Thursday, January 12, 2006

I've been pushed aside

Harley's teeth just don't want to make an appearance. They'll poke through the gums and then withdraw leaving his poor gums red and irritated. The whole time they are probably saying neiner neiner!

The messy diapers have continued, which really bites, because he is still loving the fact that he has the power to strip off his own clothes and streak through the house. I'm waiting to hear from my MIL what she thinks of this. It's only a matter of time before he does it at her house.

Considering how grumpy he's been, he could possibly do it today. It seems like the grouchier he is the more he wants his clothes off.

He was in the process of stripping last night when I got home from work. The boots and pants were off and his diaper was half off. I scooped him up to get the diaper back on and he giggled at this so we flew him around the house for a few minutes to help him forget about stripping. It worked for a while.

The night was relatively quiet and the older kids were in bed by 8:30. I got Harley asleep around 9:30 and read for a while before I went to bed. Both Scott and I were asleep by 11pm.

Harley woke up at 11:45 screaming as if he were being attacked. I jumped up and rushed in to his room calm him down. I picked him up and we sat in the chair in our bedroom but the crying didn't stop. Even when the hiccups started, that is how hard he was crying. He would hug me and snuggle and then he would push away and slap at my arm. I had no idea what was wrong but Scott finally got out of bed and as soon as Harley saw Scott he shoved himself out of my arms and onto the floor to run to Scott.

Scott picked him up and had Harley calmed down and back in bed sound asleep in under 10 minutes. For some reason mommy just wasn't good enough for whatever was wrong. I was tired and grouchy too so I took it personally that he didn't want me and huffed back to bed. Scott tried to make me feel better when he came back to bed but I just told him goodnight and rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.
Silly, stupid, selfish? I know. I'm not very proud but when you are tired you do really stupid things.

This morning though, he was the same way. My mom got him dressed because he didn't want me to even hug him or touch his hair or anything! When Scott dropped me off at work I tried again to get a goodbye kiss or hug but he pushed me away and slapped my nose.

So, I have upset and angered the Pudge and I have no idea what I did other than not let him run around without a diaper.

We'll see what tonight brings, probably more pushing away, especially when I leave for the soccer meeting I have to go to.

Bad Mommie


Theresa said...

Oh heck Shannon, you're not a bad mommy! They go thru stages like that. He's just cranky because of his teeth, and mommy's not letting him run around diaper-less. This too shall pass!

Jen said...

Exactly! You are not a bad mommy at all! Just give him a few days!

Shannon said...

I will, he came running to me last night and hugged my knees and then he ran away and smacked Ethan in the head. So now I don't feel so bad LOL!