Monday, December 11, 2006

I really need to work on my blogging

Thank you for the kind words Walker, Karin, and Laurie. I guess I'm dealing with my dad's death. I guess... I haven't really thought about it.

My mom, of all the people in my life, ordered flowers for his funeral and paid for them and had them delivered. I still have to pay her back for that.

I think I'm holding back on grieving until I receive the stuff my step-mother said she would send me. Apparently he had all sorts of pictures of me. I think when I get those pictures and anything else they think I might want, I'll grieve then.

For now I'm still not sure how to feel.

On to better things. Ethan's 11th birthday is this Wednesday, the 13th! I can't believe I have an 11 year old son. I'm really not that old! Oh, wait, I am that old to have an 11 year old. OMG

He's not doing so well in school right now and I'm in the middle of re-negotiating with the school to get his aid back. Ethan says he doesn't need her, that he's out grown her and she's fired, but he does need her. He's having such a hard time staying focused on the teacher or the task at hand that he needs that extra help at school to stay alert.

Ethan has also gotten into trouble lately for barking at students. I visited the school the other day only to see a kid just run up to Ethan on the playground, get right in Ethan's face, and bark! Ethan just turned around and walked away! I was so proud of him for that. And he didn't see me there so I know my presence didn't affect anything he did. His main stream teacher just doesn't have the patience for him this year and tried to tell me that Ethan is provoking the other students and initiating the barking. When I brought up what I saw on the playground all she could say is she couldn't understand why I was on the playground. Cow

Emma is doing ok. She is talking more and more of going to live with her dad and stepmom. I just breathe deeply and tell her I just want her to be happy and I love her and then I hug her hard. I'm really not that afraid that she'll say ok move me right now, but I have a feeling in a couple years, when she is in middle school, she will. I'll deal with that when it comes.

Harley is as precocious as ever. He now insists on doing everything for himself. Except using the bathroom! He still won't pee in the potty!! He dresses himself, puts his own shoes on, brushes his teeth, runs when we try to comb his hair (only Nana can comb his hair), he loves to clear his own plate and glass from the table at the end of supper, and so many other things.

His newest love is snagging one of my bras and putting it on backwards, so the cups are in the back, and running around the house with his "cape" on. Or, or, or he will try to wrap the bra straps around his chin and calls the damn thing his parachute and will jump off the back of the couch or recliner with his "parachute". I'm waiting for my bra to turn into a sling shot or some other thing to fling rocks and such at his sister and brother.

My job is great right now. I finished my last course with a 90 on the final and I think I'm done for a couple months. We are about to add a new computer system and new phone system so I'm going to give myself a chance to learn all of that before I add another course to my plate. I do know my next course will be Stress Management though. I figured with all the new stuff that would be a good thing to learn about.

My hubbie is wonderful as always and has been at his job for one whole year now. It's his turn to go to Albuqueque for a management training course and will be gone for a few days next month. That week will be nice and slow, I'm sure.

I've decided that when it comes to wish lists for Christmas, my husband is a bigger pain in the ass than the kids are. His list is getting bigger and bigger and the items on it aren't cheap. He wants a 12 gauge shotgun, it has to be all black, he wants a Playstation 3, who knows how many games to go with the Playstation 3, I don't know how many audio books (those aren't very cheap), a new Yukon XL (that is only $45,000) and a few more things.

He adds to his list every day!!!!

I'm done shopping though. For the first Christmas ever we are done shopping before the middle of December!

And I did break down and splurge on one big present for Scott. It's something he has asked for for a couple years now. I hope he loves it. I'm not going to say what it is just in case he decides to actually read this site for once. He might get a general idea but he won't know for sure.

Time for bed I'll talk to ya'll later.


Walker said...

Happy Birthday To Ethan!

Teachers now a days have no patience and find excudses to get rid of kids that need more help.
Moo to the teacher.

I'm done shopping or out of money LOL
you choose which but I must say I had fun looking for the different gifts I wanted to give people.

As to how you handle your father's passing, you will know what to do when the time comes and it hits you.

Have a nice day

Walker said...

I stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)


Walker said...

I am here to say Happy New year again so You beter have a GREAT ONE!!!!!!
take care