Friday, November 11, 2005

FlashBack Friday

Today's theme at HeartSongs is The First Kiss.
I remember the first time a boy kissed me but I really don't count that because I was only 12, I think, and it was all slobbery. Pretty gross

But a person can have so many first kisses during their life. The first time my first boyfriend kissed me it was just a peck on the lips.
We had decided to start hanging out together because the two that we liked were dating each other. We just kind of fell into hanging out together to keep each other company, I guess you could say comfort company. We watched movies together, played video games, did what ever friends do. But we were a boy and a girl. Not many people believed that we weren't dating because we were always together.
The night he kissed me we were at his house and he was laying on the living room floor and I was laying on the couch. It was just him and his dad that lived in the house, his mom had died when he was young. His dad was out on a date.
We were watching some movie, again it seemed like that's almost all we did, and he rolled over and looked at me for the longest time. I finally asked WHAT! He said nothing and rolled back over. A few minutes later he did it again but this time he asked if I wanted something to drink. I told him no thanks but he continued to lay there, his hand propping his head up, staring at me. I started staring back at him and after a while his face started turning red. The blush started at his forehead and rolled all the way down his face to his neck and disappeared below his collar.
I started giggling and asked him what his problem was and he said nothing but continued to stare at me. I tried to ignore him and a few minutes later he crawled over to me and kissed me. It was just a peck but..... there it was. A kiss.
I had no idea what to think because I still liked this other boy and as far as I knew he still liked the other girl.
We kissed a couple more times, they were a little more than pecks, and then went back to the movie. When the movie was over I said "OK, goodnight" and got up and walked out.
He called the next day and apologized and asked me to come over for yet another movie that night.

We ended up dating for about 2 months, until the two that we liked broke up with each other and he called to tell me about it. Then he broke up with me and was on a date with her two nights later. At first I was upset but then I realized it was pointless to be upset, we had started out as friends with no intention of becoming anything else and I wanted to stay friends. We are still friends, and he is married to a wonderful woman and they just had their first baby.

I did get the other guy and we were together for 3 years and I almost married him.
Now his first kiss, that was a KISS.
It made my knees weak and my insides melt. I lost track of time and probably almost lost consciousness. It was soooooo good.
See, this guy had joined the Navy and was stationed on the East Coast. He came home on leave about 8 months before our wedding to help finalize most of it. About 3 weeks before our wedding he called to tell me that he had gotten his roommates girlfriend pregnant. I hung up on him and proceeded to call every single friend and family member that had received an invitation and told them the wedding was off.
And then I didn't speak to him again for over a year. And then we hooked up again when he got out of the Navy and because I just loved him so much. And we had another first kiss which was just as good as the very first kiss. I love my husband very, very much but this guy still has the ability to make me weak in the knees. I really hate that!

Actually, the best first kisses I have had is when each of my three babies learned how to kiss and I received my first kisses from them. Those are sweet and cherished and tucked away in my heart.
And now that I have become a little sappy I am done for a while.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Karin said...

You're right, Shannon. That first slobbery open-mouthed kiss from your baby is better than any other kiss could possibly be and it lives up to all the hype. ;)

Theresa said...

Sometimes the ancticipation of that kiss, that build-up is awesome! And I agree with Karin! Those baby kisses are THE best!

Walker said...

I guess different kisses mean different things and yes the kisses my kids gave me were the best, drool and all lol.
Kissing someone you have feelings for are knee benders. :)