Monday, January 30, 2006

Sad Day at Church

Yesterday was the last Sunday for our preacher, T, and his family. They were transferred to another church at the other end of our state. T has done so much for my family that it is sad to see him go.

They have a daughter who is 7 months older than Harley and they love each other. Whenever they saw each other they would run and hug each other and then chase each other around the room.

T saw Scott and I through marriage counseling, he married us, he was at the hospital when I had Harley, a few surgeries for the family, he was there for the last few months of my granny's life, and there the day she died. He has seen us through a full circle of life.

I know he will help his new church and hopefully one family will reap all the benefits we received from him. Hopefully his new church will see what a blessing he is and come to love him as we did.

I'm a little excited to meet the new preacher. I'm sure he is just as friendly. Scott is very excited to meet him because he is a Marine.

Sunday will be here before we know it and we'll meet the new preacher soon enough. This week will be spent remembering T and all the fun times, sad times, and scary times he shared with my family.

Everyone have a great week and tomorrow's post will be a little lighter!

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mrhaney said...

hello shannnon. how are you? i just wanted to drop by and see how things are going with you.
we have a couple of priest at our church that i lkie. one of them really likes to sing during the mass. i think he likes to hear his own voice. the other one likes to give long sermons and repeats himself a lot. i like them both though. it is hard to get use to a new preacher.