Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One Sick Puppy

And that would be me. I felt ok Friday and Saturday.
Sunday I woke up feeling a bit yucky. Emma went off to church with my mom, Scott went to work (oh yea, he got a job with his dad, still not sure if it is a good thing), and Harley, Ethan, and I stayed home. I got up enough energy to paint almost all of the cabinet doors and some more of the cupboards. I'm almost done! Yea.
When dinner time rolled around none of us felt like cooking so Scott and I went to Papa Murphy's for pizza. You have to cook their pizza but you don't have to make it. Plus it's really good pizza! I only ate 2 pieces of their pizza that night. Normally I over do it and eat lots of pizza. I didn't think anything of it and cleaned up my painting mess and made the older kids get to bed and finally coerced Harley into bed. We finally put him in his toddler bed and so far it is ok.
I woke up about 2am shivering and my whole body was aching. My throat hurt too but I assumed that was from the paint fumes. Scott threw another blanket over me and I lay there shivering and dozing until my alarm went off. I managed to get up long enough to tell the kids to have a good day at school and call in sick to work. Then I went back to bed for the whole day. I managed to sit up for a whole 20 minutes that night, and it was in front of a nice fire that Scott made. I drank maybe a total of 3 cups of hot tea and didn't eat anything. Emma kept insisting on taking my temperature and she panicked when she read one that said 102.2. Nyquil was my friend that night.
When I woke up Tuesday and didn't feel any different I decided to drag my butt to the doctor. I thought my fever had broken but I still had one when I got to the doctor. I was half asleep when doc walked into the room and took one look at me and said you are SICK. Really!
Ok, sarcasm comes on so much more when I am ill. He looked down my throat and did all the tests that needed to be done and told me I have acute tonsillitis and strepthroat. Just what I needed right now!
Today I feel a little better. I have run a slight fever all day but I have eaten a little and drank alot. I've also managed to be up for over 5 hours without getting dizzy. Progress!
I had tonsillitis in the 3rd grade and both my mom and the doctor threatened to put me in the hospital because I wasn't drinking. Scary for an 8 year old.
We have had a surprise trip planned for the kids for a couple of weeks now and I really don't want to cancel it. I took all week off to recover but we are supposed to leave tomorrow afternoon. It's an early Christmas present to Disneyland again. I know we just went this past summer but they loved it so much and Scott won tickets to it so we thought we would go again. I'll have had 4 days of antibiotics in me and hopefully will feel up to it. If not I'll just feel crappy as I twirl in the teacups and scream down Splash Mountain. Scott told me I can sleep all the way there to save up energy. We have our portable DVD player packed with lots of movies to keep the kids quiet and happy. We actually have them believing we are going to see the Statue of Liberty.
My mother-in-law is keeping Harley and I'll miss him but he just didn't appreciate the last trip there and he wouldn't appreciate this very quick trip at all. This trip will just be one day, not two, and it will be much faster. He'll be happier chasing the puppies and chickens with Nana. We are dropping my mom off at my aunt's house in Mesa, AZ so she can have a break from everything.
I need to go, still have a little more packing to do and the bed is starting to call my name.


Karin said...

Hope you feel better soon. Being sick stinks, especially right before vacation.

Jen said...

Oh my goodness! You poor thing! I do hope you are feeling better!!

Hot tea (or cocoa) works wonders on a sore throat.

Sending you lots of my infamous healing ZINGERS!!

Walker said...

I hope you get better soon. Look at the bright side if you get being sick now you will be healthy for the Holidays :)