Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Happy 10 year old

We didn't eat at Johnny Carino's because a large company here in town had reserved it for their Christmas Party. Ethan's second choice was Chili's. It was good but I was so looking forward to their lasagna and some dessert. Oh well, I'll get there someday.

Ethan asked everyone for batman stuff for his birthday and my mom was the only one who gave him batman stuff. He loved it but it was pushed to the side as soon as he opened one of the gifts that Scott and I chose. It was a King Kong toy from the new movie that comes out today. He played with them at the restaurant, in the car on the way home, King Kong and the lizard went to bed with him, ate breakfast with him this morning, and had to hug and kiss them goodbye when we left for school this morning. My mom also gave him a nice sweater and he hugged it too and said it smelled soft. Yep, you read right, it smelled soft. I didn't know anything could smell soft.
SW gave him Dukes of Hazard DVD's, from the tv series, not the new movie. SO, of course he will want to watch them. There are a couple of shows and movies that I can't stand because of SW. They are the Dukes of Hazard and Smokie and the Bandit. Smokie and the Bandit are not allowed in my house! For some reason I just can't stand that movie. I have been known to turn off the tv and totally leave the house if I notice it is on. ick

He was thrilled with eveything he received and went to bed a happy boy.

I am still tired and trying to recover from the weekend. You would think by Wednesday I would be but nope, I'm not. Friday Scott and I were just going to get groceries and then go to bed early because he had to work early Saturday and we had my office Christmas party. We had just pulled into the driveway at 11:15pm and were about to unload groceries when a friend called, she was extremely drunk and laughing so hard I could barely understand her, and yelled to come over come over come over I am drunk and I just fell off my stair and then I couldn't understand the rest of what she said other than it was another friend's 35th birthday.
Scott and I unloaded groceries quickly and went ahead and drove over to Friend's house. As soon as I sat down at her table I was handed a shot of Tequila (tokillya) and then as soon as I had that down everyone took a shot so I got another. They all thought I had to get caught up apparently. By the time we left, a little before 2am, I had 3 shots and 2 mixed drinks. I was warm and fuzzy and didn't have a care in the world.
Scott was the designated driver, mainly because he had to work the next morning, and just laughed at me the whole night and then the next morning when I woke up with half a hangover. I say half because my head never hurt, just my stomach. After I threw up once and ate some toast I felt normal.
I still had lots of stuff to do for soccer and managed to get all of it done along with helping to decorate for the party.
Scott and I made it to the part at 7pm and only stayed until 9:30. A friend's wedding reception was the same night and we flew over to their party to find that it had already ended so we went home and were in bed asleep by 11pm. Sunday morning I was up early to help clean up after the party and then the family went to see the Chronicles of Narnia. Excellent movie and I can hardly wait to see it again. We did take Harley because I had planned to take the kids to the movie Sunday but I neglected to find a sitter. I was concerned about having to get up to take him out of the theater during the movie but never had to. Harley watched all of it, except for a 20 minute nap, just enthralled with it all. Everytime the Lion roared he would say OHH and his eyes would get so big. If it was a part that was a little scary, at least to a child, he would cover his eyes and peak through his fingers (I just want to know where he has learned that! it was too cute). All 3 kids enjoyed it immensely and both Ethan and Harley were roaring for the rest of the day.
After the movie a friend came and picked up the couch we have wanted to get rid of for a while and he finally got a place to put it. As long as if it's out of our house I don't care what happens to it! I got busy sorting all the soccer flyers and had to count out enough to go to all 10 elementary schools in our area. Thank goodness mom sat down to help.
After that I had to type out the minutes of the last soccer meeting and e-mail those to all the board members and then get the agenda ready for this month's meeting. Scott went to work, the rest of us ate dinner, the older kids went to bed, and mom & I put the Christmas tree up.

I finally fell into bed at 11:30pm and knew when Scott got home from work at 3am he would wake me up. Well, the crew managed to get the stocking done early so he was home by 1:15am and I barely registered that he was home.

I'm ready for a nap just reliving it all!

Need to study a little more though because I am taking my final exam today. A little nervous but not bad. Yet

Everyone have a good hump day!

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Walker said...

Sounds like your a busy person.
Tequila mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Half a hang over I wish.
All mine are full fledged head bangers and a can't throw up so it a hell ride until the tylenols kick in.
I am off to see King Kong on Friday with a person who hasn't been in a theater in 30 years.
That should be interesting.
Not because its been 30 years but because he is not going to fit in the seat for sure.
And I am schedualed to go see Narnia when I am in New Zealand in 2 weeks and I am looking forward to that.
Have a nice day :)