Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday Morning

I am sitting at work still trying to wake up. It is 10:15 and I have been up since 6am and still don't feel awake. I've been staring at my feet and just now noticed I have paint on the big toe of my left shoe.

I finally got my butt in gear and started painting kitchen cabinet doors yesterday afternoon. I started this project two years ago. Re-painting the kitchen has been going since before Harley was born. I knew I was a procistinator but WOW. I am bad.

It all started when mom and I decided to build on to the house. Once the addition was complete I decided I wanted to re-do the kitchen too. Scott and I bought new countertops, a new stovetop, and a new dishwasher. All of those items are in, including the new carpet. The only thing left is the painting and for some reason I can't get my butt in gear to do it. Yesterday I made Scott take the paint back to Home Depot to have it remixed since it sat in the kitchen for those 2 years. I managed to get 8 doors half way painted.
Hopefully now that I have started I'll keep on going and finish in the next couple weeks.

So as I was zoning out at work, missing I don't how many phone calls, I noticed there is white paint on my shoe from yesterdays painting spree. I have on black shoes too. I didn't even notice it last night or this morning when I put my shoes back on. I'm just glad I was painting outside and not in the kitchen. I'll need to check the back porch to see how many paint drops are on it. And yes, this does mean that we haven't had any cabinet doors up in the kitchen for 2 years now.

We managed to finish Christmas and Birthday shopping for three of the demons so only 2 more demons to buy for. Those two are easy. They live in other states so they get gift certificates. I know, I know, that is cheating but the shipping is so much cheaper and they can buy what they want.
I would have no idea where to start looking for a present for a 13 year old and a 22 year old.

Time to go doze off again.

Mental Note to Queen of Procrastination: Remember to wear white shoes when painting!!!!!


Karin said...

You gotta love it when you don't notice paint on Although once I had on a white shoe and a black shoe when I had to go to the hospital for a procedure early in the morning. That was pretty funny...but if that's the worst thing that happens to you on a day like that....hehehe. Good luck on getting your kitchen finished. We're still in the middle of ours but it needs to be mostly done by the 2nd, so I'm crossing my!

Jen said...

It does seem to get harder to buy for them when they get older. My son is 12 and I am CLUELESS as to what to get him.