Friday, November 18, 2005

FlashBack Friday already

Time sure does fly when you have an amazingly busy, boring week. Flashback Friday is back at HeartSongs and this week it is about stitches, casts, childhood injuries or surgeries.

I wasn't a physically active child. My kind of activity consisted of the page turning kind. I started reading at 4 and was reading a few years above my grade level all through school.

The 5th grade brought the first big fund raiser that I remember participating in. I sold the most of flower seeds, vegetable seeds, and who knows what other kind of seeds in the my grade level. At the school assembly to present the awards I was presented with a phone. I was so happy, a phone of my very own! I felt so cool to have won something like that and that motivated me to run out to the playground with all of my classmates and join in an impromptu softball game. I was still chicken though and played way in outfield. Way way outfield. One kid actually managed to hit the ball to me though. Straight to me. In fact, it landed a few inches in front of me and as I bent to snatch it from the roll, it bounced off a rock and hit my nose, just under my eyes. I never lost consciousness but my vision blacked out and I saw stars. A couple of friends led me to the nurses office where they got the bleeding stopped and just had me sit there with my head tipped back, waiting for my vision to return. When it finally came back the first thing I saw when I looked down was blood, covering my jeans. And then I saw my mom sitting there. I knew she was there because I had heard her voice but it didn't register. Lucky me, I went to the same school that my mom taught at.
She did look concerned but ok. She is like me and can handle blood just fine. She helped my clean up my face and combed my hair and then sent me back to class with a can of coke and the dried blood on my jeans. GEE THANKS MOM. My head hurt for a few days and I never saw the doctor. She never really felt bad about not letting me go home or taking me to the doctor.
I was tested for allergies when I was 19 and found that I had a deviated septum. Mom realized that the only time this could have happened was the 5th grade softball incident. This is when she felt bad and apologized the whole 3 hour drive home. I made her buy me dinner when we got back home.

Other than the nose thing I haven't had any stitches, casts, or major issues. The only surgeries I have had are the 3 c-sections for the 3 demons that now reside in my house. And I had staples after all three.

I was pretty active in high school playing volleyball. I wasn't on the team but had fun during P.E. and sometimes practiced with them. And I broke at least 5 pairs of glasses during those years. There were probably more glasses broken but I never counted. It was bad enough that I had my own box at the eye care office we used. They had written my name on it in black marker.

So far so good with the kids. No broken bones, sprained appendages, or any cuts requiring stitches. It's only a matter of time though. Emma is bound and determined to become a professional soccer player and Harley is a rough and tumble little boy. He loves his Backyardigans and that is the only time he sits perfectly still. You can't even get his attention. Well, you can if you walk in front of the tv and then he will pick up his little Pooh chair and drag it around you, put it down and sit back down. He'll do this without taking his eyes off the television. Once the show is over he is off and running. Or trying to ride the poor dog.

Almost time to go home. This week was very long for some reason. Scott stood in line for a few hours and managed to get tickets to the opening night of Harry Potter for tonight.

Everyone have a good weekend

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Karin said...

I guess that goes to show that you should get stuff checked out even if you don't think it's that bad. Who knew it would come back to haunt you all those years later? Have a great weekend!