Thursday, December 29, 2005

No Pictures

But here is a picture of Harley from a couple weeks ago with his stolen cookie and daddy's slippers.

I just today realized that Christmas day was so FUBAR'd that no one got pictures of the kids opening their presents. This is the first year since they were born that I have no pictures of present time. I was in a just ok mood until I realized this! Now my mood is down in the dumps again.

I am so ready for the new year and to start all over with everything. I have a different work schedule for 6 months, the OutLaws have there visitation rights and I refuse to budge from them, I am in the process of planning an exercise routine and yoga ( have to find a way to relax somehow), and pretty much just finding ways to do what I want to do for a while. I have spent so many years trying to make sure everyone else in my life is happy that I feel it is now my turn to make sure I am happy. I would never neglect my family but if I don't start taking better care of me than I won't be a very good mom.

So, on to better Christmas Day memories.

As I said Emma adores her skateboard and loves to ride it, even around the house. She got a Bratz karaoke microphone and will carry that around while she rides her skateboard. She sings and sings and sings and the poor girl can't carry a tune. She also got a Bratz doll rock stage that came with the stage, drums, bass guitar, microphones, and one of the dolls with, something like, 4 changes of clothes. She also got a collection of Bratz lipgloss and some cool jeans that have embroidered butterflies that are so much like Bratz clothes MOM!!!!! EEK I do not like Bratz! I never liked Barbie Dolls when I was little though. Let's see here, what else did she get? She got some hair ties and other hair stuff and bath soaps and chocolate that she didn't share (she's learning!) and a couple of other things I can't thing of right now. Just remembered one of the gifts, the Ice Princess DVD.

Ethan was carrying around his fishing pole last night acting like he was going to catch the biggest fish in the world, Harley! It was quite funny. He also got a train set and we have the track half set up in his room. We would be finished with it but Harley keeps running off with a piece of the track and Ethan chases him and then he forgets what we are doing. Before Christmas Ethan had so many cars and trucks and plays with all of them. He'll line them up in their garages that are positioned in his room, the play room, Emma's room, just about anywhere he decides to put them. After Christmas I think he added about 25 more cars and he might even have talks of adding two story parking garages. I'm not sure. He got some pj bottoms and a sweater and a couple of books. But the cars, there are so many! He got chocolate too but he shared some, at least with me. He told everyone else NO! He also got the DVD Madagascar and we have watched it at least 4 times a day since Sunday.

Harley got a rocking horse that will stay at Nana's house because I really don't want to lug that bulky thing back and forth every time he goes to Nana's house. It can stay there and he'll be fine with it. When he saw it Saturday night his eyes lit up and his little baby rosebud mouth formed an O and he said oh and ah over and over again. I picked him up and put him on it and he just kind of sat there. I put his feet in the stirrups and moved the horse back and forth and he was off from there. He rocked and rocked and would giggle and the whole time the family would try to get him to say Yee-Haw. I, for one, didn't encourage the Yee-Haw. Nothing wrong with saying that but, um no. He never said it though. he he
Sunday morning the first present he opened was a huge bin with the giant legos in it. He loved the bin and once it was opened he dumped out all the legos and and tried to climb in the bin. He got some clothes and books and more toys but I really think the gift he loved the most was that bin for the giant legos.

My mom loves frogs and turtles and anything to do with them. She got a new frog and turtle shower curtain with the matching frog and turtle curtain hooks. She got froggie pj's, a big frog sitting on a swing that she has hung outside on the hooks above our front porch. And I really don't know what else she got. I was too busy trying to keep an eye on what kid got what from whom so we could do thank you notes soon. I don't know how successful those are going to be but we are going to try.

Scott got the Mary Mary audio book by James Patterson, he got a nice shirt that I am banned from wearing just yet (Yes I wear my husband's shirts), he received some collectible NasCar cars, some cashews (he loves cashews), um, and I don't know what else. I was kind of ignoring him during present time.

I got a beautiful green sweater, a Christmas towel set, a dolphin water fountain, two snowmen that the kids had decorated at school, and a snow globe.

Church was fun, lots of singing and watching the two toddlers, Harley and the preacher's daughter, run around the whole time, laughing and playing, playing their version of tag. Our church is so small and no one minds if the little ones run around creating havoc every once in a while. Most of the time they are in the nursery.

I did enjoy my Sci-Fi movie marathon all weekend. It was a bright spot in an otherwise horrid weekend.

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