Thursday, November 03, 2005

Harley's words

Harley's vocabulary is very, very, very slowly growing. He says sshhhh, with his finger placed over his lips, of course. I think that is one of the cutest things he says, right now my favorite.
Other words are
lay lou (I am assuming this means thank you because he says it when I prompt him to say thank you after he has received something)
hush puppies (this is always followed by a huge belly giggle, this is my 2nd favoritist cute thing)
bobble (means cup, I can't get him to say cup, everything with a drink is bobble)
nite nite
eh yah (see yah) this is accompanied by vigorous waving

He'll talk when he is ready, I'm not too worried about it. He totally understands everything we tell him and will mind when he is told or asked to do something.
If we ask him to say something he will just grin and giggle at us. Why should he waste time talking when he has a big sis to do it for him.
When it's time for bed we go through the same routine every night. Harley follows me around and helps me tuck in Ethan and Emma. He'll tell them nite nite and then shushes them as he leaves their room. Then we will snuggle and rock for a while. Eventually he'll slide down off my lap and run around the house yelling nite nite and giggling, running away from anyone who tried to give him a hug and kiss good night. Sometimes the dogs join in the chase and they normally end up tripping Harley and he cries and tells them to hush.
He's also started sleeping on his stomach with his little butt sticking up in the air. Too cute. When he wakes up either from a nap or in the morning, he'll stand up in his crib and yell HEY until someone comes in to pick him up. I'm tempted to try his toddler bed again to see how that goes. Maybe on his 2nd birthday, that gives me a chance to get used to the idea.

Halloween left us with 2 huge bowls of candy. There are times when I want to pounce on the bowls and eat all the chocolate. Other times I don't even look at the bowls. But they are always there and calling my name, Shannon oh Shannon, come here, you know you want to.
It's hard to resist.
It's wrong I tell you, chocolate should not have a voice!
It's CHOCOLATE for cryin' out loud!

I'm ready for a nap. Scott is finally getting over a nasty cold he's had for almost 2 weeks now. The drainage he is having makes him cough and it keeps us both awake at night. Last night we just gave up trying to sleep and he turned on the tv. Of course at 2am you have nothing but infomercials. So we laid there and watched the T1me L1fe infomercial on 70's music.
I'd zone out and almost drift off to sleep when he would yell I REMEMBER THAT SONG or Hey, I used to get up every morning before school and call in to the radio station to request that song so I could hear it before I went to school. He was so excited and then would say sorry, you're probably trying to go to sleep. Then he was quiet for a while and I'd start to drift off again. Then it would start all over again as even more 70's hits rolled across the screen and little snippets of the songs played.
Then the list started over and Scott got upset because they played the same songs over again. I fell asleep to Afternoon Delight. At least I think that's the name of the song. I think tonight I am hiding the remote before I go to bed.


Big Gay Sam said...

I have a solution for the chocolate problem.

Give it to me.

I'll keep it safe.

yeah.. that's it.



Shannon said...

Um thanks for the offer


NO my chocolate you can't have any!

Ok maybe a couple pieces