Monday, January 23, 2006

ONLY 6 hours sleep since Friday

And no, it is not because I partied like a rock star. Although that would be so much more preferable to why I am so tired.

I have a sick baby in the house. Poor Harley has a bad cold and mixing that with teething, he is just one unhappy little man.

He is draining from every orifice in his body and it's just so much fun. His eyes are all gunky, his nose is running pretty fluids (at least it's not the fluorescent green junk), he has diarrhea, but he's not peeing much, and his ears are draining too. At least he likes Pedialyte, he's not drinking or eating anything else. Oh wait, I take that back he is eating cookies. Or whatever I am eating. Nothing else though.

And he keeps wanting to give me kisses, on the mouth. And when I avoid these kisses he gets mad and cries and throws a fit. He will cover his mouth when he coughs and he is trying to blow his nose and it is so cute to watch him try this. He refuses to let a Kleenex touch his nose but is opting for wipees to wipe his nose. It's better than the having the snot wiped on me.

My poor mom didn't do anything Friday because Harley sat on her most of the day.

Saturday was much of the same because my day, which started at 4am because of the sick boy, consisted of getting the dogs off to the groomers by 9am, running to the bank, taking Harley to Immediate Care because Scott was insisting that he had an ear infection (which he didn't and I knew this but Scott wouldn't drop it), cleaning the house because mom was sitting there holding baby I (a friend's baby, her daycare provider crapped out on her so mom volunteered to watch him until she can find another permanent daycare provider), and then getting the dogs from the groomers and paying a hefty amount because Callie was so matted because everytime we tried to bathe and brush her she would run and hide, and then I had to work for 2 1/2 hours because of some big event that was really a waste of time because the phones were just DEAD, and then I ended the day by going grocery shopping with Scott**. I think I finally fell into my bed at 1am only to be awakened by Harley at about 2am. I just plopped him in bed with us and he slept with his head on my stomach and his feet on Scott's chest.

Scott said those pj's with the feet on them have to go because the rubber part stuck to him and every time Harley moved a little bit of his skin would peel off with the footies. Hopefully Harley will feel better soon and sleep in his own bed again. We have a California King waterbed so it's definitely big enough for all three of us but with Harley roving around the whole thing and me not sleeping to make sure he doesn't fall off the bottom of the bed, I'm T I R E D.

Or as Sam says it I'm so T I R E D tired I could F A R T faint. Ok, it sounds funnier when you say it.

Sunday was spent holding Harley until it was time for me to leave for the soccer office. Practices start in a month so we had to get the rostering done and add all of the new players into the system and update all the teams. It's not hard work, just tedious. You have to pay attention to so many little details that it is time consuming. It's so hard to make every parent happy but we try to. Because, BECAUSE so many of these psycho soccer parents want little billy to be on the same team as little mike or they want a different team for little pete because they don't like the coach from last season or a number of other reasons. And if we don't' try to accommodate every child then some parents lose it and become so hostile. It's ridiculous.

This is why I didn't want Emma to play soccer because of the parents, not the other kids. Most of those parents push their kids so hard and are just down right mean to coaches and refs. Yes I am different! Scott and I cheer on the kids on both teams, which I feel at this age is what every parent should do, and then we heckle the parents that are screaming at their kids.

Last year there was one mom who sat there and insulted her child the first half of the game and the poor girl couldn't play because she was in tears. Scott finally went over and stood by that mom and every time she yelled at her daughter Scott would yell at her. He gave her twice as much as she was giving her daughter. The mom got so mad that she asked for Scott to be kicked out of the soccer complex but the ref, being the smart guy he is, told her she needed to keep her mouth shut or she would be asked to leave. The mom didn't say anything but you could tell she was so mad, her face was red and she kept glaring at Scott. When the game started again she started yelling again. Scott finally went over and whispered something to her, I still have no idea what he said, and whatever he said pushed her over the edge and she left. She got in her car and drove away. The poor man that was with her, I'm assuming was her husband, just sat there with his head down and his face beet red. Coward, Stick Up for Your Child!

Ok, now that I have rambled on for too long I will leave you all on this thought:

Any day now the magnetic poles could reverse, causing total chaos and complete anarchy. Then you'll wish you had some chocolate.

**While we were shopping there were these two girls, maybe 20 years old, following us around just laughing and flirting with Scott. Scott was enjoying it and as we filled our basket they only picked up 3 items between the two of them. When we started to check out, with our over flowing basket, they got in the line behind us and as soon as Scott went to find another cart to load with the items the cashier rang up, one of the girls started flirting with Me. I was a little shocked at this. She was cute and had pretty eyes but, oh my. It's been a while since I had another girl flirt with me like she did. If I hadn't been so tired I could have given it right back!
And the whole another girl flirting with me would be another post for another day....

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