Monday, December 19, 2005

Sick People Everywhere

Do you all want to hear what I woke up to Friday morning? It's such a lovely thing to hear.

Emma: "EEEWWWWWWWWW Ethan's puking again! Ethan get to the sink Ethan EThan ETHAN ETHAN NOW GO TO THE SINK!"

I fall out of bed and stumble into Ethan's room, which reeks. Harley is standing on his bed just yelling at the top of his lungs SHUSH SHUSH SHUSH. Emma is standing in the doorway with her fingers pinching her nose shut and I go out to the kitchen to find mom holding Ethan's head over the sink.
When Ethan throws up his whole body stiffens up so bad that it's hard to get him to move towards an acceptable place to vomit.
I tell Emma to quit yelling and please take Harley to the front of the house and then I start stripping Ethan's bed. The poor kid threw up so much and I don't know if he did it while he was asleep or if he was awake and couldn't come get me. It was all over his bed, the floor around his bed and the bins that held my winter clothes that I had opened the night before and just hadn't removed from his room. Why were they in his room you ask? Because his bed was the only place the bins would fit neatly under without being seen. And yes, my clothes were covered too.

It was bad enough that I had to clean off the bedding before we could put it in the washer. While I was doing all of this and getting everything to the washer area mom deposited Ethan in the bathroom and started working on the floors. When I finally got things clean enough to wash I checked on Ethan and he was laying on the bathroom floor, buck-naked and moaning. I had him get in the shower because he was filthy too. I had planned on staying in there with him and helping him but Emma started yelling something about one of the dogs breaking the fence. I told Ethan I'd be right back and ran out to the living room. She was watching something on tv and a dog was breaking the fence on tv. I told her to please SHUSH and went back to the bathroom. By that time Ethan was lying down in the tub and letting the water pound on him. He had turned the water up too and it was very hot and steamy in there. I'm surprised that didn't make him throw up again.

I barely made it to work on time and felt so bad for leaving mom with a puking boy and Harley but she told me to go and I have had so much time off lately that I felt I needed to come in. I told mom to call if he got worse and she needed help. She never called.

I was in the hopes that we could just veg at home all weekend and not leave. At all. Did I get my wish, NO! Saturday morning Ethan felt well enough to eat some toast, and it stayed down. But doing the regular laundry and and cleaning only lasted in the morning. Scott talked me into going shopping in the afternoon and promised we would only be gone for an hour or so. I managed to stay in my pj's until 1pm that day. My goal was for all day pj wearing!

Mom said she didn't mind if we left so I got dressed and off we went. We went to K-Mart, the mall, and Hell-Mart. We were going to hit Best Buy as well but couldn't find a parking spot so we left. We were gone a total of 5 hours and I was just a little (A LOT) irritated and locked myself in the bathroom for some quiet time without someone poking me or shoving me. Scott actually left the bathroom door shut and locked this time.

I am amazed at how extremely rude people are at this time of year. And these are the same people who don't teach their kids not to run in a store or restaurant. And they probably teach their kids it is ok to walk up to someone who is eating at the mall food court and try to poke their food (gross). Your kid touches my food, anywhere, doesn't matter where I am, I WILL slap their hand. Not enough to hurt them but enough to let them know that what they are doing is wrong. I don't care how mad you get I'll not deal with grimy hands touching my food!

When I finally came out of my hiding place Scott had dinner started. What a great guy! He met me at the kitchen door with a glass of wine and told me to sit down and he would get the kids' plates ready.

I did the dishes while Scott changed Harley's poopy diaper and asked Emma to run the diaper to the outside trash can. She pitched the biggest fit about that. It's dark outside, I'm scared, I shouldn't have to it's not my diaper, I didn't change it, I'm scared. This went on for a few minutes and I lost my cool and informed her, in a very quiet voice, she needed to get her butt in bed and not say a word until tomorrow morning. I must have scared her because she minded. After that Ethan went to bed pretty well and Harley acted like he was going to bed and every time we checked on him he would get out of bed and run around the room. He thinks he is such a ham. Ok, he is but when I'm ready for bed it's rather irritating.

Scott and I made the mistake of putting 40-Year Old Virgin in to watch at 11:30pm when I had to get up early to leave for Holbrook, AZ, which is a 4 hour drive. Scott had chickened out of meeting my aunt G and family for dinner at Denny's. Scott couldn't get off to go to Mesa next weekend so we met in Holbrook to eat lunch together and exchange gifts and then we headed home. Scott told me he had to work Sunday and then he admitted he might have to work on Sunday but he'd have to wait to see if they called him in. Then he told me as we were leaving yesterday morning to drive to Holbrook that he just didn't want to go. I was so upset with him. I asked him why he just didn't tell me the truth to begin with and now I'm upset and I don't want to go but I didn't want to stay home and be around him until I cooled off. He apologized and said he just didn't want me upset with him. Yep, that's the way to do it, LIE about it and then come clean as I am about to leave for an 8 hour drive. I got over it and can understand why he didn't want to drive just to eat lunch and exchange gifts when his work shift was last night from 6pm to 3am. We would have gotten home about an hour before he had to leave for work and he would have been exhausted but at least just tell me straight up you don't want to go. I won't question and will be ok. I promise. I'm not a fragile thing that you have to worry about. I can out-cuss any sailor I've ever met and I can be just downright mean, at least to SW but truthfully not to many others.

Ok, now that I have been disgusting and then vented I think maybe I am ready to go back to work now.

Oh, one more thing. Apparently Emma told Ethan's teacher and his aide that it looked like someone had picked up Ethan by his feet and swung him in a circle as he puked. My daughter portrays such lovely, vivid imagery sometimes.


Walker said...

Well it sounds like it was an interesting weekend.'
Full of action, drama and special effects.
Now you need a rest. lol

Jen said...


I'm exhausted just reading about it!!!

I hope you get a chance to sit down and put your feet up!

Laurie said...

Dear Lord....that sounds like my Sunday night. Spaghetti throw-up in the bed is the absolute WORST! It's like they don't even chew it!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!