Monday, January 09, 2006

Never take a movie recommendation from your extremely flaming gay hairdresser!

The guy who cuts my hair, D, is extremely gay. Ok I should say used to cut my hair. I haven't been able to get a hold of him so I've used my friend's mom and she did a great job.

D is flaming, flamboyant, stereotypical, lispy, wild, and loud. That may seem mean to some but that is the way he is, and I love him for it. I wouldn't change him for anything. His hair color ranges from a normal black, brown, or blond to a wild pink, purple, or outrageous red. His style goes from very short to long with wild curls to mohawks that stick up so high he has to drive with the top down on his convertible.

He did my hair, Emma's hair, my mom's hair, and my maid of honor's hair for my wedding. He does great hair and is always so funny. The hair might be wild but I've always managed to fix it in a similar style but much calmer after I've left his shop. He loves to put outrageous reds and blonds in my hair at the same time but it always comes out gorgeous.

D is mortified that I have decided to quit dyeing my hair and let it be my natural color, a mousy brown. Now it is streaked with lots of grey and I actually like it that way. I'm still carded when I order a drink at a restaurant so it's ok.

The last time D cut my hair he informed me he had just watched the most amazing movie. He said it was fabulous and I should watch it as soon as I could because it was wonderful. He gushed over it from the time he started washing my hair until he was done styling it. And this was during one of the colorings. So it's been about a year since he has touched my hair.

What was the movie you ask? It was Dancing at the Blue Iguana.

I'm sure some people loved it but OMG.

I noticed it was on Saturday night and sat down to watch it after finally getting Ethan and Harley in bed*. I watched about 20 minutes of it before I turned it off. My opinion of it: It was horrible. Like I said I'm sure some people loved it but I thought the part I saw was horrible.

Now I know not take D's word on movies. Note to self: remember that he is a great stylist but we have totally different taste in EVERYTHING else!

* You might be wondering where Emma was. She left at 10am Saturday morning to go to a birthday party at the skating rink and then called after the party to ask if she could spend the night with her cousin, and of course I said yes (against my better judgment) and saw her for 5 minutes when she came home to get clothes and then didn't see her again until 3pm Sunday afternoon. Her cousin is a spoiled brat who has no discipline, no set bedtime, isn't made to do her homework so she might be held back in the 3rd grade, and is just mean in general to everyone around her. Oh and she already calls other little girls fat and ugly and she is all of 8 years old.

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Big Gay Sam said...

Honey. He's so gay he even scares me. That takes a lot of scaring.