Thursday, December 08, 2005

I should be studying

But I'm not. What am I doing? I am catching up on my reading of the BLOGS. You know, those blogs that are on my sidebar, the ones I read religiously every day, well, almost every day.

Now, I should actually study because I finished all of the chapters and now the final exam is waiting for me. I do have until February 12th to finish it but if I finish it before the end of the year it will look good on my year end review. It will be worth it to finish it now.
I am taking the final tomorrow so I really need to study.

Go Study.


Can't seem to drag myself away from here. It's just not working.

Little story about Harley.

It was -2 outside this morning. Really frickin cold. Not just cold but frickin cold. When it is that cold we let the dogs out long enough to do their business and then bring them right back in. This morning the dogs were back in for about an hour and already asking to go back out. Harley was spinning in circles, holding his cup (or bobble as he still calls it) high above his head. Pongo came flying in from the front living room and screeched to a stop right in front of Harley just as Harley was completing a spin and stopped nose to nose with Pongo.
It scared Harley and he yelped, threw his cup up in the air and fell down. He rolled over onto his stomach with his butt sticking up in the air and started to throw a fit. As he is crying he is kicking one leg back trying to kick Pongo. How dare that dog scare him and make him fall down! It was too funny and I couldn't help by laugh.
Here is this big black Lab, sitting just out of kicking reach from a fitting toddler, just staring at Harley with his tongue lolling out of his mouth. Harley is kicking and screaming and will stop screaming every few seconds to look back at Pongo to see if anything is connecting.
When Harley finally realized that he wasn't actually touching Pongo he gets up, picks up his cup, pats Pongo on the head and goes back to spinning.
That little scene gave me a good giggle before I had to leave for work.

Poor Harley thinks he can spin just like his big brother Ethan. There is something in Ethan's brain that allows him to spin and spin and spin and keep on spinning and he WON'T GET DIZZY. And Ethan loves to spin. He will spin so much some days that it makes me dizzy. Harley has this lovely part that allows him to get dizzy and he just doesn't realize yet that Ethan won't get dizzy.
Harley will realize this some day.

Must now S T U D Y


Big Gay Sam said...

uh huh... study... yeah

(thanks for the ginger bread blizzard) :P

Shannon said...

You are welcome! Aren't they yummy! Today is exclamation day!

Jen said...


I can so see Harley trying to kick the BAD DOG!

Karin said...

Too funny! What a good dog you have. :)