Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Emma has had quite the week already. Poor thing, I almost feel sorry for her. Key word is Almost. She is sore from a weekend of skating and playing and barely any sleep from a sleepover with her cousin.
She was pooed on by Harley and I embarrassed her in front of her whole school bus!

Last night I had just gotten home from work and had walked into the house to my usual squealing tackle at the door. I noticed a particularly ripe smell coming from our resident knee hugger. I picked him up to change his diaper and was greeted with a lovely, green, smelly mess that went from the top of the back of his diaper all the way to the top of the front of his diaper. It was very slimy and oh so disgusting. I'm pretty sure it's this whole teething thing. I wish they would just hurry up and come in.

After that I washed my hands and started dinner. During dinner and while I was putting food away after dinner Emma bugged me to go buy her new shoes. I kept telling her when I was ready to go we would leave. Harley was grouchy so I asked her to entertain him while I finished dinner dishes. A few minutes went by with Emma laying on the kitchen floor and Harley sitting on her stomach, just pounding on her and Emma giggling hard enough to keep him happy and hitting. I kept telling Emma if he hurts you I don't want to hear it. A few minutes later Emma squealed and got up and ran out of the room.
I should actually mention that while I was cooking dinner Harley had stripped. I found his pants under the kitchen table, one sock in the play room and the other in the back living room, and his shirt was still hanging around his neck with his arms out of it.

Well, apparently Harley was struck with a bout of diarrhea and some of it had leaked out of his diaper and gotten on Emma's pants. Her precious pink with white striped pants MOM! I had to giggle. Not nice of me I know but I have been pooped on, peed on, puked on, and snot blown or wiped on me so many times by all three kids that I find it amusing when it happens to someone else.
I told Emma to change her pants and she would be fine and spray-n-wash would make sure her pants would be fine too. I was finally ready to head out the door and we headed to Target where she picked out these shoes in under 2 minutes. That's a record that I really need to write down in her baby book, cause ya know those things have room to record every single detail from birth to 10 years old.
Normally she has to try on every pair she sees that she might like. But last night was heaven, she saw what she liked and had it in the cart before I could get irritated!
Then we wandered around for maybe another 3 minutes, picked out a snack to share on the short ride home and paid for our treasures and left.
When we got home she asked to sit in the van for a few minutes and listen to her favorite radio station. It plays rap, hip hop, R&B, and some rock music. We sat there singing along to some of the songs and dancing in our seats. We finally went in the house and Emma went to bed.

This morning starts out with me running late, again, and we missed the bus by a few seconds. So we followed the bus to school. The radio was on the same station and just as loud. We were at a stoplight and Emma was in the front seat of the van, waving at the kids in the back of the bus. She wasn't in nearly as good a mood as she was the night before while we were dancing in our seats. I glanced over at her and she had quit waving and was just staring at the kids still waving at her and I heard her mumble under her breath "quit waving idiots, I'm done!" I couldn't help but giggle and when she looked over at me I started dancing in my seat. I let go of the steering wheel and waved my arms in the air, bobbing my head and singing along.
The kids in the bus quit waving and started laughing and pointing. About this time the light changed and we turned onto Main street.
Emma sat by me, staring at me as if I had sprouted another head with 3 eyes and 3 ears all on my forehead. I smiled sweetly at her and asked what was wrong. This was her response "OH MY GOD MOM, HOW COULD YOU, NOW EVERYONE IS GOING TO TEASE ME!" I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes and was having problems seeing the road. Ethan was in the middle seat, just grinning and singing along with the radio, totally oblivious to what had just happened.

When we got to school, Ethan told me goodbye, gave me a lean and a kiss and got out of the van. Emma got out of the van and when I asked for a hug she just HA'd at me and slammed the door and ran off. hehe

I was still giggling when I pulled in to work! Victory dance for the embarrassing Mama

No I am not ashamed, just thought you should all know this.

Harley's new words: Elmo, rocks, brush, ok and there are a few others but I can't remember them right now. Oh he says Hola thanks to Dora the Explorer. Which is actually really cute. He charmed the waiter at the Mexican restaurant we ate supper at Friday night.


Big Gay Sam said...

I'm still stuck on his "boo-shit" utterance.

Marlene said...

Hi Shannon! Thanks for stopping by and de-lurking! Doing the same here. I too love to embarass my kids.

Shannon said...

Embarassing kids is great fun!