Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ups and Downs

Saturday morning I got my nails done. I used to get them done all the time and when Scott quit working I stopped because I figured it was a lavish extravagance for me that I could do without. I decided to never get my nails done again because I was working so hard to get my nails strong and healthy and natural.
Then winter came and I remembered how dry my skin gets and how nasty my hang nails look. My fingers end up looking like bloody stumps even though I don't chew on my nails.
Then I remember how nice my cuticles and hands always looked while I had my nails done and decided to just bite the bullet and get them done again. After only 4 days my hands look so much better. Thank goodness Scott loves his job. I may keep it up for a couple more months before I let them fall off.
Scott loves it when I get them done, mainly for the nice back scratches he gets. They also look more professional. Bloody stumps? not so professional.

After my nail appointment Scott and I took a huge step and joined our local gym and spa. Again, thank goodness Scott loves his job. We do have to pay a fee each month but it offers raquetball, a full cardio room, a weight room, day care, a pool, sauna, and hot tubs. They offer personal trainers, massages, and you can have birthday parties there, that they plan and provide the food and entertainment. For $150 a couple can have a personal trainer three days a week for 4 weeks. We didn't sign up for that but we are thinking about it, just to give us a jump start. We also didn't sign up as a family, just as a couple because that will be our time to get away from the kids. Besides, I like to work out early in the morning and who wants to drag their three kids to the gym at 4:30 in the morning.

We have yet to make it to the gym! Sunday was a fun and sad day and I didn't have the emotional energy to drag myself to the gym after saying goodbye to my most favorite preacher. I was going to go last night but Emma had a melt down and I stayed home to make sure she didn't follow through on her promise to run away. Long story and I'll tell it tomorrow.

I was going to get up and go this morning but when my alarm went off at 4am I couldn't bring myself to do it. My head was pounding and my eyes were still swollen from the crying from the night before, with Emma. April 11th is quite a ways away and hopefully we can wait until then for her appointment with the therapist.

On a little bit better note I found out that my insurance covers her first 5 visits with this therapist. They pay for everything and I don't even have a co-pay! Small miracles.
I am taking one day at a time with Emma and trying to get her to do the same.

I have realized with her issues that 8 year olds are more mean now than 14 year old were when I was 14! They are down right viscous! If you don't have the right clothes on or your hair styled just so or if you're still not wearing makeup or shaving your legs then the others girls are cattier than some adult women I know. I'm so sad for her and all I can do right now is cry with her.

Enough for now, almost time to go home and see how the kids are doing. I haven't received a phone call yet and that is a good thing.

Chocolatism: Chocolate, like love, covers a multitude of sins.

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Karin said...

Yeah, little girls can be very very catty unfortunately. Poor Emma. Hope things get better!