Friday, January 13, 2006


I was going to delete the post that just has the title of "IT" but I decided to leave it here. For a couple reasons, the first is Laurie had already posted a comment and the second is just because!

I had typed in the title and instead of clicking on the part to start typing the actual post I hit the enter button and my "IT" automatically got posted.

SOoooo, there you have it. I could have just said I was trying to be mysterious but I decided not to because I don't feel mysterious right now.
When I do I'll let ya'll know!

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Walker said...

Never delete.
I posted a title once not to long ago.
I left it there for a day and had heaps of comments on it and then I went back and wrote a post for it.
Sometimes a word is all you need to say and we know what ou feel like or what ou mean.