Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Our little pudge is such a HAM. He loves the camera and will give his most winning smile when he sees it at ready. He still doesn't talk much but he sure does "talk". He'll say EH and AH to try to tell us what he wants. When I ask him to say a word he will just look at me and giggle as if I just said the funniest thing in the world. He'll answer yes and no by nodding or shaking his head and he understands what we tell him to do. He is so smart, very intelligent. Even though he is my son, I am in no way biased. Of course Not. hehe

The other day I was getting ready for work and he sat in there and watched me dry my hair, put on makeup and deodorant, brush my teeth, and get dressed. While I did my hair he sat there and brushed his hair. When I was putting on deodorant I looked at him and he had his shirt pulled up, pointing at his armpits. When it was time to brush teeth I handed him his toothbrush and he stood right by me and "brushed" his teeth. Ok, mostly he chewed on the bristles. When I was done and spit and rinsed what does he do? He spits. And he does have spit in his mouth. But, because he is still a shorty and can just reach up to the bathroom counter, not actually see the bathroom counter unless he backs way up to the wall and stands on his tiptoes, his spit landed on the floor and the cabinets. Then he giggled and threw his toothbrush on the floor. Lovely. It sat in mouthwash for a while. I do keep my bathroom clean but we don't put a toothbrush in our mouth after it was on the bathroom floor. No matter what.

When he has a temper tantrum, which are few and far between, he will very carefully sit down on the floor, then lay down, and then he will kick and flail his arms and scream. After having 3 kids now my reaction is to just walk away. Mainly because I think it is so funny that he doesn't just throw himself down and start to pound the floor. He is oh-so careful to not hurt himself.

He loves baths and if you even mention that word in his presence he will grab your finger and drag you to the bathroom. I truly think that is his favorite room. He loves to play in the cabinets and take everything out and inspect it and then he'll put it all back and start all over. I'm glad I have never kept anything harmful in those cabinets. Ok, he could hurt himself with clippies but so far so good. He hasn't even put them in his mouth. The only things he likes in his mouth, besides food that is, are his fingers. And only his fingers. When he is teething and I try to stick on of my fingers in his mouth to check the lumps his lips clamp down tight. Nothing is getting in there.

Let's see, what else does he do? Oh, he tries to ride the poor dog around. Our lab, Pongo, is so good with him and will take any abuse that Harley doles out. Pongo will just be laying there and Harley will run up and jump on him and bounce up and down. I think Pongo loves the attention though.

When he is done eating he will throw his fork or spoon on the floor and throw his food at us. Wait, he quit doing that. Now he still throws his silverware on the floor but he will push his plate away and shrug his shoulder and hold his arms up as if to say I don't know but to him that means ALL DONE. Or, I'm done, get me out of this chair so I can run and play, now woman, NOW! Sometimes I really think that he has this inner dialogue like Stewie on the Family Guy. Quite often he has a similar look as Stewie. Make yourself useful Woman and wipe my bottom

And a side note before I go. I am feeling like an Amazon woman at work lately. Not sure why. I'm one of the tallest women here, if not the tallest, and I'm not that tall. I'm only 5'6 but I'm feeling so tall. If only I could grow another 4 inches, then I wouldn't have so much weight to worry about!


Karin said...

You mean there is actually a time when they don't try to grab the dishes and dump all the food out? Wow. ;)

Shannon said...

I thought he would never reach that point of not dumping out his food. We are finally there :)

Leenie said...

Hi Shannon...thanks for the visit today.Reading this entry reminded me of my boy Jack...he is only 5 though. They are just too precious aren't they? I will be back soon...Its late and Im really tired and going to jump into bed. I added you too BTW. Have a good rest of the week. ;)

Jen said...

See, that's how Marina is. She talks a lot...but a lot of it is her own language.

They are so fun at this age, though!

Big Gay Sam said...

Well, you could be like me.

Wider than you are tall. :p