Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkey Day Eve

Well, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I still haven't found my holiday spirit. So much has happened this year that I don't know if I will find it. Scott and I are even talking about going to Disneyland for Christmas. Just packing up for a long weekend and leaving the state. The kids would be thrilled but grandparents and other family members would be angry, hurt, depressed, who knows what else.
Tomorrow will be spent cooking in the morning and then lugging what we do cook over to Scott's mom's house for the family dinner. Dinner will be at 1pm so it's still light enough outside to do whatever we wish when we are through eating.
Don't get me wrong, I will enjoy the time spent with family but by now I'm normally ready to cook and bake and EAT.
So much has happened and it will just be weird not having my granny here to celebrate the holidays with us.

I am thankful for my life, my children, my husband, my mom, my job, and so many other things.
My life is filled with so many wonderful things.
Humor and chaos from my husband, and yes, in this case chaos is good.
Hugs, kisses, imagination, playfulness, mischievousness, and big ol' belly laughs from my children.
Peace, calmness, and tranquility from my mom.
Wonderful friends at my job that help keep me sane when things are falling apart around me and make me laugh so hard I cry.
I am also thankful for the many different kinds of CHOCOLATE! Especially Dark Chocolate. Yes, that is probably strange to some but I love chocolate. I am a chocaholic, something I'll probably always be.

I'm even thankful for my children calling me a mean mom because I made their dentist appointment for today, their first day off for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I was informed that it is their time off and they shouldn't have to worry about chores or reading or even Dentist offices. I just laughed as I walked out the door for work this morning. My mom took them to the dentist. Was that mean of me? Eh oh well. They'll get over it.

Harley refused to say bye-bye to me this morning. I guess because dad and brother and sister were home mom should stay home too. It carried over to lunch time. When it was time to come back to work he still hadn't looked at me or hugged me. He'll get over it too. I hope.
His newest thing is telling someone OUT while he is pointing at the door, if he doesn't like what you have said or done or not reading his book fast enough.

Time to go, we still have to bowl tonight, yuck. I am really very tired of bowling and want to stop but we have to find two people to replace us so the captain of our team isn't stuck paying our weekly fees.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

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