Friday, November 04, 2005

I've done it now

The monthly soccer meeting was last night. I was the official secretary for the night. I've gone and done it now. I'm a full-fledged soccer mom. I don't have the mini-van yet though. I'm going to try to avoid that at all cost!

I felt pretty lost though because it was only my 3rd meeting and I was already thrown to the lion's, furiously writing as the debates went on around me. There was talk of splitting the kids and having a competitive club along with the regular rec teams. Along with all the other discussions by the time the 2 1/2 hour meeting was over I was exhausted. My eyes hurt, my hand hurt, I haven't written that much since high school! I felt like I was cross-eyed.
The old secretary, who is now the registrar, laughed and said she felt the same way but I'll eventually get the hang of it.
Really, what did I get myself in to? I am crazy. At least I am not the psycho, crazy mom who screams and yells at everyone if her daughter, or son, doesn't get enough play time or even if my child doesn't do the right thing during the game. It is amazing how many moms I have seen yell at their children for missing the goal or the ball. Outrageous.

Harley was awake before me today. He ate breakfast with Ethan and Emma and proceeded to get syrup and milk all over his head. I told him that daddy would give him a bath before he could get dressed today and then asked Scott to bathe him. I know, did that a little backwards didn't I? Oh well. Scott said sure when I wake up and then rolled over and went back to sleep. Turd.
My mom called not too long ago to tell me that Harley was running and hiding from her. She had given up on Scott bathing Harley so she was just going to get him dressed and he would be a syrup head for the day. Apparently he would have none of that getting dressed business. Mommy told him he was getting a bath today and that was that.
He is already down for a nap and he is still in his pj's. I have a feeling he'll get his bath when I get home from work tonight. Just in time to go out for supper.

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