Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I survived Disneyland

We left Thursday afternoon, after Scott's job interview!!*, and headed to Mesa, AZ to drop mom off at my aunt's house. We got up kind of early Friday and headed off to Anaheim and Disneyland.
I slept during most of the trip and the kids watched movies. I love our portable DVD player. It keeps them quiet and there is almost no bickering. It was definitely worth the money we spent.

Ok, you would think since we are in a different state, with different restaurants than what we have here in the 4 corners that we would choose somewhere new to eat for lunch. Right? No, we ate at De1 Tac0. We have those here! I was ok with that and thought for supper we could do something different.

We headed over to Disneyland and wandered around downtown Disney and did some shopping. And spent lots of too much money. I was glad we did because I discovered that downtown Disney has an Anne Geddes store. I LOVE Anne Geddes. Besides Winnie the Pooh, our bathroom is decorated with lots of Anne Geddes prints.
As soon as we enter the store a sales girl walks up to welcome us and informs us that Anne Geddes is there and will autograph her new book. I rarely get excited about meeting celebrities, I don't know why. I figure they are people just like you and me, just with lots more money. For some reason I got very excited. I couldn't believe she was there and I could actually meet her in person and speak to her and shake her hand and OH MY GOD.
Then I realized what I looked like. We had traveled 5 hours to get to our hotel and then ate lunch, and wouldn't you know it but some hot sauce dripped on my shirt. It wasn't a big drip and I blotted it off and Scott said if you didn't know what you were looking for you wouldn't see anything. But still I had a stain on my shirt. That morning I didn't do my hair, I just showered, got dressed, got everyone in the car, and we left. Before we left the room I had pulled my hair back and tried to make it look ok, but still...

I quickly snatched up her new book and got in line to pay for it. Scott had barely moved away from the front door and was turning in circles, waving his arms around yelling Woa Woa where'd ya go. Emma had followed me and Ethan was standing next to Scott, kind of off in his own little world. He's off in his own little world alot lately, almost like he is backsliding not progressing. HMMM
Anyways, the line was very long to pay for the book but one of the associates said I could have her sign it before we purchased it. And no one was in her line at the moment so Emma ran over there and just started talking to her. She informed Ms. Geddes that our bathroom walls were covered in her pictures, and our screensavers, and clothes, and and and. Thank goodness Ms. Geddes found her so charming and the gentleman that was with Ms. Geddes got a big kick out of Emma. Their accents were charming. Emma kept talking to the man while Ms. Geddes signed our book and I paid for the book. If the trip had been ruined for what even reason, it still would have been a great trip because I got to meet Anne Geddes. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

After meeting Anne Geddes we wandered a little more and then went back to our room. I was still excited about trying a different restaurant but by the time we got back to our room it was almost 8pm. We didn't get lost but we forgot about traffic on the highways in California. So instead of eating at a new restaurant we went to the grocery store across the street from our room and got some fruit and salads and cookies. I know, nutritious except for the cookies, they just looked good.

Disney was open from 8am to Midnight that day. We got there at 8:15 am and didn't leave until 11:45pm. I was so tired I could hardly walk to the tram that took us to the parking garage. The kids were grouchy, which I knew would happen, and Scott was glaring and upset because he wanted to ride Space Mountain one more time before we left and it broke down right before we got up to ride it. The computer system shut down for some reason. There was also gossip running through the line that some kid had puke in the middle of the ride and they had to shut it down and turn on all the lights in it to clean it all up. Just glad it wasn't me doing the cleaning if that was the truth.
We had a blast and walked around the whole park at least 6 times. The Haunted Mansion was decorated with The Nightmare Before Christmas and Jack Skeleton. Splash Mountain was actually running this time, it wasn't when we were there in July, and I actually got on it. I don't like roller coasters and long drops. I was brave though and said I would ride it with the kids. We get through the line and get in our canoe, or whatever they are called, and get up to the first short drop and there is one canoe stopped in front of us. We sit there, waiting for them to go and it never moved. Apparently the little doors wouldn't open to let them down the drop. We were bumped from behind as at least 4 more canoes piled up behind us and after about 2o minutes of sitting there, listening to the water rush by underneath us, one of the "cast members" came up and helped us out of our canoes. We got a fast pass to use on any ride but Space Mountain because it broke down while we were sitting there. We got to go on it finally and I did ok down the last drop. I just had my eyes closed and screamed. Really loud. I wish we bought the picture it took of our canoe because it was hilarious. The kid in the front seat had his eyes closed and his hands together as if he were praying. The kid right behind him had his eyes open and his arms spread wide. Emma was scrunched way down and you could barely see her, Ethan was grinning, I had my eyes closed and was hanging on for dear life, and Scott was sitting up straight, his arms reaching above his head.

It was a fast trip, lots of fun, and I am exhausted. We got home Sunday at 11pm and by the time we got kids in bed, and things situated enough for us to go to bed it was after midnight. And I even made it to work yesterday.

I feel so much better, even after the fast trip. My throat just feels scratchy and I am tired.

The next thing coming up is my office Christmas party and a friends wedding reception. All on the same night. So half the evening will be at my Christmas party and the other half at the wedding reception. I'd just skip the party but I have helped plan it and feel I need to go for a while.

*And Scott is now fully employed. He starts Thursday and he is the assistant manager at Checker Auto. Its something he enjoys, working with cars and car parts, and I can quit worrying about paying all the bills and groceries and whatever else might pop up because he'll be bringing in a paycheck again! Happy Dance Happy Dance


Jen said...

Congratulations to Scott!!!!

And I am so glad you survived the trip, LOL!

Oh my god, I am having such nostalgia here! You did NOT just say Del Taco?? God, it's been about 15 years since I've been there. I used to go all the time in California but they don't have them here in this vortex called Nebraska.

Karin said...

Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you had a great time and how cool to meet Anne Geddes!

Walker said...

This post is just jam packed with all good stuff. It sounds like Disneyland was fun and you met Anne Geddes the Scott got a full time job.
Not to forget a party and a wedding.
I see a movie in this post somewhere.