Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Day in the Life of MY Stay At Home Dad

I love my husband dearly but he is slowly deteriorating in the stay at home dad category. He used to get up with me and bring me to work or at least help me get the kids ready for school, help make lunches, feed Harley breakfast, and what ever else needed to be done.
The longer he has been at home the longer he sleeps in in the mornings. Since my mom is at home too, Scott has started to slowly relinquish Harley duty to her. The past couple of mornings he has made it to almost noon before he rolls out of bed. This leaves mom to change Harley, feed him, entertain him, and whatever else he needs or wants.
I understand that he is enjoying this not working thing but it's getting to be a point of contention in between us. I feel if he is going to be the stay at home dad at least get up and take care of the baby. But that is just my opinion.

The day starts around noon. He'll get up and get dressed and Harley will run back to our bedroom as soon as he hears dad up and moving. They'll eat lunch together and then settle down in bed for a movie or some forensic show and some cashews.
Have you ever smelled cashew farts?
Ever, in your entire life?
No? Well then, you are very lucky.
They are the worst farts I have ever had to smell. Even stinkier than brocolli farts.
Your nostrils will quiver in disgust as the smell wafts towards you. And it won't go away. For a very long time. It is one that Scott is very proud of and will do the whole fart under the blankets and then hold the blankets down for a few seconds to capture the full aroma of the stench and then wave the blankets furiously making sure I don't hold my breath and can't escape from the bed.

When the other two kids get home from school he will help with homework, or hinder, depending on how ornery he is feeling. After that he'll play on the computer while all three kids play until it is either time to come get me from work or for me to walk in the front door. On the nights I have the car, supper is started before I get home and normally ready about 5 minutes after I get home.
That part is great.
One of the few great parts.

He'll straighten up our bedroom. He'll send me cute text messages through out the day. UUMMMMMM.... and that's about it.

I clean the bathroom every week.. oh WAIT He does change the bed. I clean the hamster and guinea pig cages. While I do this Scott will make sure that Harley leaves the hamster balls alone. He loves to grab their balls and shake them hard and I really don't want the poor hamsters to have some kind of stroke or heart attack and die. He vacuums every once in a while and will keep the computer desk semi-clean. But, I think I have only cleaned the computer desk once, so....
At times I am so frustrated but at others I understand he is on a big vacation right now and he is enjoying it. But even on vacation you need to keep certain things clean.
Mom and I do the laundry on the weekends. And there is a few other things but I just had to get these few things off my chest.

I do feel a little better for venting. Thank you internet for listening to me. HA lucky me, this is a place where I can vent without someone actually listening to me as I type and think and not get right in my face and say I am doing this and this and that to debate with what I have typed. I'm not perfect, not saying I am.

I'll have to think more on this and find a way for us to communicate about this and hopefully we can come to a mutual agreement on what to do and how to handle this.

For now, I'm done

More later World


Jen said...

OMG! LMAO!!!! I am dying here at the "cashew farts"!!!

Big Gay Sam said...

I have a solution.

Eat cashews and broccoli together. That way you can gas him out of the house.

The baby? That poor boy never had a chance. :p

mrhaney said...

i think when a person does not have a job he or she think they will go nuts because they have little to do and then after a while they start to enjoy that free time. my son was out of a job for about 6 months and he assured us he was looking but i don't think he was looking very hard. he enjoyed not having a job. he is single though so he did not have any one to get on his case about staying home.