Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey Overload

Yesterday I ate the most turkey I have eaten in a long, long time. I'm not sure why. Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner and then leftovers for supper. I was so full!

The day started out like a normal day. Harley yelling from his crib, HEY, letting us all know he is awake and ready to terrorize the house, the guinea pig squealing from his cage, ready for his daily carrots, and Ethan and Emma running around arguing over the bathroom. I remind them I don't know how many times a morning that we have more than one bathroom, please quit fighting over that one bathroom.

Mom cooked the turkey, which I volunteered to cook but no, she had to do it. Not sure why. She also made the pies, stuffing, and vegetables that we were taking to dinner at the in-laws. She wouldn't let me do anything.
So, since it was not even 7am I put Emma in charge of Harley and went back to bed for a couple hours. Scott and I snuggled until the rambunctious children had the house rattling.
I braided Emma's hair, threatened to cut Ethan's hair, and we all watched the Backyardigans with Harley.
At noon we headed over to the in-laws and played the radio and sang loud to keep Harley awake for lunch. We got there and Harley ran wild chasing the dogs around and poking his chubby, little fingers through the chicken coop wire. Those chickens love him. They won't peck him but they'll crowd around the fence when he is there and just talk to him. It's pretty loud. The cats come chase him around and he is in heaven.
We finished preparing food as my sister-in-law and her family filed in. My SIL & BIL sat around watching TV with my husband, complaining about the lack of programming for the holiday and whatever else came to mind. My BIL went off about my hair and kept telling Scott what a stupid man he was for letting me cut my hair. My husband told him that he likes my hair cut, he doesn't take care of my hair, and he's not a controlling ass like BIL is so he really should just shut up before I lose my cool. I managed to ignore the whole conversation until SIL said she really loved my new hair cut and then BIL went off on her. I don't condone divorce but wow, he is such a controlling jerk and I can't stand him. I manage to be civil to him but that's about it.
When all the food was done SIL's family filled their plates and started eating before the rest of us were done serving ourselves. Oh well, the sooner they finished eating, the sooner they left for their other thanksgiving dinner with BIL's parents. Is that bad of me to think that?
Harley sat next to me for dinner, not at the kids table. Instead of putting him in his booster seat my MIL pushed a step-stool with a back up to the table for him and he was thrilled with it. He'd eat a little and then run check in sissy. Then he'd come back and eat some more and look for his puppy's. He was worn out by the time we actually made it home.
When we were done eating SIL's family left and we started cleaning up the food and divvying up what was left. I had the kids take stuff out to the van and followed them to help open the back door. I had towels arranged to put the food on in case anything spilled. I took the food from the kids and sent them back in to get the rest. As I was putting the food in the back all 4 of my in-laws cats started winding around my legs and then one by one, jumping into the van and pawing at the food. I'd throw the cats out and before I could reach up to grab the door to shut it, they were back up in the van. I did this I don't know how many times before I gave up and just stood there, holding the food, screaming for help. I was laughing at myself too hard to actually go into the house to ask for help. Scott came running out of the house and as soon as he saw me he cracked up. I had a pan of turkey in one hand and a bowl of stuffing in the other. I had one cat literally climbing up one leg and another cat pawing at the other. The other 2 cats were sitting in the back of the van trying to jump on me. They were meowing, the chickens were bac-bacing, the dogs were barking at the cats and chickens, and I was laughing hysterically.
It took a kid in the front seat of the van, Scott in the middle seat of the van, and me throwing cats away from the door for us to get the food in the van and the door shut. After all that was done we said goodbye and got in the van. I almost had my door shut and a cat tried to hitch a ride. It was the pregnant kitty and I'm sure she wanted that turkey.
We giggled all the way home and then most of slept for a couple hours. We watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and got the biggest kick out of watching Ethan, not the show. He was laughing so hard at the part where Snoopy was wrestling with the lawn chair that he was crying. He was laying on his side, holding his stomach as he belly giggled through the whole thing. At the next commercial he ran to the bathroom, and he was still giggling in the bathroom.

Unfortunately Scott had to leave at 5:30 this morning so we were in bed early, even after the 2 hour nap.

Now I am at work and there is still an hour and a half before my work day is done. We are having Mexican food for supper though. Seafood Enchiladas. YUMMY and of course left over pie when we get home from the restaurant!

Everyone have a great weekend.


Karin said...

What a funny story! I'm glad you got the chance to laugh :)

Jen said...

Ok, you are making me hungry!!!

I hope those seafood enchiladas were as good as they sound!

Walker said...

Sounds like Thanksgiving was a blast. I am overlooking your BIL, there is always a pesky fly buzzing around.
After all that food I just read about I feel like going to take a nap now and I just woke up.

Shannon said...

The seafood enchiladas were excellent!