Friday, January 27, 2006

Pimpin' It

Here is something I have always dreamed of, having my own Pimp Name!! Go here and you can find out what yours is!

Mine is Magic Tickle Shannon Large. hehe

Scott's is Fine Ass Scott Slither. Rather appropriate considering how he loves Harry Potter and has been on some website where he was "sorted" and put in the Slytherin house. He can slither his fine tushie around Slytherin. But we have been over this before and the poor guy has a back with a crack but I love him no matter what!

Emma's is Delicious Diffey Love

Ethan's is Crazy Eyes Ethan Shizzle

Harley's is Master Fly Lyman Wicked

Go check it out and giggle at your 'new' name.

1 comment:

drama mama said...

LOL! My husband loves Harry Potter too!