream down Splash Mountain. Scott told me I can sleep all the way there to save up energy. We have our portable DVD player packed with lots of movies to keep the kids quiet and happy. We actually have them believing we are going to see the Statue of Liberty.
My mother-in-law is keeping Harley and I'll miss him but he just didn't appreciate the last trip there and he wouldn't appreciate this very quick trip at all. This trip will just be one day, not two, and it will be much faster. He'll be happier chasing the puppies and chickens with Nana. We are dropping my mom off at my aunt's house in Mesa, AZ so she can have a break from everything.
I need to go, still have a little more packing to do and the bed is starting to call my name.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey Overload

Yesterday I ate the most turkey I have eaten in a long, long time. I'm not sure why. Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner and then leftovers for supper. I was so full!

The day started out like a normal day. Harley yelling from his crib, HEY, letting us all know he is awake and ready to terrorize the house, the guinea pig squealing from his cage, ready for his daily carrots, and Ethan and Emma running around arguing over the bathroom. I remind them I don't know how many times a morning that we have more than one bathroom, please quit fighting over that one bathroom.

Mom cooked the turkey, which I volunteered to cook but no, she had to do it. Not sure why. She also made the pies, stuffing, and vegetables that we were taking to dinner at the in-laws. She wouldn't let me do anything.
So, since it was not even 7am I put Emma in charge of Harley and went back to bed for a couple hours. Scott and I snuggled until the rambunctious children had the house rattling.
I braided Emma's hair, threatened to cut Ethan's hair, and we all watched the Backyardigans with Harley.
At noon we headed over to the in-laws and played the radio and sang loud to keep Harley awake for lunch. We got there and Harley ran wild chasing the dogs around and poking his chubby, little fingers through the chicken coop wire. Those chickens love him. They won't peck him but they'll crowd around the fence when he is there and just talk to him. It's pretty loud. The cats come chase him around and he is in heaven.
We finished preparing food as my sister-in-law and her family filed in. My SIL & BIL sat around watching TV with my husband, complaining about the lack of programming for the holiday and whatever else came to mind. My BIL went off about my hair and kept telling Scott what a stupid man he was for letting me cut my hair. My husband told him that he likes my hair cut, he doesn't take care of my hair, and he's not a controlling ass like BIL is so he really should just shut up before I lose my cool. I managed to ignore the whole conversation until SIL said she really loved my new hair cut and then BIL went off on her. I don't condone divorce but wow, he is such a controlling jerk and I can't stand him. I manage to be civil to him but that's about it.
When all the food was done SIL's family filled their plates and started eating before the rest of us were done serving ourselves. Oh well, the sooner they finished eating, the sooner they left for their other thanksgiving dinner with BIL's parents. Is that bad of me to think that?
Harley sat next to me for dinner, not at the kids table. Instead of putting him in his booster seat my MIL pushed a step-stool with a back up to the table for him and he was thrilled with it. He'd eat a little and then run check in sissy. Then he'd come back and eat some more and look for his puppy's. He was worn out by the time we actually made it home.
When we were done eating SIL's family left and we started cleaning up the food and divvying up what was left. I had the kids take stuff out to the van and followed them to help open the back door. I had towels arranged to put the food on in case anything spilled. I took the food from the kids and sent them back in to get the rest. As I was putting the food in the back all 4 of my in-laws cats started winding around my legs and then one by one, jumping into the van and pawing at the food. I'd throw the cats out and before I could reach up to grab the door to shut it, they were back up in the van. I did this I don't know how many times before I gave up and just stood there, holding the food, screaming for help. I was laughing at myself too hard to actually go into the house to ask for help. Scott came running out of the house and as soon as he saw me he cracked up. I had a pan of turkey in one hand and a bowl of stuffing in the other. I had one cat literally climbing up one leg and another cat pawing at the other. The other 2 cats were sitting in the back of the van trying to jump on me. They were meowing, the chickens were bac-bacing, the dogs were barking at the cats and chickens, and I was laughing hysterically.
It took a kid in the front seat of the van, Scott in the middle seat of the van, and me throwing cats away from the door for us to get the food in the van and the door shut. After all that was done we said goodbye and got in the van. I almost had my door shut and a cat tried to hitch a ride. It was the pregnant kitty and I'm sure she wanted that turkey.
We giggled all the way home and then most of slept for a couple hours. We watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and got the biggest kick out of watching Ethan, not the show. He was laughing so hard at the part where Snoopy was wrestling with the lawn chair that he was crying. He was laying on his side, holding his stomach as he belly giggled through the whole thing. At the next commercial he ran to the bathroom, and he was still giggling in the bathroom.

Unfortunately Scott had to leave at 5:30 this morning so we were in bed early, even after the 2 hour nap.

Now I am at work and there is still an hour and a half before my work day is done. We are having Mexican food for supper though. Seafood Enchiladas. YUMMY and of course left over pie when we get home from the restaurant!

Everyone have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkey Day Eve

Well, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I still haven't found my holiday spirit. So much has happened this year that I don't know if I will find it. Scott and I are even talking about going to Disneyland for Christmas. Just packing up for a long weekend and leaving the state. The kids would be thrilled but grandparents and other family members would be angry, hurt, depressed, who knows what else.
Tomorrow will be spent cooking in the morning and then lugging what we do cook over to Scott's mom's house for the family dinner. Dinner will be at 1pm so it's still light enough outside to do whatever we wish when we are through eating.
Don't get me wrong, I will enjoy the time spent with family but by now I'm normally ready to cook and bake and EAT.
So much has happened and it will just be weird not having my granny here to celebrate the holidays with us.

I am thankful for my life, my children, my husband, my mom, my job, and so many other things.
My life is filled with so many wonderful things.
Humor and chaos from my husband, and yes, in this case chaos is good.
Hugs, kisses, imagination, playfulness, mischievousness, and big ol' belly laughs from my children.
Peace, calmness, and tranquility from my mom.
Wonderful friends at my job that help keep me sane when things are falling apart around me and make me laugh so hard I cry.
I am also thankful for the many different kinds of CHOCOLATE! Especially Dark Chocolate. Yes, that is probably strange to some but I love chocolate. I am a chocaholic, something I'll probably always be.

I'm even thankful for my children calling me a mean mom because I made their dentist appointment for today, their first day off for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I was informed that it is their time off and they shouldn't have to worry about chores or reading or even Dentist offices. I just laughed as I walked out the door for work this morning. My mom took them to the dentist. Was that mean of me? Eh oh well. They'll get over it.

Harley refused to say bye-bye to me this morning. I guess because dad and brother and sister were home mom should stay home too. It carried over to lunch time. When it was time to come back to work he still hadn't looked at me or hugged me. He'll get over it too. I hope.
His newest thing is telling someone OUT while he is pointing at the door, if he doesn't like what you have said or done or not reading his book fast enough.

Time to go, we still have to bowl tonight, yuck. I am really very tired of bowling and want to stop but we have to find two people to replace us so the captain of our team isn't stuck paying our weekly fees.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday Morning

I am sitting at work still trying to wake up. It is 10:15 and I have been up since 6am and still don't feel awake. I've been staring at my feet and just now noticed I have paint on the big toe of my left shoe.

I finally got my butt in gear and started painting kitchen cabinet doors yesterday afternoon. I started this project two years ago. Re-painting the kitchen has been going since before Harley was born. I knew I was a procistinator but WOW. I am bad.

It all started when mom and I decided to build on to the house. Once the addition was complete I decided I wanted to re-do the kitchen too. Scott and I bought new countertops, a new stovetop, and a new dishwasher. All of those items are in, including the new carpet. The only thing left is the painting and for some reason I can't get my butt in gear to do it. Yesterday I made Scott take the paint back to Home Depot to have it remixed since it sat in the kitchen for those 2 years. I managed to get 8 doors half way painted.
Hopefully now that I have started I'll keep on going and finish in the next couple weeks.

So as I was zoning out at work, missing I don't how many phone calls, I noticed there is white paint on my shoe from yesterdays painting spree. I have on black shoes too. I didn't even notice it last night or this morning when I put my shoes back on. I'm just glad I was painting outside and not in the kitchen. I'll need to check the back porch to see how many paint drops are on it. And yes, this does mean that we haven't had any cabinet doors up in the kitchen for 2 years now.

We managed to finish Christmas and Birthday shopping for three of the demons so only 2 more demons to buy for. Those two are easy. They live in other states so they get gift certificates. I know, I know, that is cheating but the shipping is so much cheaper and they can buy what they want.
I would have no idea where to start looking for a present for a 13 year old and a 22 year old.

Time to go doze off again.

Mental Note to Queen of Procrastination: Remember to wear white shoes when painting!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

FlashBack Friday already

Time sure does fly when you have an amazingly busy, boring week. Flashback Friday is back at HeartSongs and this week it is about stitches, casts, childhood injuries or surgeries.

I wasn't a physically active child. My kind of activity consisted of the page turning kind. I started reading at 4 and was reading a few years above my grade level all through school.

The 5th grade brought the first big fund raiser that I remember participating in. I sold the most of flower seeds, vegetable seeds, and who knows what other kind of seeds in the my grade level. At the school assembly to present the awards I was presented with a phone. I was so happy, a phone of my very own! I felt so cool to have won something like that and that motivated me to run out to the playground with all of my classmates and join in an impromptu softball game. I was still chicken though and played way in outfield. Way way outfield. One kid actually managed to hit the ball to me though. Straight to me. In fact, it landed a few inches in front of me and as I bent to snatch it from the roll, it bounced off a rock and hit my nose, just under my eyes. I never lost consciousness but my vision blacked out and I saw stars. A couple of friends led me to the nurses office where they got the bleeding stopped and just had me sit there with my head tipped back, waiting for my vision to return. When it finally came back the first thing I saw when I looked down was blood, covering my jeans. And then I saw my mom sitting there. I knew she was there because I had heard her voice but it didn't register. Lucky me, I went to the same school that my mom taught at.
She did look concerned but ok. She is like me and can handle blood just fine. She helped my clean up my face and combed my hair and then sent me back to class with a can of coke and the dried blood on my jeans. GEE THANKS MOM. My head hurt for a few days and I never saw the doctor. She never really felt bad about not letting me go home or taking me to the doctor.
I was tested for allergies when I was 19 and found that I had a deviated septum. Mom realized that the only time this could have happened was the 5th grade softball incident. This is when she felt bad and apologized the whole 3 hour drive home. I made her buy me dinner when we got back home.

Other than the nose thing I haven't had any stitches, casts, or major issues. The only surgeries I have had are the 3 c-sections for the 3 demons that now reside in my house. And I had staples after all three.

I was pretty active in high school playing volleyball. I wasn't on the team but had fun during P.E. and sometimes practiced with them. And I broke at least 5 pairs of glasses during those years. There were probably more glasses broken but I never counted. It was bad enough that I had my own box at the eye care office we used. They had written my name on it in black marker.

So far so good with the kids. No broken bones, sprained appendages, or any cuts requiring stitches. It's only a matter of time though. Emma is bound and determined to become a professional soccer player and Harley is a rough and tumble little boy. He loves his Backyardigans and that is the only time he sits perfectly still. You can't even get his attention. Well, you can if you walk in front of the tv and then he will pick up his little Pooh chair and drag it around you, put it down and sit back down. He'll do this without taking his eyes off the television. Once the show is over he is off and running. Or trying to ride the poor dog.

Almost time to go home. This week was very long for some reason. Scott stood in line for a few hours and managed to get tickets to the opening night of Harry Potter for tonight.

Everyone have a good weekend

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Our little pudge is such a HAM. He loves the camera and will give his most winning smile when he sees it at ready. He still doesn't talk much but he sure does "talk". He'll say EH and AH to try to tell us what he wants. When I ask him to say a word he will just look at me and giggle as if I just said the funniest thing in the world. He'll answer yes and no by nodding or shaking his head and he understands what we tell him to do. He is so smart, very intelligent. Even though he is my son, I am in no way biased. Of course Not. hehe

The other day I was getting ready for work and he sat in there and watched me dry my hair, put on makeup and deodorant, brush my teeth, and get dressed. While I did my hair he sat there and brushed his hair. When I was putting on deodorant I looked at him and he had his shirt pulled up, pointing at his armpits. When it was time to brush teeth I handed him his toothbrush and he stood right by me and "brushed" his teeth. Ok, mostly he chewed on the bristles. When I was done and spit and rinsed what does he do? He spits. And he does have spit in his mouth. But, because he is still a shorty and can just reach up to the bathroom counter, not actually see the bathroom counter unless he backs way up to the wall and stands on his tiptoes, his spit landed on the floor and the cabinets. Then he giggled and threw his toothbrush on the floor. Lovely. It sat in mouthwash for a while. I do keep my bathroom clean but we don't put a toothbrush in our mouth after it was on the bathroom floor. No matter what.

When he has a temper tantrum, which are few and far between, he will very carefully sit down on the floor, then lay down, and then he will kick and flail his arms and scream. After having 3 kids now my reaction is to just walk away. Mainly because I think it is so funny that he doesn't just throw himself down and start to pound the floor. He is oh-so careful to not hurt himself.

He loves baths and if you even mention that word in his presence he will grab your finger and drag you to the bathroom. I truly think that is his favorite room. He loves to play in the cabinets and take everything out and inspect it and then he'll put it all back and start all over. I'm glad I have never kept anything harmful in those cabinets. Ok, he could hurt himself with clippies but so far so good. He hasn't even put them in his mouth. The only things he likes in his mouth, besides food that is, are his fingers. And only his fingers. When he is teething and I try to stick on of my fingers in his mouth to check the lumps his lips clamp down tight. Nothing is getting in there.

Let's see, what else does he do? Oh, he tries to ride the poor dog around. Our lab, Pongo, is so good with him and will take any abuse that Harley doles out. Pongo will just be laying there and Harley will run up and jump on him and bounce up and down. I think Pongo loves the attention though.

When he is done eating he will throw his fork or spoon on the floor and throw his food at us. Wait, he quit doing that. Now he still throws his silverware on the floor but he will push his plate away and shrug his shoulder and hold his arms up as if to say I don't know but to him that means ALL DONE. Or, I'm done, get me out of this chair so I can run and play, now woman, NOW! Sometimes I really think that he has this inner dialogue like Stewie on the Family Guy. Quite often he has a similar look as Stewie. Make yourself useful Woman and wipe my bottom

And a side note before I go. I am feeling like an Amazon woman at work lately. Not sure why. I'm one of the tallest women here, if not the tallest, and I'm not that tall. I'm only 5'6 but I'm feeling so tall. If only I could grow another 4 inches, then I wouldn't have so much weight to worry about!

Friday, November 11, 2005

FlashBack Friday

Today's theme at HeartSongs is The First Kiss.
I remember the first time a boy kissed me but I really don't count that because I was only 12, I think, and it was all slobbery. Pretty gross

But a person can have so many first kisses during their life. The first time my first boyfriend kissed me it was just a peck on the lips.
We had decided to start hanging out together because the two that we liked were dating each other. We just kind of fell into hanging out together to keep each other company, I guess you could say comfort company. We watched movies together, played video games, did what ever friends do. But we were a boy and a girl. Not many people believed that we weren't dating because we were always together.
The night he kissed me we were at his house and he was laying on the living room floor and I was laying on the couch. It was just him and his dad that lived in the house, his mom had died when he was young. His dad was out on a date.
We were watching some movie, again it seemed like that's almost all we did, and he rolled over and looked at me for the longest time. I finally asked WHAT! He said nothing and rolled back over. A few minutes later he did it again but this time he asked if I wanted something to drink. I told him no thanks but he continued to lay there, his hand propping his head up, staring at me. I started staring back at him and after a while his face started turning red. The blush started at his forehead and rolled all the way down his face to his neck and disappeared below his collar.
I started giggling and asked him what his problem was and he said nothing but continued to stare at me. I tried to ignore him and a few minutes later he crawled over to me and kissed me. It was just a peck but..... there it was. A kiss.
I had no idea what to think because I still liked this other boy and as far as I knew he still liked the other girl.
We kissed a couple more times, they were a little more than pecks, and then went back to the movie. When the movie was over I said "OK, goodnight" and got up and walked out.
He called the next day and apologized and asked me to come over for yet another movie that night.

We ended up dating for about 2 months, until the two that we liked broke up with each other and he called to tell me about it. Then he broke up with me and was on a date with her two nights later. At first I was upset but then I realized it was pointless to be upset, we had started out as friends with no intention of becoming anything else and I wanted to stay friends. We are still friends, and he is married to a wonderful woman and they just had their first baby.

I did get the other guy and we were together for 3 years and I almost married him.
Now his first kiss, that was a KISS.
It made my knees weak and my insides melt. I lost track of time and probably almost lost consciousness. It was soooooo good.
See, this guy had joined the Navy and was stationed on the East Coast. He came home on leave about 8 months before our wedding to help finalize most of it. About 3 weeks before our wedding he called to tell me that he had gotten his roommates girlfriend pregnant. I hung up on him and proceeded to call every single friend and family member that had received an invitation and told them the wedding was off.
And then I didn't speak to him again for over a year. And then we hooked up again when he got out of the Navy and because I just loved him so much. And we had another first kiss which was just as good as the very first kiss. I love my husband very, very much but this guy still has the ability to make me weak in the knees. I really hate that!

Actually, the best first kisses I have had is when each of my three babies learned how to kiss and I received my first kisses from them. Those are sweet and cherished and tucked away in my heart.
And now that I have become a little sappy I am done for a while.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Day in the Life of MY Stay At Home Dad

I love my husband dearly but he is slowly deteriorating in the stay at home dad category. He used to get up with me and bring me to work or at least help me get the kids ready for school, help make lunches, feed Harley breakfast, and what ever else needed to be done.
The longer he has been at home the longer he sleeps in in the mornings. Since my mom is at home too, Scott has started to slowly relinquish Harley duty to her. The past couple of mornings he has made it to almost noon before he rolls out of bed. This leaves mom to change Harley, feed him, entertain him, and whatever else he needs or wants.
I understand that he is enjoying this not working thing but it's getting to be a point of contention in between us. I feel if he is going to be the stay at home dad at least get up and take care of the baby. But that is just my opinion.

The day starts around noon. He'll get up and get dressed and Harley will run back to our bedroom as soon as he hears dad up and moving. They'll eat lunch together and then settle down in bed for a movie or some forensic show and some cashews.
Have you ever smelled cashew farts?
Ever, in your entire life?
No? Well then, you are very lucky.
They are the worst farts I have ever had to smell. Even stinkier than brocolli farts.
Your nostrils will quiver in disgust as the smell wafts towards you. And it won't go away. For a very long time. It is one that Scott is very proud of and will do the whole fart under the blankets and then hold the blankets down for a few seconds to capture the full aroma of the stench and then wave the blankets furiously making sure I don't hold my breath and can't escape from the bed.

When the other two kids get home from school he will help with homework, or hinder, depending on how ornery he is feeling. After that he'll play on the computer while all three kids play until it is either time to come get me from work or for me to walk in the front door. On the nights I have the car, supper is started before I get home and normally ready about 5 minutes after I get home.
That part is great.
One of the few great parts.

He'll straighten up our bedroom. He'll send me cute text messages through out the day. UUMMMMMM.... and that's about it.

I clean the bathroom every week.. oh WAIT He does change the bed. I clean the hamster and guinea pig cages. While I do this Scott will make sure that Harley leaves the hamster balls alone. He loves to grab their balls and shake them hard and I really don't want the poor hamsters to have some kind of stroke or heart attack and die. He vacuums every once in a while and will keep the computer desk semi-clean. But, I think I have only cleaned the computer desk once, so....
At times I am so frustrated but at others I understand he is on a big vacation right now and he is enjoying it. But even on vacation you need to keep certain things clean.
Mom and I do the laundry on the weekends. And there is a few other things but I just had to get these few things off my chest.

I do feel a little better for venting. Thank you internet for listening to me. HA lucky me, this is a place where I can vent without someone actually listening to me as I type and think and not get right in my face and say I am doing this and this and that to debate with what I have typed. I'm not perfect, not saying I am.

I'll have to think more on this and find a way for us to communicate about this and hopefully we can come to a mutual agreement on what to do and how to handle this.

For now, I'm done

More later World

Monday, November 07, 2005

Yet another busy weekend

I was hoping with the end of soccer that the weekends would slow down. But no, not yet. Maybe this next weekend.

Friday Scott and I went to Saw 2. It was ok. We both saw one of the twists coming but not the last one. It was left wide open for a third one.

Saturday morning came bright and early. Too early. Emma's end of fall season soccer party was at 11am and I had promised to make brownies. What was I THINKING!? I dragged my butt out of bed and made 2 batches of brownies before getting ready to help wrangle 10 rowdy 8 & 9 year old tomboys.
When we got to the house where the party was all the other girls were there and had already started playing soccer in the backyard. All of us parents sat around talking about the girls and school and whatever else popped up. We discovered that the girl's mom that was hosting the party had gone to school with Scott and she had kept her junior high and high school yearbooks and had them all out with in minutes. I thought the party would be boring but not once was I bored. Before I knew it we had been there 3 hours.
As we sat there and ate pizza, brownies, lemon bars, and crackers with spinach dip we watched the girls run from the play house in the backyard to the bedroom. This playhouse was huge. It had 2 levels and was painted a peptobismol pink inside and out. The girls' room had a big walk in closet, a canopy bed, and a miniature bed for the cat.
Before we knew it all of the girls had dolls and strollers or baby carriers and playing house. It was strange to watch these girls play dolls after we had just watched them in a rough and tumble tackle soccer game complete with knees in their guts, elbows in faces, and pushing and shoving. All of a sudden all the girls were screaming and jumping up and down and asking if they could have one big sleep over. And my daughter had instigated the whole thing. Emma is always asking to spend the night at a friends house.
The parents said sure why not! And that was that. We left the party to run home and get some pj's, a pillow, and a sleeping bag for our little planner. Scott and I planned on staying for awhile after we got back with Emma's stuff but as soon as I walked in the door Emma grabbed her stuff, yelled bye mom, and soccer mom nicely shoved me back out the door and said "we'll see ya tomorrow about 10am? OK great thanks have a great night off BYE!" Well, ok then.
I figured out their plan as soon as I picked up Emma the next morning. They kept the kids up until after midnight watching movies and feeding them junk food. Then they were all up by 6am and eating Dunkin Donuts and pancake breakfasts from McDonalds. By the time I got Emma home at 10am yesterday morning she was on a huge sugar high. About an hour later she was laying on her bed, still in her pj's, sound asleep. Her mouth was hanging open and she was snoring. Harley kept running in there and poking her because she had an arm and a leg hanging off the bed. At one point he even grabbed my finger and pulled me back there to check on her. He was worried about his sissy. She stayed that way for almost 3 hours, mouth open and all. Once again I didn't get any pictures. Oh Well. I'll have plenty opportunities for blackmailing pictures later on.

Sunday was pretty uneventful, except for the napping Emma. I mowed the backyard for the final time this year. I'll have to get the front yard this weekend. But there won't be anything soccer this weekend. YEAAAAAAAAAA

Oh, and I guess we should take our Halloween decorations down now. Or we might just mix them in with the Christmas decorations.

Friday, November 04, 2005

FlashBack Friday

I almost forgot it was FlashBack Friday over at HeartSongs. Today's topic is comfort food. Oh My...... FOOD How could I forget food! I love food

You always hear the term you should eat to live not live to eat.
Well, my family has always been very big eaters. And we show it.
That is we were big eaters, not any more.
While growing up it would be mom, grandma, and I going to Mesa, AZ for holidays with my 2 aunts, uncles, and all the cousins. There would be Dunkin Donuts for breakfast or sometimes big cinamon rolls. Big traditional turkey and ham dinners with all the fixin's for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. There would also be the pies, pumpkin, apple, cherry, pecan, and every once in a while rhubarb.
We would either eat out at different Mexican restaurants on the other nights we were there or grill out in one of their backyards. You can do that in Mesa during the winter, it's not cold compared to here.
None of that happens anymore. With all of us getting older and my uncle, my husband, and a couple of others discovering they are diabetics all of our diets have changed. It is for the better and none of us eat nearly as much as we used to. Plus, we eat much healthier.
We still get together for Holidays but the meals are so much different. More vegetables and fruits, salads, and low carb meals. After meals we all go for a walk around a mall or around the neighborhood.

While growing up, when my stomach was upset, my grandma would make jell-o for me. She would pour it, hot, into a mug and try to force it down my throat. Ok, that isn't comfort food but it's a food memory. I really don't eat jell-o to this day. I even have a hard time fixing it for my kids.

What else? Um, roast beef. Mom used to make roast beef every Sunday for our noon meal after church. She would put it in the oven before we left for Sunday School and it would be ready when we got home. The house always smelled so good and I never tired of the smell. After the big Sunday lunch we would always have popcorn, apples and cheese for supper. We would sit in the living room, watch America's Funniest Home Videos and eat our popcorn, etc. My kids think I am weird when I talk about it.

Cold, winter weekend nights would bring homemade chili and cornbread. I grew up on lots of chili, enchiladas, burritos, tacos, empanadas, flautas, fajitas, and lots of other Mexican food. And I'm not talking about Taco Bell or Del Taco either. When you're best friend is Hispanic and their mom loves to cook and you spend the night there lots and spend a week with them when your mom goes on her honeymoon when you are 16, you get lots of YUMMY Mexican food. I really didn't want to go back home when my mom and stepdad came home.
And my friend's mom's salsa didn't come in a little packet you had to tear to pour on your wrapped up taco. She made her own salsa, fresh tomatoes, green chili's, jalapenos, and whatever else she used. Delicious.

Now I am the one that is supposed to make the house smell wonderful with all the baking and cooking. I just can't seem to create that same magic. I'm a much better baker than a cook. Scott is the cook now. He says I make wonderful meals but I don't see it. Nothing I do, besides my lasagna, will ever compare to what my mom used to make or what Scott makes now.

I've done it now

The monthly soccer meeting was last night. I was the official secretary for the night. I've gone and done it now. I'm a full-fledged soccer mom. I don't have the mini-van yet though. I'm going to try to avoid that at all cost!

I felt pretty lost though because it was only my 3rd meeting and I was already thrown to the lion's, furiously writing as the debates went on around me. There was talk of splitting the kids and having a competitive club along with the regular rec teams. Along with all the other discussions by the time the 2 1/2 hour meeting was over I was exhausted. My eyes hurt, my hand hurt, I haven't written that much since high school! I felt like I was cross-eyed.
The old secretary, who is now the registrar, laughed and said she felt the same way but I'll eventually get the hang of it.
Really, what did I get myself in to? I am crazy. At least I am not the psycho, crazy mom who screams and yells at everyone if her daughter, or son, doesn't get enough play time or even if my child doesn't do the right thing during the game. It is amazing how many moms I have seen yell at their children for missing the goal or the ball. Outrageous.

Harley was awake before me today. He ate breakfast with Ethan and Emma and proceeded to get syrup and milk all over his head. I told him that daddy would give him a bath before he could get dressed today and then asked Scott to bathe him. I know, did that a little backwards didn't I? Oh well. Scott said sure when I wake up and then rolled over and went back to sleep. Turd.
My mom called not too long ago to tell me that Harley was running and hiding from her. She had given up on Scott bathing Harley so she was just going to get him dressed and he would be a syrup head for the day. Apparently he would have none of that getting dressed business. Mommy told him he was getting a bath today and that was that.
He is already down for a nap and he is still in his pj's. I have a feeling he'll get his bath when I get home from work tonight. Just in time to go out for supper.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Harley's words

Harley's vocabulary is very, very, very slowly growing. He says sshhhh, with his finger placed over his lips, of course. I think that is one of the cutest things he says, right now my favorite.
Other words are
lay lou (I am assuming this means thank you because he says it when I prompt him to say thank you after he has received something)
hush puppies (this is always followed by a huge belly giggle, this is my 2nd favoritist cute thing)
bobble (means cup, I can't get him to say cup, everything with a drink is bobble)
nite nite
eh yah (see yah) this is accompanied by vigorous waving

He'll talk when he is ready, I'm not too worried about it. He totally understands everything we tell him and will mind when he is told or asked to do something.
If we ask him to say something he will just grin and giggle at us. Why should he waste time talking when he has a big sis to do it for him.
When it's time for bed we go through the same routine every night. Harley follows me around and helps me tuck in Ethan and Emma. He'll tell them nite nite and then shushes them as he leaves their room. Then we will snuggle and rock for a while. Eventually he'll slide down off my lap and run around the house yelling nite nite and giggling, running away from anyone who tried to give him a hug and kiss good night. Sometimes the dogs join in the chase and they normally end up tripping Harley and he cries and tells them to hush.
He's also started sleeping on his stomach with his little butt sticking up in the air. Too cute. When he wakes up either from a nap or in the morning, he'll stand up in his crib and yell HEY until someone comes in to pick him up. I'm tempted to try his toddler bed again to see how that goes. Maybe on his 2nd birthday, that gives me a chance to get used to the idea.

Halloween left us with 2 huge bowls of candy. There are times when I want to pounce on the bowls and eat all the chocolate. Other times I don't even look at the bowls. But they are always there and calling my name, Shannon oh Shannon, come here, you know you want to.
It's hard to resist.
It's wrong I tell you, chocolate should not have a voice!
It's CHOCOLATE for cryin' out loud!

I'm ready for a nap. Scott is finally getting over a nasty cold he's had for almost 2 weeks now. The drainage he is having makes him cough and it keeps us both awake at night. Last night we just gave up trying to sleep and he turned on the tv. Of course at 2am you have nothing but infomercials. So we laid there and watched the T1me L1fe infomercial on 70's music.
I'd zone out and almost drift off to sleep when he would yell I REMEMBER THAT SONG or Hey, I used to get up every morning before school and call in to the radio station to request that song so I could hear it before I went to school. He was so excited and then would say sorry, you're probably trying to go to sleep. Then he was quiet for a while and I'd start to drift off again. Then it would start all over again as even more 70's hits rolled across the screen and little snippets of the songs played.
Then the list started over and Scott got upset because they played the same songs over again. I fell asleep to Afternoon Delight. At least I think that's the name of the song. I think tonight I am hiding the remote before I go to bed.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

November 1st is a Great Day

WHY? you ask.

Because it is the day my divorce from SW (ShitWeasel) was finalized and it was the day I started my job.

I have been here for 6 years now.

Happy Anniversary To Me

Sugar Rush

Is everyone coming down from their sugar rush or are you still flying high? I was so good last night after we got home from trick-or-treating, I only had 2 pieces of candy and one of those was a mini-bag of M&M's that I shared with Harley.

The kids had a blast. Ethan was a musketeer that everyone kept mistaking for a pirate. So he walked around all night yelling "All for one and all for one". It was right in his mind so that is what mattered. I had painted a moustache and beard on him and he had on the hat with a feather, the velvety vest with a family crest type thing on it (I can't think of what the name of it is right now), a cape, and boots. His shirt was a ruffly one that he borrowed from grandma.
Emma's costume started out as a gothic princess but she changed it around and became a spider bride. We did her face to look like spider webs, her hair was all sparkly, and she had on a spider necklace. Her dress was maroon and it is actually pretty and nice enough to wear as a regular dress without the black waistband thing that it came with.
Harley was Frankenstein and was just too cute. He watched me paint Emma's face and then walked around pulling at his cheeks until I sat down and put some green all around his face. That made him happy. His outfit was just a little sweatsuit that someone had sewn googly eyes onto the chest, attached silver "bolts" to the sides, had a nose and a mouth, and the pants had stitches sewn in various places all over it.
Harley was reluctant at first to go up to doors with Ethan and Emma but once he realized that if you walk up to the door and hold out your bucket and look cute and say "AAHH" you'll get candy. We tried all night to get him to say thank you but to no avail. He did start telling everyone "SEE YA" instead. Of course everyone thought he was just too cute and most of the time they would chuck another candy into his bucket.
The kids thought I was mean by stopping the fun only an hour after we started. I've heard from a few at work that they were out for 2 1/2 to 3 hours but I didn't want to keep Harley out that long. It was pretty cold last night.
I managed to get the kids home from begging for candy, showered, a little dessert in them and in bed by 8:30 last night. Not far from bed time. I felt pretty proud of myself. Harley was a different story. I managed to strip his costume off and he took off. He ran around the house trying to take his diaper off and just giggling like it was the funniest thing in the world. I "chased" him around acting like he was too fast to catch and it wasn't long before he ran out of steam and collapsed in the living room and just laid there. I got his pj's on and plopped him in his crib. He was out in a few seconds.
Scott and I collapsed in bed and I think he actually fell asleep before I did. Normally he is up for 2 hours or so afte I have gone to bed.

I hope everyone has a good sugar high today. I sure will, I snagged some of the kids' candy before coming to work today. It was all chocolate too!