Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sugar Rush

Is everyone coming down from their sugar rush or are you still flying high? I was so good last night after we got home from trick-or-treating, I only had 2 pieces of candy and one of those was a mini-bag of M&M's that I shared with Harley.

The kids had a blast. Ethan was a musketeer that everyone kept mistaking for a pirate. So he walked around all night yelling "All for one and all for one". It was right in his mind so that is what mattered. I had painted a moustache and beard on him and he had on the hat with a feather, the velvety vest with a family crest type thing on it (I can't think of what the name of it is right now), a cape, and boots. His shirt was a ruffly one that he borrowed from grandma.
Emma's costume started out as a gothic princess but she changed it around and became a spider bride. We did her face to look like spider webs, her hair was all sparkly, and she had on a spider necklace. Her dress was maroon and it is actually pretty and nice enough to wear as a regular dress without the black waistband thing that it came with.
Harley was Frankenstein and was just too cute. He watched me paint Emma's face and then walked around pulling at his cheeks until I sat down and put some green all around his face. That made him happy. His outfit was just a little sweatsuit that someone had sewn googly eyes onto the chest, attached silver "bolts" to the sides, had a nose and a mouth, and the pants had stitches sewn in various places all over it.
Harley was reluctant at first to go up to doors with Ethan and Emma but once he realized that if you walk up to the door and hold out your bucket and look cute and say "AAHH" you'll get candy. We tried all night to get him to say thank you but to no avail. He did start telling everyone "SEE YA" instead. Of course everyone thought he was just too cute and most of the time they would chuck another candy into his bucket.
The kids thought I was mean by stopping the fun only an hour after we started. I've heard from a few at work that they were out for 2 1/2 to 3 hours but I didn't want to keep Harley out that long. It was pretty cold last night.
I managed to get the kids home from begging for candy, showered, a little dessert in them and in bed by 8:30 last night. Not far from bed time. I felt pretty proud of myself. Harley was a different story. I managed to strip his costume off and he took off. He ran around the house trying to take his diaper off and just giggling like it was the funniest thing in the world. I "chased" him around acting like he was too fast to catch and it wasn't long before he ran out of steam and collapsed in the living room and just laid there. I got his pj's on and plopped him in his crib. He was out in a few seconds.
Scott and I collapsed in bed and I think he actually fell asleep before I did. Normally he is up for 2 hours or so afte I have gone to bed.

I hope everyone has a good sugar high today. I sure will, I snagged some of the kids' candy before coming to work today. It was all chocolate too!


Karin said...

Sounds like they looked great! Glad you all had a good night. :)

mrhaney said...

i remember those days when are kids were young and we would take them out. those were some good times. i should have taken more pictures but i didn't.

Theresa said...

I limit my girls to both of our long blocks of the street. Takes 30 minutes. Enough is enough for me.

Shannon said...

I'm kicking myself because I didn't get any pictures this year!