Monday, November 07, 2005

Yet another busy weekend

I was hoping with the end of soccer that the weekends would slow down. But no, not yet. Maybe this next weekend.

Friday Scott and I went to Saw 2. It was ok. We both saw one of the twists coming but not the last one. It was left wide open for a third one.

Saturday morning came bright and early. Too early. Emma's end of fall season soccer party was at 11am and I had promised to make brownies. What was I THINKING!? I dragged my butt out of bed and made 2 batches of brownies before getting ready to help wrangle 10 rowdy 8 & 9 year old tomboys.
When we got to the house where the party was all the other girls were there and had already started playing soccer in the backyard. All of us parents sat around talking about the girls and school and whatever else popped up. We discovered that the girl's mom that was hosting the party had gone to school with Scott and she had kept her junior high and high school yearbooks and had them all out with in minutes. I thought the party would be boring but not once was I bored. Before I knew it we had been there 3 hours.
As we sat there and ate pizza, brownies, lemon bars, and crackers with spinach dip we watched the girls run from the play house in the backyard to the bedroom. This playhouse was huge. It had 2 levels and was painted a peptobismol pink inside and out. The girls' room had a big walk in closet, a canopy bed, and a miniature bed for the cat.
Before we knew it all of the girls had dolls and strollers or baby carriers and playing house. It was strange to watch these girls play dolls after we had just watched them in a rough and tumble tackle soccer game complete with knees in their guts, elbows in faces, and pushing and shoving. All of a sudden all the girls were screaming and jumping up and down and asking if they could have one big sleep over. And my daughter had instigated the whole thing. Emma is always asking to spend the night at a friends house.
The parents said sure why not! And that was that. We left the party to run home and get some pj's, a pillow, and a sleeping bag for our little planner. Scott and I planned on staying for awhile after we got back with Emma's stuff but as soon as I walked in the door Emma grabbed her stuff, yelled bye mom, and soccer mom nicely shoved me back out the door and said "we'll see ya tomorrow about 10am? OK great thanks have a great night off BYE!" Well, ok then.
I figured out their plan as soon as I picked up Emma the next morning. They kept the kids up until after midnight watching movies and feeding them junk food. Then they were all up by 6am and eating Dunkin Donuts and pancake breakfasts from McDonalds. By the time I got Emma home at 10am yesterday morning she was on a huge sugar high. About an hour later she was laying on her bed, still in her pj's, sound asleep. Her mouth was hanging open and she was snoring. Harley kept running in there and poking her because she had an arm and a leg hanging off the bed. At one point he even grabbed my finger and pulled me back there to check on her. He was worried about his sissy. She stayed that way for almost 3 hours, mouth open and all. Once again I didn't get any pictures. Oh Well. I'll have plenty opportunities for blackmailing pictures later on.

Sunday was pretty uneventful, except for the napping Emma. I mowed the backyard for the final time this year. I'll have to get the front yard this weekend. But there won't be anything soccer this weekend. YEAAAAAAAAAA

Oh, and I guess we should take our Halloween decorations down now. Or we might just mix them in with the Christmas decorations.


Karin said...

lol! Our jack-o-lantern is finally going away today since it's garbage day. And I need to get a tub for the Halloween decorations. Too much stuff, too little time.

Jen said...

I am going to hate taking our Halloween decorations down! I like your idea of Nightmare Before Chrismtas!

Big Gay Sam said...

o.k., I'm still trying to figure out the down side to being gay.


Walker said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. It funny hpw sometimes what you think will be a boring party become a fun party.
I left me xmas decorations up one year until Easter LOL